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Aviram Rozin on Reforestation, Compassion and Volunteering - E17: Growing forests and community off the grid

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Aviram Rozin on Reforestation, Compassion and Volunteering - E17: Growing forests and community off the grid

Из The Future Is Beautiful with Amisha Ghadiali

Длина: 69 мин.


How to create an open sustainable living community, rooted in compassion and regeneration of the land. "To come to a place where people are willingly here to serve you, to give you a safe and transformative experience, that by itself is healing." ~ Aviram RozinIn this episode Amisha sits down with Aviram Rozin, founder of Sadhana Forest - a reforestation project and sustainable living community, which was established in 2003 on 70 acres of degraded land just outside Auroville. The project is designed around the primary principle of compassion - from the vegan organic food to the hand chiseled granite building stone, everything is carefully and consciously chosen under the criteria of compassion for all life and for the planet. Unschooling and Gift Economy are some of the compassionate ideologies that underpin the social aspects of the project, and the community nurture a culture of non violent communication and service. What began as a way for a family of three to live in alignment with their chosen principles, has blossomed quickly into a vibrant transformational community with two further projects being established in Haiti and Kenya. Aviram shares stories of daily life at Sadhana Forest and how the project brings people into greater contact with what nourishes and supports them, both within and without - carrying buckets of water  for their daily use, charging their phones and laptops with the midday sun and discovering lifelong talents and passions. He goes on to explain some of the rituals and practises that create the foundations for a thriving sustainable living community and underpin the transformational effect reported by visitors and volunteers at Sadhana Forest. Finally, he shares a little about his newest project, the University of Compassion, which launched in February of this year and aims to bring compassion to the forefront of human thinking."I treat love as a resource that is never depleted. So sharing my love with people, animals, plants, water, this is the recharge- it is like a two way stream all the time. I don't feel like there is energy flowing out of me that will finish - it is all the time flowing in and flowing out." ~ Aviram Rozin For links from this episode and more information - visit.www.thefutureisbeautiful.co