Ep 45 - Kevin Patterson (Poly Rolemodels)

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Ep 45 - Kevin Patterson (Poly Rolemodels)

Из: Normalizing Non-Monogamy - Interviews in Polyamory and Swinging

Длина: 74 мин.


Author, blogger, and speaker of all things polyamory, Kevin Patterson sits down for a wide-ranging interview with us this week. We talk gender roles, male stereotypes, navigating polyamory as a person of color and much more. Kevin also discusses a little bit about the two books he published in 2018: Love's Not Colorblind and For Hire: Operator. We had a great time talking with Kevin and know this won't be the last time our paths cross. Get in here and check it out!Show Notes$10 Off - Online STI TestingJoin Our Patreon Community! Kasidie Online Dating10% discount at myonecondoms.com with offer code "Emma"https://www.normalizingnonmonogamy.com/Poly Role Models