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Aziz Ansari & a Culture of Objectifying w/ Dating Advice Girl, Ep. 152: Christina (T) talks with Erin Tillman, Dating Advice Girl, about the sexual encounter featuring Aziz Ansari - why is this story significant despite its seeming

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There's a lot of sparring on social media over whether the Aziz Ansari story amounts to "just bad sex" or if it speaks to something more about our relationship to sex in American culture, and how we can educate ourselves to practice true consent.  Christina chats with Dating Advice Girl, Erin Tillman, @datingadvicegrl, about the nuances of the encounter, what's really going on in our culture around objectification and dehumanization, the new definition of consent and a generational disagreement, and what Erin's ideal version of a date would look like (healthy communication about respective intentions), and the space for each person to decide.  

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