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It is not the conventional alphanumerical data.

It is a collection of
Text, Image, Audio or Video.

The information provided by multimedia data explains more than what a conventional data explains.

A multimedia database management system is a framework that manages multimedia data. It can also do operations with those multimedia data.

The Multimedia data can be stored in 3 parts. They are

Raw Data
Registering Data Descriptive Data

Descriptive Data

Information about content and structure

Registering Data Data necessary for interpretation and identification i.e.

Format Raw Data Unformatted Information Content i.e. pixels

In MMDBMS there are different data types.

They are: Text Image Audio Video

Character represents RAW data

Registering data describe the Coding

Descriptive data include data about layout, structuring.

Pixels represent RAW data.

Registering data include length and height of image.

Descriptive data are individual line, subject and surfaces.

Raw data contains the digital samples of audio. Registering data contains the properties of audio coding. Descriptive data contains the content of audio.

Pixel matrices represent the raw data.

Registering data provides the number of images per

second. Descriptive data provides scene description.

The operations are

Output Modification Deletion Comparison Evaluation


Data will be written to the database.

RAW and Registering data is mandatory. Descriptive data is optional. Output Reads the data from database as per the registering


Changing of RAW, Registering and descriptive data. Deleting

Removes the entry from database.


Search and Retrieval of stored data.

Pattern Matching Technique is used. Evaluation Generation of descriptive data from Raw and

Registering data.

Design of multimedia database is based on two different



Different medias are represented by classes, whose

instance variable include the data as internal state. ERDBMS Embedding new functions and types into RDBMS.


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