#272: Tiffany Calver

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#272: Tiffany Calver

Из: A Waste Of Time with ItsTheReal

Длина: 110 мин.


This week on A Waste of Time with ItsTheReal, we welcome BBC 1Xtra personality and Drake's tour DJ Tiffany Carver to the Upper West Side! Tiffany breaks down how a young hip-hop blogging fanatic from the English countryside found herself in on a buffet line in Los Angeles rubbing elbows with Dr. Dre, how Miss Info's work inspired her to try her hand at music journalism, how her parents encouraged her to follow her passion, how a viral Soundcloud mix of hers moved her to get serious about Serato, how every London venue turning her down convinced her to start her own (ultimately very successful) club night, how she found out that she'd be touring Europe with the most famous rapper on Earth, how she thought she tanked her audition but in fact nailed it and got the job of her dreams, and how she did all of this by the age of 25. All that, plus her first experience at Olive Garden, the interview that brought her to tears, her father's best advice, her very-short-lived rap name, the most insane gig she's performed at, her experiences at pirate radio stations, how her shyness presents itself in giant arenas, her huge goals for the upcoming year, Dr. Dre's biggest weakness and much, much more!