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Security Threats and Removal

Different Types of Computer Security Threats Types of Worms Types of Spyware How your at Risk Threat Removal

Different Types of Computer Security Threats


Software program that spreads from computer to computer Interrupts computer operations

Can corrupt or delete data Spread through email Can even delete everything on hard drive

Different Types of Computer Security Threats


Computer software program designed to copy itself from computer to computer

No human interaction is needed to copy Clogs computer networks Can make loading web pages take a long time

Different Types of Computer Security Threats

Trojan Horses

Appears as a useful computer software program Program actually damages computer

Can disable antivirus software and remove firewalls

Different Types of Computer Security Threats


A software program that does automated tasks on the internet


surveillance or data mining bots utilized to collect data and information from a person (surfing habits), website or company. browse the internet looking for systems with exploitable vulnerabilities hackers access and manipulate the victims files and folders


Different Types of Computer Security Threats

Spyware and Adware

Performs certain tasks

Without proper consent

Advertising Collecting Personal Information Configuring your computer Change your home page Add additional programs Can cause computer to crash

Types of Worms

Sasser Worm

What is it?

Exploits the Local Security Authority Subsystem Service (LSASS) Randomly scans IP addresses for vulnerable machines infects any that are found


You see an LSA Shell crash dialog box Computer restarts by itself every few minutes

Types of Worms

Blaster Worm

What is it?

Exploit a Remote Procedure Call (RPC) Distributed Component Object Model (DCOM) Denial of service attacks on some server sites Creates a backdoor program that allows attackers to access the infected system


Some users may not notice the worm at all, while others may notice it infecting their computer Computer may restart every few minutes May cause Windows to become unresponsive

Types of Trojan Horses


What is it?

A malicious Javascript embedded in a Web page The Javascript disables pop-up blockers

Causing malicious pop-ups that could allow site redirection which could lead to possible downloading and executing of other malicious files


Presence of one or more pop-up windows that get past installed popup blockers may be indicative of a Web page hosting Trojan:JS/Agent.FA.

Types of Trojan Horses


What is it?

Claims to be a detection for malicious Windows media files

Encourages users to download and execute arbitrary files on an affected machine


There are no obvious symptoms Malicious files open a particular URL when Windows media file is opened

How Your Computer is at Risk

Your computer could be at risk if your:


Are disabled and not properly working Are not up-to-date

Security Updates:

Antivirus Software:

Is not up-to-date or from a trusted source Is weak, especially for network security


Removal of Security Threats

Example of how to remove a Sasser Worm:

1.) Disconnect from local internet connection 2.) Close the running program 3.) Activate Windows Firewall 4.) Download and Install Patches from Microsoft Website 5.) Delete all infected files 6.) Reboot your computer

For more detailed instructions visit http://www.pchell.com/virus/sasser.shtml


You should always pay close attention to how your computer is running and keep all software programs up-to-date Protecting you computer can:

Save you money Save you time Protect your identity Protect personal documents


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