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--- Forthcoming tech. in Wireless Communication Presented By, T.Mounika-VITAM M.V.



Comparison Between 3G and 4G. 4G Characteristics.

Mobile Services Before 4G.

4G-Technology. Objectives and Uses. SWOT Analysis. Conclusion.

Now-a-days the goal of many customers is to have PC at ones palm . To support such powerful systems we need long range, high speed wireless network called 4G.




Technology Frequency band Bandwidth Data rate 3G 1.8 - 2.5GHz 5-20MHz Up to 2Mbps 4G 2 - 8GHz 5-20MHz 100Mbps moving, 1GB stationary VSF-OFCDM VSFCDMA Concatenated Packet



FEC Switching

Turbo-codes Circuit/Packet

Convergence Servicesseamless , high-reliable, quality broadband communication ,ubiquitousconnectivity. Broadband Services---Low Cost. ---Wide Coverage Area. ---Wide Variety of Services Capability.

LTE[Long Term Evolution]UMTS(universal mobile

telecomm. Systems) Objectives : Improving Efficiency. Lowering Costs. Improving Services. Better integration with other standards. Aim of LTE : Download rate - 100mbps Upload rate-50 mbps.

WIMAX-[Worldwide Interoperability for Microwave Access]

Objective: Low Cost. Low Expense Voice transport and delivery of services.

Aim: Download data-rate 46 mbps. Upload data-rate 14 mbps.

Adaptive Modulation And Coding(AMC). Adaptive Hybrid ARQ. Multi In-Multi Out And Orthogonal Frequency-Division

Multiplexing(MIMO and OFDM).

Open Distributed AD-HOC Wireless Network.

Flexible channel bandwidth5 MHz to 20 Mhz. (up to 40 MHz) Developing of 3G applications: MMS(multimedia messaging services). Video chat. Mobile T.V. HDTV.

STRENGTHS: Strong position of telecommunication vendors. Faster data transmissions . Higher bit-rate . Larger bandwidth. Personalized multimedia communication tools. WEAKNESS: No large user community . Divergence between vendors and operators. No full internet -- limited speed ,bandwidth Highest cost to use and on infrastructure.

OPPORTUNITIES: Evolutionary approach. Sophisticated commercialization would encourage e-commerce and m-commerce. Expected that consumers will replace handsets with newer tech. Desirable higher data capacity rates. THREATS: Faster rate of growth and developments in other region. Since 3G is still in market ,it squeezes the market competition in mobile industry.

4G mobile phone technology promises faster communication Speeds (100 megabits per second), capacity and diverse usage formats. These formats would provide richer content and support for other public networks such as optical fibre and wireless local area networks.

Delivers true speeds without wires.

Faster -- more bandwidth. Completely portable . 3 times faster than 3G . 4G is broadband technology that will give us richer ,pleasurable internet experience.