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A gift for your language nerd!: Keep those AWWW podcasts coming all year long...

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Donate to support A Way with Words https://waywordradio.org/donate .... Here’s the perfect gift for your language nerd: a donation to A Way with Words. For more than ten years we’ve been producing fun episodes about words and language that are heard millions of times each year by people like your word nerd. Making the show takes money, of course. We don’t get any from NPR. And we don’t get any from your local station. We get much of our support from our podcast and radio fans. This year, go to waywordradio.org/donate and sign up as a sustaining donor on behalf of the linguistics geek in your life. Your linguaphile. Your thesaurus brontosaurus. Your lexical BFF-exical. PLUS! Thanks to a challenge grant from Jack and Caroline Raymond, your donation goes twice as far through the end of 2017! They will double whatever you give! It’s a two-for-one, but you have to donate before the end of the year to activate the challenge grant. In return, you and your loved one get more new episodes all year long. Pause this show and go to https://waywordradio.org/donate. Thank you! Sincerely, Martha and Grant

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