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Investments in Iloilo City

Top 3 factors that influence the investments in Iloilo City


To identify the factors affecting investments in Iloilo City To explain the significance of these factors To discuss the development of these factors To determine the impact of these factors in Iloilo Citys investments

Iloilo City (Irong-Irong, nose-like), 1937 Most Loyal and Noble City (La Muy Leal Y Noble Ciudad de Iloilo) Former Queen City of the Southern Phils.

Highly urbanized city Gateway to major tourist destinations in the Central Philippines Ranked highest among 117 cities in human resources and training

Economic Profile
Peace and Security decreased
2010 Jan 596 Feb 674 Mar 565 Jan 88 2011 Feb 164 Mar 94

78.32 sq. meters (2008 survey) 428, 268 people 45.3% female (2008 survey) 180 barangays, 6 districts (Arevalo, City Proper, Jaro, La Paz, Mandurriao and Molo)

Economic Profile

Economic Activity
> Service Sector: 82% >Industry: 14% >Agriculture: 4%

Economic Profile
Business Enterprises Mostly micro (40.3%) Female-owned (71.0%) SMEs 22.6%, 27.4%, large 9.7% Male stockholders (64.2%) Partnerships (4.8%)

Economic Profile
92.8% literacy rate 66% labor force participation rate (service sector) 9.3% Poverty incidence rate in the province


Technology continues to accelerate the pace of change create new occupations (ever hear of a VP For Social Media?) and enable a real 24-hour workplace resulting in unprecedented levels of product and service output along with growing work-life balance challenges

Connection Accessibility Consistency oligopoly Rents space

Kuryente Water Transportation Cost of living fixed cost

Human Resources
Literacy rate Employment rate Minimum wage

Investments contributes to -reduce unemployment rate -promote better way living -improved personal and disposable income -attracts more investments -total development