'Choose Life'? - 8/07/16

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'Choose Life'? - 8/07/16

Из: The Glenn Beck Program

Длина: 111 мин.


Hour 1
Angry white mob attacks an African American woman, CNN remains silent while ignoring and belittling half of America? ...The media has destroyed 'free speech' to the core ...the media's art of 'shadow blocking'?...Linkedin bans Alex Jones...even the Nazi's had rules?...Why does the media always overlook Louis Farrakhan's bigotry? ...Only when the Bill of Rights counts? ...Remember when Glenn was a CIA operative?
Hour 2
Social media lynchings have got to stop? ...Author Mona Charen joins to discuss her new book: 'Sex Matters: How Modern Feminism Lost Touch with Science, Love, and Common Sense'...with all that's changed for women, why are they still unhappy?...masculinity is good for society, however young men are not being taught how to be men anymore, thanks to 'toxic masculinity'? ...Is everyone lying?...Studies suggest our memories are 60% inaccurate?  
Hour 3
Dinesh D'Souza, Filmmaker and Best-Selling Author joins Glenn to discuss his new movie, 'Death of A Nation: Can We Save America A Second Time?'...who is Richard Spencer?...the Alex Jones ban is just the tip of the ice berg...attacks on the First Amendment will continue to ramp up ...Rudy Atallah, Chief Operating Officer, The Nazarene Fund joins Glenn to discuss how the TNF is searching for a Christian mother and five children captured last week in 'Black Wednesday' attack?...please help TheNazareneFund.org