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What On Earth Is Happening #191

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What On Earth Is Happening #191

Из What On Earth Is Happening

Длина: 145 мин.


Date: 2015-04-18
Guest: Bob Tuskin
Guest Web Site: BobTuskin.com
Topics: Free Your Mind 3 Conference Re-cap, A gathering of high-consciousness minds, Exposing Evil, Humanity's power and potential, Open-Mindedness, Gratitude, The Power of One Person to influence positive change, Local Free Your Mind Activist Groups, The Quit Your Cult Campaign, Numerical Sychronicites, Occult Symbolism used to mock Police and Military, Abundance vs. Artificial Scarcity, Psychological Fear of Rebellion Agaisnt tyranny, Thomas Paine's "The Crisis" Series, The Support of Providence for those struggling to achieve True Freedom, True Blanket Statements regarding Order-Followers and Statists, How Tories hampered the ealry stages of the Armerican Revolution, The Occult Season Of Sacrifice, True Courage in the face of danger.
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