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Case 2 Transparency Through Formal Communication Process

Presented by: Naryanan Palini Roll 09 Basant Samal Roll 10 Keyur Shah Roll 11 Raman Sharda Roll 12 Dheeraj Soni Roll 13 Prakash S. Roll 14
PGDM-Exec-2011-12- MIS 1

Company manufactures pharmaceuticals Using computers for over years Fixed budget investment in IT IS department receives request Request for providing PCs & other peripheral/ equipment's

PGDM-Exec-2011-12- MIS

Issues facing : Hassles to accommodate the request No transparency

Scenario : Fixed budget = 40 lacs Earmarked = 10 lacs for setting up branch accounting systems
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Clerical Level

Department 1


Department 2

Pre-proposal checks Submission of proposals Acknowledgement of proposal receipt

Information Systems Department

Managerial Level

Department 3

RFP 3 The Evaluation by independent experts Evaluation criteria Proposal marking (Factor Rating Method) Weightings Feedback to proposers 4

Department 4


PGDM-Exec-2011-12- MIS

Request Tracking System

PGDM-Exec-2011-12- MIS

Bug Fixing Systems

New Ticket Created Ticket In Progress Ticket Rejected Ticket Accepted Ticket Closed Ticket Responded Ticket On-hold

PGDM-Exec-2011-12- MIS

Employees IT Department Organization Finance department PC supplier

PGDM-Exec-2011-12- MIS

Proposals Clerical Level Acceptation/ Rejection Decision

Flow Chart for Decision Making


Individual Evaluation


Threshold Managerial Level Acceptation/Rejection Decision Factor Rating Method

PGDM-Exec-2011-12- MIS

Ranking by commission

Form to enter requirements
Quantity/Item Reasons Feedback

Pre-proposal checks Submission of proposals

as an electronic proposal via the web-based Electronic Proposal Submission System (EPSS)

PGDM-Exec-2011-12- MIS

Ticket Request Form

Ticket Request Form Ticket No. Assignee Name Date Time Department





Manager Approval


PGDM-Exec-2011-12- MIS


PGDM-Exec-2011-12- MIS


Steps for systems

Acknowledgement of proposal receipt
Upon receipt of the proposal, the Department records the date and time of receipt. Subsequently, an acknowledgement of receipt is sent to the proposal coordinator by e-mail, Proposal title, acronym and unique proposal identifier (proposal number); Name of the programme and/or activity/research area and call identifier to which the Proposal was addressed; Date and time of receipt.
PGDM-Exec-2011-12- MIS 12

Steps for systems

Eligibility check
Only proposals that fulfil all of the criteria are retained for evaluation receipt of proposal by the Department on or before the deadline date and time established Minimum number of participants, as referred to in the call for proposals. Completeness of the proposal, i.e. the presence of all requested administrative forms and the proposal description Proposal will be for the experts to evaluate; the eligibility checks only apply to the Presence of the appropriate parts of the proposal
PGDM-Exec-2011-12- MIS 13

The Evaluation by independent experts Evaluation criteria Proposal marking (Factor Rating Method)
Evaluators examine the individual issues comprising each block of evaluation criteria and in general mark the blocks on a six-point scale from 0 to 5. In this scheme, the scores indicate the following with respect to the block under examination:

PGDM-Exec-2011-12- MIS


Factor Rating Method

0 - the proposal fails to address the issue under examination or can not be judged against the criterion due to missing or incomplete information
1 - poor 2 - fair 3 - good 4 - very good 5 - excellent

PGDM-Exec-2011-12- MIS


Steps for systems

According to the specific nature of the instruments and the call, it may be decided to weight The blocks of criteria. The weightings to be applied to each block of criteria are set out in the call.

PGDM-Exec-2011-12- MIS


Weightage Distribution
Weight applied to each component, based on a total of 100 points.
Need of the Request (20 points) Importance and the business criticality of the request (40 points) Urgent requirement and high priority request which impacts business(20 points) Cost factors(10 points) Department weightage to the business(10 points)

PGDM-Exec-2011-12- MIS


Steps Of Systems
Feedback to proposers
The coordinator of each proposal receives the evaluation summary report (ESR). ESR reflects the consensus reached between the independent experts as well as the panel results (via comments and marks) on each block of criteria as well as providing overall comments (including proposals for modifications and, in exceptional cases, possibilities for a final overall score for the proposal. Comments recorded must give sufficient and clear reasons for the scores and in the case of proposals with high scores, any recommendations for modifications to the proposal should be given .

PGDM-Exec-2011-12- MIS


Steps Of Systems
Finalisation of the evaluation
Ranked list Reserve list Rejection decisions Reporting on the evaluation process

PGDM-Exec-2011-12- MIS


Thank You

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