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P.O.BOX: 35017 Box 122004, Abu Dhabi UAE Dubai UAE, Tel: +971 43409047, Fax: +971 43409017, Phone:+971 2 6333566 Cell: 2 6313170 Fax :+971 +971 502437678 Email: Email : aeemc@emirates.net.ae sabu.abrahim@climagulftrading.com, Website: www.bineisa.com
Website: www.climagulftrading.com

ClimaGulf Trading LLC,


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ClimaPro Technic, a member of Clima group of companies, was established by a group of climate maintenance experts with the objective of providing customised industrial cooling solutions, Energy Management solutions & Air-conditioning implementation and maintenance across residential & commercial projects. The organization with a combined experience of over 50 man years has a proven track record of providing the most innovative, consumer friendly solutions, which has a direct effect on the productivity and the bottom-line of the organization by saving precious energy, money and time. The organisation is the first in UAE to introduce OCS targeted at manufacturing organisation like packaging, printing etc, wherein the cooling at the factory floor has a direct bearing on the machine output. OCS is guaranteed to increase the machine and human productivity. ClimaPro has a strategic alliance with UK based ------------------- for providing enterprise wide energy management solutions, which encompasses Power Management, Process & Machine Management, IT/Server Room Management, Building Management and Security Management Over the years Climapro has managed an impressive list of clients who have benefited from the knowledge pool of the organisation.

General Information
Registered Name: ClimaPro Tecnic LLC

Board Members:

Mr Sabu Abraham (General Manager) Mr Sayed

Postal Address: Contact Numbers:

P.O.Box: 122004, Dubai, UAE Telephone: +971 43409047 Facsimile : +971 43409017 Email: sabu.abrahim@climagulftrading.com Website: www.climagulftrading.com Bank Of Baroda


Profiles of Key Personnel

Sabu Abraham (General Manager):

Syed (Director):

Profiles of Key Personnel

-----------------------------------(Electrical Engineer):

----------------------------(Project Manager):

-------------------- (HVAC Engineer):

1. Industrial cooling - Assessing the shop floor cooling requirement - Auditing of the current process and identifying the key result areas - Concurrence with the management on the achievable targets - Implementation & Maintenance - Assessing and feedback Energy Management ClimaPro Tech has a strategic alliance with UK based -------------to provide technology and integrated solutions to optimise energy usage across various areas like energy & infrastructure, industry, data centres, buildings and residential.



Commercial and Residential cooling

Design of MEP Services as per ADWEA/ Municipality / DEWA / Etisalat / Civil Defence Regulations Supply, Erection, Testing and Commissioning of HVAC / BMS services for commercial, residential and industrial applications. Maintenance of HVAC systems, Productive maintenance, Breakdowns and Troubleshooting. Supply, Erection, Testing and Commissioning of Electrical, Fire Alarm and Low Current Works for Commercial, Residential and Industrial Applications. Supply, Erection and Testing of Plumbing, Drainage and Fire Protection services for Commercial, Residential and Industrial Applications.

Integrated Engineering Approach: IEA process uses a professionally applied, function oriented, systematic and interdisciplinary team approach to design, analysis and future improvement. This approach achieves effective results that reduce costs and avoid unnecessary costs altogether, while improving the performance and quality of products, processes and services. The end result is a well developed action plan to make us more competitive and help achieve greater results. The process helps us in the design or tender phase for achieving cost saving results while maintaining a high quality.

Project Management ClimaPro Tecnic is reputed for providing high quality work on time and within budget, this is possible due to our in-house capabilities and management techniques that have developed over the period. Our planning department commences its involvement with projects early at the pre-qualification stage. It is proactive in developing solutions to assemble and compile a competent technical submittal, tailored to suite each individual project. We foster engineering knowledge by training employees and adding value at every step of the project. The project management team provides an entire range of services such as: initial project planning, task oversight, tracking, reporting and change management. Time schedule and target programs are prepared for each program with well defined critical pathways, starting and finishing milestones, man power planning for each activity, s-curves, material and delivery schedules for long lead items to ensure successful completion of projects and within the defined budget, MIS reports are generated on a continuous basis and crash programs are created in case of delays due to constraints or unforeseen circumstances. Weekly and monthly meetings are held at every site location, which results in proactive decisions being made at every step in order to manage unexpected challenges resulting in immediate action being taken on concerning issues.

Enquiry Phase

Project Execution Schematic Enquity Sales Engr. Confirmation of Participants

Tender Phase Tender Documents Cilimapros Offer Contract Initiation Phase


Contract + Estimates + Sales

Letter of Intent Contract Agreement Sales Contracts

Contract Initiation Meeting Design & Review Design, Planning Mobilization Shop Drawings

Planning W/MC
Design & Installation Phase Approvals

Materials Take Off

Material Procurement

Project Execution Installation As Installed Documents Testing & Commissioning Initiation of Preventive Maintenance

Substantial Completion Completion Commissioning & Defects Liability Period Final Completion

Projects H/O Team

QUALITY SERVICES: ClimaPro Tecnic has installed values for its employees and created a culture where quality takes dominance over every other activity. As a result we are recognised as providing its clients with maintenance free projects and delivering high quality projects before the set deadlines. This has led to satisfied customers who choose us as their preferred partners in the Electromechanical sector. ClimaPro Tecnic practices Kaizen to ensure that all work is done on time, correctly and with the highest quality standards. This is achieved by holding pre-installation meetings and conducting inspections during the critical path of the projects including: first delivery of materials, first equipment installations, mock-ups and benchmarks for each new type of work until closure off utility systems. Quality is our single-minded pursuit in the application of new technologies. The ClimaPro Tecnic project team has joint construction and design backgrounds, which include significant time in project inspections and quality control. The project management team meticulously prepares project specific plans and schedules detailed methods of statements, integration and sequencing of all activities from order to hand-over along with continuous progress monitoring, ensures an effective and productive management system. Even after the project is complete and handed over, ClimaPro Tecnic conducts a quality evaluation of its work. The feedback collected from these visits are evaluated and corrective actions are taken accordingly.

DESIGN AND ENGINEERING: ClimaPro Tecnic can provide high tech applications, conceptual pricing, value engineered projects and a total integrated MEP package keeping in mind the conceptual design, construction and installation functionality. We have the capacity to design and provide engineering solutions for all type of MEP works. Our team of experienced designers can provide service such as mechanical, electrical, fire fighting / protection and plumbing systems. Coordination with local authorities is an integral part of every project to minimize cost delays in submission. Construction documents are detailed to reflect the actual installations instead of being schematic in nature. We can also verify HVAC and electrical load calculations to ensure that the equipment is sized and selected as per client requirements. Our design team works closely with the value engineering team along with experienced project field engineers who strive to provide the clients with the best value for their investments Services include not only engineering but also turnkey capabilities. Our quest for constant improvement as made us keep abreast with the latest technologies available across the world, which helps us in bringing the best and the most cost effective solutions to the projects handled by us.

RISK MANAGEMENT: Our detailed micro-management of the project starts on day one of the initial project meetings and continues through planning, tender, accounts and MIS departments through reporting procedures for budget compliance till the completion of the peoject. Detailed monthly profit loss statements and labour rate analysis are generated to ensure that costs are within the budget, this leads to total financial control over the project. Time scheduling is consistently monitored and updated to ensure compliance and seek ways to save additional project time. Likewise, the design is monitored to prevent construction delays to sequencing of operations or equipment / material availability under prevailing market conditions. Quality is monitored continuously by means of independent testing / inspection reports, as well as through regular inspection and reporting by QA / QC and coordination departments thus leading to a maintenance free project. Safety takes precedence on site as we maintain strict safety polices, monitored by highly trained personnel.

FINANCE MANAGEMENT: Asian Emirates, part of the Bin Eisa Group, maintains an excellent rapport with all its partners, which include its bankers, suppliers, sub-contractors and various other supporting businesses. Bin Eisa group is valued as one of the preferred clients of the leading banks in the U.A.E. The group enjoys an excellent relationship with reputed banks especially in Abudhabi. The group of companies each places utmost emphasis on the finance aspects of all its businesses and a continuous flow of funds is ensured for each and every project executed. Thus none of the projects have ever been delayed due to financial issues, unforeseen circumstances or delays, delays of payment or variations to the project. Finance and accounting activities are centralized at the corporate office, which provides complete control over every project activity. The activities are closely monitored to ensure a strong liquidity position. The group also has its own debt recovery department, which takes care of any outstanding payments and thus helps improve cash flow in all its companies. Complete project feasibility reports as well as fund management reports for each of the projects are prepared in advance of the actual execution of any project. With these reports, the visibility of the project is analyzed and corrected for smooth running of the project, which allows for uninterrupted execution of any project. Bank facilities are arranged well in advance of the actual start date, which allows for uninterrupted execution of projects without delays. The resources committed to the projects are not divulged into other projects at any time during the project execution. In order to have better control over the financial status of the projects, budgets are prepared for every project and reviewed with the actual figures on a monthly basis. Project-wise costing as well as profit loss statements are prepared and compared with budgeted figures every month, if there is any deviation corrective action is immediately taken. Labour rate analysis reports are also prepared on a monthly basis in order to run projects more efficiently to make full use of the resources.

HEALTH AND SAFETY: Safety has always been on top priority it stems from our belief that every individual is entitled to a safe place to work. Our commitment to zero accident extended to every aspect of a project from planning to completion and from the board room to the field crew. For clients, the most tangible benefit of our safety efforts is better performance on the project and a clear reduction of unanticipated costs. We also ask its subcontractors and partners to adopt its commitments to safety and health. The result unquestioned exceptional performance.


List of Employees
List of Staff

Trade License
Commercial license

Trade License

Projects In Hand / Under Tender / Completed

SI. NO. 1 NAME OF PROJECT Electrical and Water supply network works for control building for ZADCO CONSULTANT VALUE (AED) 3,800,000.00 (Completed) 4,800,000.00 (In progress) 12,000,000.00 (In progress) 4,730,847.00 (Completed) 1,000,000.00 (In progress) 10,500,000.00 (In progress) 3,800,000.00 (Completed) 3,700,000.00 (Completed) 4,100,000.00 (Completed) 3,600,000.00 (In progress) 2,100,000.00 (In progress) Zadco

Mechanical works for Utility Services Building for MASDAR

3 Typical Buildings (G+M+8) at Musaffah 5 Villa Compound at Abu Dhabi for M/s.Abdullah Alkouri HVAC Works for Traffic Control Centre Building at Reem Island 27 Villas 3 Bed Rooms in Jumeirah Single Villa at Dubai Completed Turnkey Air-Conditioned warehouse for M/s. Jawad Free Zone Co. at Plot No.S-20602, JAFZA Completed Turnkey Air-Conditioned warehouse for M/s. Jashanmal National Co. at Plot No.S-10405, JAFZA MEP works for enabling works for Yahsat SGS, Abu Dhabi (Satellite Ground Station) MEP works for enabling works for Yahsat SGS, Al Ain (Satellite Ground Station)

WSP / Foster & Partners

Babil Babil Parsons ACE ACE

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Al Turath


Al Turath

HSE Policy
Health, Safety and Environmental (HSE) Policy: Asian Emirates Electro-Mechanical Contracting LLC management firmly believe that HSE Management systems are an essential part of professional business management and are committed to undertake assignments and comply fully with a HSE policy for sustainable business performance and social responsibility of the company. In order to ensure the effectiveness of this HSE policy, we undertake the following measures: We believe that HSE implementation is the line management responsibility and objectives are achieved by regular two-way communications between management and employees, with periodic reviews. Implementation and improvement is an ongoing process and continuous improvement is achieved through every incident reporting, documentation and analysis of data. Every process is reviewed. Selection of right plant to match with the exact job requirement and HSE requirements, adequate training at all levels of employees and associated people are a must. The management is committed to provide adequate financial and physical resources to implement this policy. Compliance with relevant statutory regulations, current applicable costs of practices, and client safety and environment obligations are of the utmost importance. Risk assessment plan and prevention of accidents or environmental damage are pre-empted. Compliance of this policy is mandatory. Policy will be reviewed and updated periodically.


Organization Chart (Project Division)

General Manager
Sales & Marketing Finance & Admin.

Head - Operations

Coordinator Projects

Technical Manager MEP

Sr. Manager Projects

HSE Officer

Service Manager

Design Engr.

Estimation Engr.

Project Engr.

Project Engr.

Project Engr.


Supervisor Electrical Foreman

Supervisor Plumbing Foreman