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390 - How To Deal With Insecurity In Your Relationship (feat. Juan Santos)

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390 - How To Deal With Insecurity In Your Relationship (feat. Juan Santos)

Из Tiny Leaps, Big Changes

Длина: 19 мин.


In today’s episode I'm sitting down with Juan Santos who is an expert in relationships and discussing how tackle insecurity or jealousy in the relationship. It's something that we all experience, but if it gets too toxic or too out of control it can do a lot of damage both to our own self-esteem and to the health of the relationship.
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Key Points:
· What insecurity is, and why we have it
· How we notice it in our lives
· How our inner voice impacts our security
· Four Steps to tackle and control insecurity
Notable Quote:
Do that job of selecting which frame you're going to filter this event through, and from there, once the frame is placed on it, if it's a positive frame or a negative frame, the rest of your actions and thoughts and feelings sort of fall into place with that. – Gregg Clunis
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