#166 Continuous delivery with Python

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#166 Continuous delivery with Python

Из: Talk Python To Me - Python conversations for passionate developers

Длина: 69 мин.


We have evolved from, "It builds, ship it!" to continuous integration where every check-in is automatically verified by something like Travis CI. Taking that further, some people are using continuous delivery. This means, once a check-in is validated by the CI system, it's deployed -- automatically.

There are many moving parts in these processes. On this episode, you'll meet Cris Medina who has put together a world class CI/CD system. And he's here to share how he did it and what tools and libraries are involved.

Links from the show

Cris on Twitter: @tryexceptpass
HPE CloudVolumes: cloudvolumes.hpe.com
sofi: github.com/tryexceptpass/sofi
Korv: github.com/tryexceptpass/korv
Artifactory: jfrog.com/artifactory
dockerpy: github.com/docker/docker-py
Locust: locust.io
pyautogui: github.com/asweigart/pyautogui
Opencv: opencv.org

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