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An Austrian entrepreneur by the name of Dietrich Mateschitz first learned of the beverage Red Bull has been supported with a unique while travelling in Thailand in the 1980s. In and creative style ofbuilt its equity through 1984 It is a he approached the Thailand manufacturer, TC brand which has advertising. The below slogan Red Bull gives During wings you careful arrived theits first foreign markets, the Red Bull Pharmaceuticals, to pursue a licensing agreement in line marketing. strongly the to invest physical initial to(1989) suggestsBull used brands The market Red Bull in (1992). heavily Singaporelaunch time,RedHungary other countries. They and properties and benefits. in buzzagreed Germany was granted in 1994, marketing. authorization for and took a 51-percent stake in his firm, UK emphasis Red 1995 placed 1997, drink and Red Bull GmbH. the TheRed Bull is sold as an in on marketing was is followed in Bull and energy the US evident from to was firstmental and in Austria in 1987. designed the fact that the company spent Red Bull combat introduced physical business started in California. around first foreign market was Hungary in fatigue. percent of its annual was to Its Red Bull's 30first marketing techniqueturnover on 1992. marketing target teenagers and college goers. much is available countries It and -the combination in 120ingredients is distribute Today, Red Bullhigher than ofmost other with beverage spent sales around the cities more than 2 other who Red Bull went of manufacturers full cans annually. It is the of Red Bull interacting with eachbillion that provides the approximately number-one energy drink. worlds cars and distributed10 benefit.to anybody whowas the percent. Red Bull energy-building drinks positioned as an like construction 'invigorated need energy - peopleenergy drink that workers andmind and body' and 'improved endurance levels'. joggers.





Unlike rivals who pay millions of dollars for superstars like Britney Spears, RED BULL relies on cheaper talent: hip youngsters, students and a legion of fringe athletes. Red Bull sponsors some 500 athletes around the world, the type who will surf in Nova Scotia in January or jump out of a plane to "fly" across the English Channel. Every year the company stages dozens of extreme sporting events, as well as cultural events like break-dancing contests.

Red Bull has mastered the buzz marketing/guerilla marketing Here are some tools that Red Bull doesn't use: billboards, banner ads, taxicab holograms, blimps, Super Bowl spots. Even its TV spots -- all of which feature the whimsical sketches of a mysterious Austrian artist -- serve more to amuse than to educate or entice consumers.

They made sure that when people go to, whether sporting, concert, etc., they are always outside passing out free energy drinks or the Red Bull cars driving around the cites. Red Bull Soap, Box Race or Red Bull Ride + Style.

The Red Bull FlugTag event

A whole event that is completely all about Red Bull. The event is so genius because it is a revenue generator and it strengthens the brand. eams of everyday people to build homemade, humanpowered flying machines and pilot them off a 30-foot high deck in hopes of achieving flight! Flugtag may mean flying day in German, but all these crafts ultimately splash into the waters below. They are judged not only on their flights distance, but creativity and showmanship as well. This event makes the brand seem fun, youthful and all about giving you wings.

Red Bull Air Races

The Red Bull Air Race, established in 2003 and created by Red Bull, is an international series of air races in which competitors have to navigate a challenging obstacle course in the fastest time. Pilots fly individually against the clock and have to complete tight turns through a slalom course consisting of pylons, known as Air Gates.

In keeping with their target market of young males, Red Bull has been highly active in association football. This is where RED BULL ARENA comes RED BULL ARENA is a stadium constructed for football fans in NEW JERSEY. So here red bull teams compete and red bull drinks are served. By associating the drink's image with these activities, the company seeks to promote a "cool" public image and raise brand power. Hence, this one energy drink has helped create a market.

Mobile marketing
Red Bull is running mobile ads that not only educate consumers about a new social media-driven campaign but also let them enter on the spot to redeem a free fourpack of the beverage.

The mobile ads are part of Red Bulls Share Your Wings campaign that is heavily tied in with mobile Web, Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr and Instagram. The Red Bull ads are running inside the Spotify iPhone application.

Nestle India Limited is the market leader in Indian Noodle Market with its Maggi Brand of Noodles which was pioneer brand launched in 1983 in the packaged food market of India
It took the challenge and established Maggi in Indian market considered to be conservative and typical about food consumption. It appropriate realization of target segment, effective positioning and effective promotion and sales made Maggi to Noodles in India as Xerox it to photocopier. NIL had introduced sauces, ketchups and soups under Maggi brand to reap benefit of brand popularity and image and contribute to financial gains by 1990.Maggi also became successful in sauces, ketchups and soups Market in India.

MAGGI Vegetable Multigrainz Noodles MAGGI 2-Minute Noodles MAGGI Vegetable Atta Noodles MAGGI Cuppa Mania

MAGGI Healthy Soups

MAGGI Sauces MAGGI Pichkoo

MAGGI Magic Cubes MAGGI Bhuna Masala MAGGI Coconut Milk Powder MAGGI Pizza Mazza MAGGI Masala-ae-Magic

They promoted the product by

1.Distributing free samples.

2.Giving gifts on return of empty packets.

3.Dry sampling-distributing maggi packets

4. Wet sampling - distributing cooked maggi.

5.Availability in different packages 50gm,100gm,200gm,etc.. And 6.Effective tagline communication.

Maggi has majorly concentrated on Facebook for using Web Culture for marketing purposes. The Fan Page on Facebook headlined Meri Maggi boasts a whooping 472,200+ likes. The landing page contains Exciting MAGGI conversations, recipes, tips, games and a lot of fun. Fans throughout the country and beyond borders post their own versions of Maggi and how they love to prepare it. Recipes take up majority of the posts decently complimented with pictures of the servings. Fan-gating has been tactfully taken care of! The top image-bar consists of the packets of their various flavours. The display picture goes with their campaign of Guess the taste of the new MAGGI. Tagged photos are not exactly regulated and they contain a

They have also incorporated an interactive game/application called MAGGI Rumble Jumble which has 160+ Monthly users.

The Bio reads Please show your support to your favourite MAGGI Noodles by following us *Whats your MAGGI moment???*.

The channel Meri Maggi was created in May, 2011. Although its been a month since their latest activity on the page, they have had a total of 4,010 upload views. As soon as the page loads the video regarding their Guess the taste of the new MAGGI campaign starts playing. I do not think, 140 channel views and 1 Subscriber is what they had in mind when the made the page just a few months ago.