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What happened on Friday and why was it so deadly?

Japan Earthquake Friday March 11 2011

Learning Objectives
What if you could explain where the earthquake and tsunami in Japan happened, what caused these events and describe some of the ways the north east coast of Japan has been affected. What we are looking for is key detail to explain what happened, with locations and analysis of how the north east coast of Japan has been affected. Whats next? To examine the further challenges Japan will face, right now in the short term and then in the longer term as they try to recover.

Japan earthquake: Waking up to tsunami devastation

Think Pair Share
Imagine you are one of the survivors there. Describe what you would do and what your feelings would be.

What caused the tsunami and why was it so deadly?

Your Task: Complete your map Can you describe where the tsunami hit Japan?

Your Task: Quiz, quiz, trade What do you know about the tsunami in Japan?
How does it compare with past tsunamis? Is Japan the world's most quake-prone area? Where, precisely, did it occur? How powerful was it? Were there any warning signs? How does a quake cause a tsunami? How big was this tsunami? Why did Japan survive the quake but not the tsunami? How does this quake compare with others? What, briefly, is the damage it has done in Japan? How about the rest of the world?

What have been the effects of the tsunami so far?

Effects of the tsunami in Japan

The Tsunami hits

Effects of the Tsunami

Effects: The day after in Kesennuma City, Miyagi (the worst hit area)

The effects: buildings have been destroyed, dragged around and destroyed, whilst people are in shock

Responses: The emergency services are trained to deal with the effects of earthquakes but were not prepared for anything on this scale

Amazing stories - man rescued after his house has been dragged 10 miles out to sea by the returing water

International Support

Danger from the nuclear power station damaged by the earthquake

People evacuated and the injured in emergency shelters and hospitals

Ordinary people and rescuers search amongst the debris

The full scale: before and after in Sendai

Your Task: What have been the effects of the earthquake and tsunami so far?

Effects of the Japanese earthquake and tsunami

Towns vanish, thousands die but a nation begins its fightback

What can you add to your diagram?

Read the newspaper article:

Effects of the Japanese earthquake and tsunami

Drowned towns and radiation leaks Where would you add these effects to your spider diagram?
1. More than 1,700 people officially dead or missing, with many more unaccounted for, including 9,500 people in one town. 2. Radiation leaks from a damaged nuclear plant after an explosion blows off the roof, raising fears of a meltdown at the nuclear power station north of Tokyo. 3. Three workers suffer radiation exposure near Fukushima nuclear plant. 4. Several large towns and cities are more than a third submerged by waters and debris. 5. Some 215,000 people living in government shelters. 6. Four million people without power, a million with no water. 7. Experts say the total insured loss could be up to $15bn.

Your Task: Now colour code your effects: Anything about people Anything about the built or natural environment Anything that will cost money and need to be paid for, repaired or rebuilt

Effects of the Japanese earthquake and tsunami

Your Task: Review your diagram Are there any challenges that you think will take Japan longer to recover from?
Effects of the Japanese earthquake and tsunami

Longer term challenges

Reason why?

How may the effects of the earthquake and the tsunami in Japan be different compare to a poorer country?

Post-it Plenary: You have one post-it in your groups to answer:

http://live.reuters.com/Event/Jap an_earthquake2

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