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Dear Prudence: The "Demeaning My Coworkers" Edition

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Dear Prudence: The "Demeaning My Coworkers" Edition

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Длина: 48 мин.


Prudence is joined this week by Gavia Baker-Whitelaw,  a geek culture critic at the Daily Dot, and co-host of the podcast Overinvested. This week they take on letters about how to talk to your child about transgender identity, how to talk to others at work about the death of your child, what strategies can you use to politely address your coworkers when your illness can cause you to forget their names, how to be there for your sister when faced with spending time with her abusive partner, and how to be supportive of a good friend dealing with a bug infestation. Slate Plus members will hear Prudie and Gavis discuss an additional letter about fear over revenge porn. Not yet a member? Sign up at Slate.com/PrudiePod.Email: prudencepodcast@gmail.comProduction by Max Jacobs