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Dog Training Q&A: Dog Training Q&A

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Dog Training Q&A: Dog Training Q&A

Из Dog Training Q&A What Would Jeff Do?

Длина: 91 мин.


Dog Training - Aggressive Dog Training - Stop Dog Jumping - What Would Jeff Do? Q&A Ep.638 (2020) #DogTraining #AggressiveDogTraining #StopDogJumping This show's topics included... Training dog aggressive and people aggressive dogs. How to keep a dog calm when meeting new people. What to do when a dog gets excited seeing other dogs. Stop a dog from whining and being reactive on the leash. Stop a dog from jumping up on people. How to start dog training. Thoughts on feeding dogs raw. And more. Original air date: 1/13/2020 Shop a hand picked selection of items used at Solid K9 Training & by Jeff Gellman... https://www.amazon.com/shop/solidk9training   Jeff Gellman Solid K9 Training 401-274-1078 *********FOLLOW ME********** • Solid K9 Training http://solidk9training.com/ • Jeff Gellman Seminars ... https://www.jeffgellmanseminars.com/ • Trick Training ... https://cooldogtricks.com/ • Facebook https://www.facebook.com/pages/Solid-K9-Training/140229622668254 • Instagram SolidK9Training • Patreon ... www.patreon.com/solidk9training • Twitter @SolidK9Training   Don't forget to SUBSCRIBE to my channel!