Inside My Decision-Making Process | ENP Institute Keynote

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Inside My Decision-Making Process | ENP Institute Keynote

Из: The Playbook

Длина: 23 мин.


Today's episode takes you inside my decision-making process and provides you with strategies which you can implement to have a superior decision-making process for yourself. Sometimes all it takes to make a decision is to ask someone for help! When we make a decisions that's aligned with our values, there are no failures, just successes. Please text me your feedback and thoughts 1-949-298-2905Timestamps:[1:09] - Using your values[3:15] - Be more interested than interesting[5:24] - Advice is like a handful of sand[7:32] - 4 Values that determine my decisions[10:53] - Create "coincidences"[16:02] - Ask 1 person a day for help[17:23] - Take action now[20:08] - Study Your Calendar