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26: Tasha Is A Sexually Liberated Woman

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26: Tasha Is A Sexually Liberated Woman

Из The Sexually Liberated Woman

Длина: 51 мин.


Ev'Yan has an open and vulnerable conversation with Tasha, a client she worked with and helped come from out of the clutches of sexual shame and into a "give no fucks" kind of sexual expression. Tasha shares how she went from sex being this traumatic, serious thing for her to reclaiming her laughter and seeing sex as play. She also gets really candid about her personal story as a survivor and how it is that her sexual trauma no longer swallows her anymore.Other things they talked about: Sexual liberation on heels of the #MeToo movement; when (and how) Tasha knew she needed help to heal her sexuality; how she reconciled with her "promiscuous" past; and the kind of sex she's having now.For more on this episode (including show notes + transcripts): http://bit.ly/slw-ep26Go to sexloveliberation.com for more about Ev'Yan Whitney and her sexual healing practice.-Music: Otis MacDonald and Comfort FitCover photo: Celeste Noche