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In INDIA By Sherwood Consultants (India) Pvt Ltd

Why do CPA
Premier professional Accounting certification in US, such as Chartered Accountants in India. In India, CPAs most likely would be required in: Indian subsidiaries of US companies, KPOs, BPOs, US GAAP, SEC reporting, Indian companies such as Infosys, Satyam, ICICI and others who are listed on US stock exchanges, Mergers & Acquisitions Groups, Consulting firms, etc. Upward mobility in career and faster growth. Migrate to US to work/settle in Accounting/Finance.


Kaplan Inc is part of The Washington Post Newspaper Group. Some of you may remember that its investigative reporting was instrumental in the Watergate scandal which brought down President Richard Nixon in the early 70s and this was immortalized in the movie All the Presidents men Kaplan is a over 70 year old education services provider with test prep materials in TOEFL, GRE, GMAT, USMLE, CFA, FRM, CPA, etc. (www.kaplanfinancial.in) They have a university in Florida, Kaplan University They publish many major magazines, including Newsweek.

Whos qualified to Appear for the CPA Exams

Chartered Accountants Inter CA CWA Inter CWA CS M. Com B. Com + MBA B. Com + taking the US Federal Tax course ONLINE for a semester at Raritan Valley Community College, New Jersey (The federal tax course can be taken online, costing under $375) will qualify the candidate to take the CPA exam from Delaware.

What does the exam cost

Application & Examination Fees to CPA Examination Services of about $800 to $900 (all 4 sections) Foreign Transcript Evaluation fee of about $150 (paid directly to the evaluation service) Kaplan CPA Live Class fee INR 77,000 (paid to Sherwood & Live class conductors) Travel to US INR 50,000 (When held in India, it will eliminate this) Visa and miscellaneous costs INR 20,000 (When held in India, it will eliminate this) TOTAL about INR 200,000 (When held in India, cost will be about INR 125,000)

What does enrollment with Kaplan CPA Review bring

Upon enrollment, each student receives: - Study Manual - Video Workbooks in Pdf form (that follows the slides) - Online access to Kaplan Question Bank for 1 year (Question Bank includes thousands of questions in the true/false, multiple choice, testlets, simulations formats) - 112 hours of live in-class training using the Kaplan Video class instruction by US faculty, with further teaching by the live class conductors faculty - Other online Kaplan free resources such as learning style.

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