Comics Alternative Interviews: James Albon: Canine Romance

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Comics Alternative Interviews: James Albon: Canine Romance

Из: The Comics Alternative

Длина: 60 мин.


Time Codes: 00:25 - Introduction 02:31 - Setup of interview 03:32 - Interview with James Albon 57:35 - Wrap up 58:31 - Contact us On this interview episode Derek has the pleasure of talking with James Albon, whose new book Her Bark and Her Bite comes out this week from Top Shelf Productions. James is British artist whose illustrations have appeared in The Guardian, The Wall Street Journal, WIRED, the New Statesman, The Diplomat, The Financial Times, and various publications from the Folio Society. Her Bark and Her Bite is his first graphic novel, and much of the conversation is devoted to this fact and how his work as a professional illustrator informs his graphic storytelling. The book can be described as a romantic comedy, where its protagonist artist figure, Rebecca, moves to the big city and meets Victor, a gregarious and flamboyant socialite with whom she quickly becomes smitten. Complications arise when Victor receives a young dog as a gift, and the canine becomes an unwitting rival to Rebecca's affections. What follows is a series of faux pas and inanities that pits social acceptance against personal expression. In this interview, James shares the genesis of his narrative, its links to his own life experiences, and why fiction was the perfect platform for his inaugural long-form comic.