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BPCLs Petrol pump retail revolution:

The In & Out Convenience stores: An Initiative by BPCL Group

Aditya Agarwal Akash Anshul Malhotra Ashish Sharma Nikhil Tandon Rishi Bhatia

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About BPCL
BPCL's history dates back to 1951, when the Government of India entered into an agreement with the UK based Burmah Oil Company and Shell Petroleum Co. (Burmah-Shell) for establishing an oil refinery in Bombay.

In 1952, this agreement led to the incorporation of Burmah Shell Oil Refineries Ltd.

In the mid 1990s, the oil industry felt the need to establish strong brand identities. BPCL's first foray into petrol pump retailing was through Bharat Shell Ltd. (Shell), its joint venture with Shell Overseas Investments of Netherlands. Shell launched the first convenience store (C-Store) stocking over 1,000 different items. The store, offering eatables, soft drinks, stationery, newspapers, magazines, CDs etc. came as a pleasant surprise for Indian consumers. By mid 2001, petrol pumps at almost all major locations in the metros had set up retail outlets.


BPCL is the 2nd largest oil marketing company in the country In&Out Convenience Store is a unique concept where a number of typical household products are aggregated under one roof for the benefit of the customers In&Out Convenience Store" has a network strength of over 320 stores across more than 100 cities in the country Average Revenue :- Approximately 35 lacs per month on one outlet Average footfalls everyday :- 300-350 people on one outlet Number of employees on each outlet :- 16-18 Stores timing :- 8:00 a.m. till 3.00 am


The Indian Petroleum retailing industry is today poised to make giant strides both in terms of new forecourt retailing opportunities and superior customer offerings at the retail outlet. With the emergence of organised retailing in the country and a growing demand from consumers for a superior shopping experience, Convenience Retailing has emerged as a key business area for petroleum companies given their wide retail presence, existing customer base and strategically located sites. Petrol retail outlets provide the right framework for setting up convenience retail chains where the consumer has the opportunity of combining shopping with the fuelling occasion.

Worldwide, petrol station convenience stores have developed into a serious business in itself with companies like Shell, Caltex, BP running their convenience store chains very profitably.
Realising the importance of a greater understanding of consumers needs and consistent with its core objective of continuously adding value to its customers through innovative means, Bharat Petroleum has launched its convenience retailing initiative under the In&Out brand.


Western Union Money Transfer facilities in Mumbai, so that customers can get money from anywhere in the world while shopping there.

Alliance with Caf Coffee Day, make customers relax by sipping coffee from the same while shopping.
Alliance with Planet M & Music World, for the customers to get the top quality music cassettes and CDs. E-Charge a complete system and service provider offering electronic delivery system. Pepsi counters are found in most of the In & Out stores.


Grid(straight form) format guideline is found in all the stores, as per the guidelines from BPCL however the franchisee can decide the floor and display layout.

All the products are easily visible from any part of the store.
For a convenience store where shoppers are frequent visitors, it is the most cost-efficient space utilization.



Modular fabrication entrance: There is only one entrance of glass beside the counter so that the customers can be tracked and is designed as per guidelines from BPCL. Display Windows: The store is made of glass, with very bright lighting in the interiors. Marquee: It is sponsored by BPCL , having the same colour theme as the parent company. Parking facilities: It has enough parking space for cars and two wheelers, which is a convenient to the visitors.


Lighting: Bright light systems have been used so as to make each product clearly visible and attractive. Signage: They are pasted on the entrance door and on the side walls.


Some pioneering initiatives to attract fuel customers and non fuel customers at the store are :

For the convenience of the fuelling customers who have very little time, In & out offers mobile trolleys at the fuel outlet which will bring convenience to your car. Company have implemented In-store branding across large part of our network to help you locate what you want easily. All purchases are through computerized billing through Indias largest retail information network to help us get the products you want. In & Out also provides some points to its customers on the purchase of various products.


Strategic Location. Abundance of footfalls of customers due to BP fuel station. It offers wide range of products and services.

The store is first to open and last to shut.

Reputation of providing quality products. It is a blend of western- Indian culture which provides customers an international shopping experience which offers variety of products under one roof.

Poor home delivery service.

Insufficient marketing strategy and promotion of the brand In & out. The store is not open for 24 hours. Lack of qualified and professional employees. Snacks are not sold in the store like hot dog, mini pizza, sandwiches etc.


Should introduce snacks food items, pastries and cakes. The stores should expand its geographical dimension. I t should not restrict themselves to fuel pumps only. In & Out must give customers some discounts and premium coupons more often.

Some discount on MRP should be given

Most important threats are from the competitors in the market, such as 24/7, Reliance and others grocery and departmental stores. It has also a great threat from the supermarkets. As the prices are high in convenience store as compared to the supermarkets.


In&Out stores have a wide range of services viz., ATMs of leading Banks, Music stores from Planet M and Music World, Beverages from Pepsi. In&Out stores are the first to open and last to shut in the neighbourhood

Customers can use their Petro Card for In&Out shopping and earn valuable Petro miles.
In & Out stores are the largest organized convenience store retailing chain in the country with a standardised layout across the country, with a high level of aesthetics and an ambience aimed at deriving maximum value for our alliance partners and offering consumers a revolutionary solution for attending to their daily chores.

The In&Out stores offer Western Union Money Transfer facilities in Mumbai Money available all the time from your near and dear ones abroad at our store In&Out stores offer all cell phone recharge cards. If you want the latest music come to Planet M or Music World, next to your home and get top quality music cassettes and CDs. Pick the latest issue of India Today, Outlook and any other magazine at the store today