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Try to define what the EU is:

an economic and political union or confederation of ___ member states which are located primarily in Europe

What is the main purpose of the EU?

To increase economic integration and strengthen cooperation among its members

Motto of the EU:


How do you understand the motto? What do you think it means?

According to the European Commission:

The motto means that, via the EU, Europeans
are united in working together for peace and

prosperity, and that the many different

cultures, traditions and languages in Europe

are a positive asset /pnos/ for the continent.

Symbols of the EU:

Anthem Flag

The Anthem
Is based on the final movement of the Ninth Symphony It was completed in 1824 and was known as Ode to Joy Who is the author of the symphony? A) Richard Wagner B) Ludwig Van Beethoven C) Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U_t3Qs9WFx4&feature=r elated

The flag of EU

What do the 12 golden five-pointed stars represent? What does the blue background represent? Do the stars vary according to the member states?

the number of stars represents completeness while their position in a circle represents unity The blue background represents the west The stars do not vary according to the members as they are intended to represent all the peoples of Europe

Can you name all the EU member states?

Member states:

What are the names of the six largest countries?

France (founder) Germany (founder) Spain (1986) Finland (1995) Sweden (1995) Poland (2004)

When did the Czech republic join the EU? Which other countries joined the EU in the same year?

2004 Cyprus, Estonia, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Malta, Poland, Slovakia, Slovenia,

Present candidates???
Croatia (expected to join in 2013) Turkey Macedonia Iceland Montenegro

A new member state has to meet certain rules called the COPENHAGEN CRITERIA A must: a European state Democratic government Functioning market economy Guaranteeing human rights

Is the monetary unit of the EU It went into circulation on 1st January 2002 Which of the following countries is NOT a member of the Eurozone? A) Sweden B) Italy C) Slovenia

Nowadays it is the official currency in 17 of the EU member states => Eurozone

However, EURO has been accepted by some non-EU member states Do you know their names? Vatican City San Marino Monaco Andorra

Europe Day
9th May
Celebrated as the EUs birthday

French Foreign Minister Robert Schuman first put forward the idea of the European Union (May, 9, 1950)

The European Council Council of the EU (Council of Ministers) European Commission European Parliament Court of Justice

The European Council

27 heads of states + President of European council and President of European Commission Political leadership main political decisions Defines priorities of the EU Meets 4 times a year Todays president of the European Council: Herman van Rompuy

The Council of the EU (Council of Ministers)

27 ministers (1 minister per a member state) Legislative authority (together with the European Parliament) Day to day decision making Rotating presidency between member states (6 months) Which state is presiding now??? Since January 2012 - Denmark

The European Commission

27 members (1 commissioner per a state / 5-year term) Executive organ Only proposes legislation (must pass in the Council of Ministers and the European Parliament!) then implements decisions Present President??? Jose Barroso

The European Parliament

736 members Directly elected = represents European citizens Legislative function (together with the Council of Ministers)

Court of Justice
Consists of 3 courts The main court: European Court of Justice - 27 judges (appointed by the governments of the member states) Who can go to the court??? EU member states EU institutions Firms Individuals (EU citizens)

Brief history of the EU

EU based on a series of treaties: 1951 European Coal and Steel Community (Treaty of Paris) 1957 European Economic Community (later European Community- EC) and European Atomic Energy Community (EURATOM) established by the two Treaties of Rome 1967 - Merger Treaty institutional changes in the 3 communities EU formally established in 1993 by the Treaty on the European Union, commonly called Maastricht Treaty (signed in 1992)

Another treaties since 1993

1999 Treaty of Amsterdam (absorbed the Schengen rules into the EU law) Can you define what a Schengen area is??? Based on Schengen Agreement (1985) Comprises territories of 26 European countries operates like a single state with border controls for those travelling in and out of the area, but with no internal border controls

Another treaties since 1993

2003 Treaty of Nice 2009 - Treaty of Lisbon