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Service Structure of Kingfisher Airlines

Presented By Abhay Singh Abhishek Ghosal Md. Fahad Ansari Sourav Nigam

Brief about Company

Established in 2003 in Bangalore Started it`s Services in 2005 It is under the Parent Company of UB Group Till December 2011 Kingfisher Airlines is the second largest Airline Company in Indian Market.


The Kingfisher Airlines family will consistently deliver a safe, value-based and enjoyable travel experience to all our guests.

Safety:-This is our overriding value. In our line of business, there is no compromise. Service:-We are all in the hospitality business; we must always seek to serve our guests and gain their trust, goodwill and loyalty.

Happiness:-We seek to build an organization with people who choose to be happy, and will endeavor to influence our guests and co-workers to be happy too.
Team Work:-We will succeed or fail as a team. Each one of us must respect our colleagues regardless of their rank, and we must work together to ensure our mutual success. Accountability:- Each one of us will be held accountable for the successful execution of our duties, commitments and obligations, and we will strive to lead by example.

Various P`s Of Service Marketing

Basic P`s Of Kingfisher

Promotion Mix Advertising Publicity Sales Promotion Word Of Mouth

Competence Reliability Responsiveness Initiative

Currently Kingfisher Airlines operate the Various Airbus under its brand name like A 320 , A 319-100 and ATC 72 . After acquiring with the Deccan it started new venture Kingfisher Red

Core productTravel Generic product-

Punctuality Reliability Safety

Value for money

Hospitality Expected productIn flight customer service Ambience Good gourmet Comfortable seat

Augmented product: King club. Limousine service In flight entertainment Customer loyalty program 5 star celebrations-win prizes worth Rs 5 crores

Potential product:
International product Kingfisher lounges at Airport Multi cuisine gourmet

Covers even the toughest terrains in the country, and the service ranges from Ahmadabad to Agartala and to the major cities such as Delhi, Bangalore and Chennai etc.

The main strategy of kingfisher is to target the metro cities or the Tier 1 cities in India.

Competence Reliability Caring attitude Responsiveness

Problem solving attitude Goodwill


1) Advertising
2) Publicity The PRO receptionist, travel agent, media people are very imp. people publicizing the business. 3) Sales promotion the travel agent, tour operators, frontline staff contributing lot to airline business. 4) Word of mouth customer loyalty ladder.

Physical Evidence
On the groundBooking office or ticket counter Paperwork Brand logo Tickets

In flight Aircraft seating configuration Good inner-exterior Cleanliness Uniform Ambience Baggage Labels or tag

Gap Model

Gap 1
Lack of upward communication:

The employees of kingfisher airlines are don't do upward communication with their senior manager due to which manager can not able to understand what happening in the organizational premises and managers are not able to take decision due to the lack of upward communication.

Inadequate service recovery:

The employees of Kingfisher Airlines are not able to implement the service of serve food to customers properly due to customers are not happy by the service of Kingfisher Airlines

Absence of customer driven standard:

In the economy class there is problem that kingfisher airlines can not able to provide customers driven standard and quality of service to the customers as take the example of Kingfisher Airlines that to the economy class the customers are treated as unethically i.e. In the Kingfisher Airlines there is the absence of customer driven standard.
Poor service design: In kingfisher airlines the airhostess takes lot of time to deliver the order of customers it gives the problem of poor service design and mismanagement in service design process of the organisation.

Failure to match supply and demand: In the economy class the passenger have reported that in the Kingfisher Airlines there is the problem of demand and supply of goods which are required to the customers that are not available in the proper quantity so that the Kingfisher Airlines show the service barrier that failure to match supply and demand. Customers are not fulfilling roles Customers are not taking the responsibility that to keep clean the environment of airlines and flight, due to which lot of cost incurred in the cleaning the flight andsurrounding of airlines.


Lack of integrated marketing communication:

The advertising and promotional activities of the kingfisher airlines is very low due to which there is the problem that customers are not aware about scheme and discount on flights.

Inadequate horizontal communication: In the kingfisher airlines there is the vast problem of inadequate horizontal communication because the various managers from the various departments do not communicate with each other due to which there is the problem in the decision making to the organization and form the barriers of communication.

Suggestion to Remove about Various Gap


The Company should more give importance to communicate between the Customer and provide various benefit.

It would also be beneficial for the company to provide service within the specified time.


The Service design should be properly implemented and various factor should be implemented to improve the service quality.

The Company should implement various strategy to implement the various objective to implement the proper connection between the service Standard of the Company.

Due to the several crisis these problems occur, and so that they were not able to pay their taxes and other liabilities time to time. ( acquisition of Kingfisher Red) As response, Dr. Vijay Mallya called on the Chairman of Central Board of Direct Taxes and offered to pay up the dues by 13 December 2011 as the Income Tax Department had frozen all its bank accounts. The Kingfisher bank accounts were unfrozen on 14 December 2011. Due non-payment, several Kingfisher's vendors had filed winding up petition with the High Court. As on November 2011, winding up petition of seven creditors was pending before the Bangalore High Court. IN the past Lufthansa Technik & Bharat Petroleum Corporation Limited (BPCL) had also filed winding up petition against Kingfisher Airlines.


In Fleet

Total Passengers Notes

Airbus A319-133 1


VIP for UB Group

Airbus A320-232 4


Airbus A321-232 2


ATR 72-500
Boeing 727-044 Total

1 13

VIP VIP for UB Group

Gap 4..

Kingfisher Red (Air Deccan) founded by Captain Gopinath with a vision "every Indian to fly at least once in his lifetime. means Air Deccan was a low cost provider. Now he is the Vice Chairman of Kingfisher Red, And Mr. Vijay Mallya does not believe in low cost.

Company should made the efficient synergies.