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By : Mayank Sachdeva, Rajesh Gaur MBA GEN DIV -C Roll no CIF-05, CIF-10






executing the conception, pricing, promotion, and distribution of ideas, goods, and services to create exchanges that satisfy individuals and organizational objectives

By American Marketing Association (AMA)


Competition Economic

Environment Legal Environment Cultural Environment International Product Strategies International business ethics


is an important assessment to make in evaluating potential international markets. If there are more competitors than there is obvious demand, then it follows that success will be difficult to attain. If there are only a few competitors and a large demand, fortunes could be vastly different for the new entrant. Competition and demand are more balanced that the decision becomes more intuitive and requires further investigation into aspects of market conditions.

The historic, current and anticipated economic condition of the potential market for entry is of importance for all products.
Exchange rates can be of issue, particularly if the product will be imported into the country rather than being produced there for sale within its borders.

Economic Effects of Oil market :- The ongoing oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico has catapulted a natural disaster response and relief into the top issues in the country because at 18%, disaster response now trails only the economy and unemployment as the United States' most important problem

There are 5 main political causes of instability that affect the international markets: Some forms of government seem to be inherently unstable Changes in ruling political parties Extreme nationalism Animosity targeted toward specific countries Trade disputes

Its important to know the rules you must play by. There are four major bases for legal systems: Common law: found in the UK, the US, Canada and other countries under English influence Islamic Law: Derived from the Koran and found in Islamic States Commercial legal system: Found in Marxistsocialist economies and states like China, and the former Soviet Union Civil or Code law: found in Germany, France, 7

The culture is significant because it has a major impact on behavior and on the actions of government officials, business executives, foreign employees, financial institution officials, and the public. Marketers should be alert for major influences, such as the impact of religion, language, attitudes toward work, material values, literacy, the family, and education. McDonalds met with great success in most of the European countries it entered, but results in France not only were disappointing but threatened the ability of the first McDonalds there


the 109 countries in which McDonalds has presence, France remains the only one in which it is possible to buy any form of alcohol at the same location as a Big Mac.


the Product Function or the need satisfied is the same or different in a new market? Whether the conditions of the product use are the same in a new market? Whether the consumers in the new market have the ability to buy the product?


The search for universal values as a basis for international commercial behavior.
Comparison of business ethical traditions in different countries. Also on the basis of their respective GDP and [Corruption rankings] Ethical issues arising out of international business transactions; the fair trade movement; transfer pricing. Issues such as globalization and cultural imperialism. Varying global standards e.g., the use of child labor. The way in which multinationals take advantage of international differences, such as outsourcing production (e.g. clothes) and services (e.g. call centres) to low-wage countries.