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Comics Alternative Interviews: Howard Shapiro: Puckish

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Comics Alternative Interviews: Howard Shapiro: Puckish

Из The Comics Alternative

Длина: 56 мин.


Time Codes: 00:24 - Introduction 02:21 - Setup of interview 04:03 - Interview with Howard Shapiro 53:00 - Wrap up 54:05 - Contact us On this interview show, Gwen and Derek have the pleasure of talking with Howard Shapiro. The latest book in his Forever Friends Series, Hockey Karma, was just released last week from the Animal Media Group. The two talk with their guest about the series as a whole -- including the two previous graphic novels The Stereotypical Freaks (2013) and The Hockey Saint (2014) -- but specifically focus on the most recent work. Howard discusses the role that music plays in his books, which in many ways goes hand-in-hand with the premise of most of this narratives: hockey. He explains that while Hockey Karma (and The Hockey Saint) is centered on the sport, its themes transcend the ice rink. The Forever Friends Series is all about the struggles of growing up and finding your place, appropriate reading for young readers who will empathize with the books' protagonists.