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Queer, Trans & Healthy: Challenges and Opportunities in LGBTQ Healthcare

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Queer, Trans & Healthy: Challenges and Opportunities in LGBTQ Healthcare

Из City Club Friday Forums

Длина: 20 мин.


The national healthcare landscape has changed dramatically in recent
years and access to basic health insurance has expanded significantly.
Despite this trend, LGBTQ people continue to have access to health
insurance at much lower rates than their straight counterparts, while
experiencing a set of unique health challenges. Join City Club for a
conversation with local experts on the health outcomes and experiences
of LGBTQ Oregonians, including the areas where Portland has made
progress and where there's still work ahead of us. 


Angela Carter, ND,
is a primary care provider and co-director of the Equi Institute,
serving a large and primarily transgender and queer patient base. Over
many years of volunteering with service organizations and being part of
the LGBTQI2S community, Dr. Carter developed a keen understanding of the
discrimination and health disparities faced by their community. 


Danielle Walsh
is a licensed professional counselor. She provides mental health
therapy at Prism Health, a program of Cascade AIDS Project, which has a
mission of providing comprehensive and compassionate healthcare to
LGBTQ+ individuals in a safe, culturally affirming environment.


Erin Waters is
a Community Health Navigator for Kaiser Permanente Northwest. Through
their Gender Pathways Clinic program, she educates providers both inside
and outside of the Kaiser system on how to provide the best care
possible to gender and sexual minorities.


Neola Young
was raised in Mississippi and has called Oregon home since 2012.
Neola's work over the past 15 years led to their current work supporting
LGBTQIA people, the barriers they face in healthcare access, and
helping providers understand how bias impacts their service as healers.
Neola proudly coordinates the Gender & Sexual Health Program at
Legacy Health.


Lisa Watson
is the deputy director at Our House of Portland, an organization
dedicated to providing healthcare and other vital services to low-income
people living with HIV, including Esther's Pantry, which was recognized
by the Oregon Food Bank as the state's first LGBTQ+ affirming food