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Managing Human Resources

By:Arturo P. Flores

An overall understanding of how appopriate human resources can be provided for the organization. An appreciation for the relationship among recruitment efforts, an open position, sources of human resources, and the law Insights on the use of test and assesstment centers in employee selections

An understanding of how the training process operates. A consept of what performance appraisal are and how they can best be concluded.

Defining appropriate human resources

The appropriate human resources refers to the individuals within organization who make a valuable contribution to management system goal attainement.The contribution results from their productivity in the positions they hold.

Appropriate human resources are the individuals in the organization who make a valuable contribution to management system goal attainment.

Steps in Providing Human Resources

To provide appropriate human resources to fill both managerial and non managerial openings, managers follow four sequential steps: 1.Recruitment 2.Selection 3. Training 4. Performance appraisal

Step 1 Recruitment

Step 2 Selection

Step 3 Training

Step 4 Performance appraisal

To be effective recruiters must know the following 1. The job they are trying to fill 2. Where potential human resources can be located 3. How the law influences recruiting efforts

Job Analysis
A process for obtaining all pertinent job facts

Job Description
A statement containing items such as: Job title Location Job summary Duties Machines, tools equipment Materials and form used Supervisor given or received Working conditions Hazards

Job Specification
A statement of the human qualifications necessary to do the job.Usually contains such item as: Education Experience Training Judgement Iniatiative Physical skills Responsibilities Communication skills Emotional Characteristics Unusual sensory demends Such as sight, smell, hearing

Job Analysis
-Is a Technique commonly used to gain an understanding of

what a task entails and the type of individual who should be hired to perform that task

Job Description
-Is a list of specific activities that must be performed to accomplish some task or job

Job specification
- Is a list of the characteristics of the individual who should be hired to perform a specific task or job

Knowing Sources of Human Resources

Sources of human resources available to fill a position can be generally categorized in two ways: 1. Sources inside the organization 2. Sources outside the organization

Source Inside the Organization

The pool of employees within organization is one sources of human resources. Some individuals who already work for the organization may be qualified for an open position. Although existing personnel are sometimes moved laterally within organization, most internal movements are promotions. Promotion from within has the advantages of building employee morale, encouraging employee to work harder in hopes of being promoted.

Human Resource inventory -Is an accumalation of information about the characteristics of organization members, this information focuses on members past performance as well as on how they might be trained and best used in the future.

NAME Murray, Mel PRESENT POSITION Manager, Sales PRESENT PERFORMANCE Outstanding exceed sales goal in spite of stiffer competition STRENGHTS Good planner- motivates subordinates very well WEAKNESS Still does not always delegating as much as situation requires EFFORTS TO IMPROVE Has greatly improved in delegating in last two years. COULD MOVE TO Vice President, Marketing TRAINING NEEDED More exposure to problems of other divisions COULD MOVE TO Manager, House or Industrial Fans Division TRAINING NEEDED Course in production management

Age 47

EMPLOYED 1985 On Job 6 Years



Management inventory card -Is a form used in compiling a human resource inventory. It contains the organizational history of an individual and indicates how that individual might be used in the organization in the future.


Manager, Sales (House Fans Division) INCUMBENT Mel Murray Salary $44,500 Salary $ 39,500 May Move 1 Year Age 39

PERFORMANCE Outstanding REPLACEMENT 1 Earl Renfrew

PRESENT POSITION Field Sales Manager, House Fans

TRAINING NEEDED Special assignment to study market potential for air conditioners to provide forecasting experience. REPLACEMENT 2 Bernard Storey PRESENT POSITION Promotion Manager, House Fans TRAINING NEEDED Rotation to field sales,

EMPLOYED Present Job Company 3 Years 10 Years


Salary $38,500

Age 36

EMPLOYED Present Job Company 4Years 7 Years When Ready 2 Years

The position replacement form - Is used in compiling a human resource

inventory. It summarize in formation about organization members who could fill a position should it open up.

Vice President Executive vice President
Vice President Marketing Vice President Finance

Manager Household Fans Manager Human Resources Manager Accounting

Manager Industrial Fans

Manager Air Conditioning Manager Accounting

Manager Human Resources

Manager Production

Manager Sales

Manager Production

Manager Sales

The management manpower replacement chart.

Is a form used in compiling a human resource inventory. It is people oriented and presents a composite view of individuals management consider significant to human resource planning.

Sources Outside the Organization

1.Competitors 2. Employment agencies 3.Readers of certain publication 4.Educational institutions

Knowing the Law

The Equal Employment Opportunity Commision (EE0C) -Is an agency established to enforce federal laws regulating recruiting and other employee practices.

Affirmative Action Affirmative action refers to policies that take factors including "race, colour, religion, gender, sexual orientation, or national origin"[1]into consideration in order to benefit an underrepresented group "in areas of employment, education, and business",[2] usually justified as countering the effects of a history of discrimination