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60 POINTS Contributions/
Problem Solving
Peer Eval and Stovalls notes on group work

One of the leaders of the group. Actively looks for and suggests solutions to problems.

A strong group member who tries hard! Improves solutions suggested by others.

8- 5
A satisfactory group member who does what is required. Agrees to try out solutions suggested by others.

4- 1
Needs to work on contributing. Does not try to solve problems. Lets others do the work.

Quality of Work
Written portion

Provides work of the highest quality.

Provides high quality work.

Satisfactory work

Poor work or no work.

Using Group Time Wisely/ Focus on the Task

Written work, teacher notes, and Peer Eval

Used time wisely. Very self-directed and gets the task done.

Mostly on task. Other group members can count on this person.

Tends to procrastinate. Doesnt use time wisely. Off Task.

Slows down the group or distracts group. Not on task.

Attitude / Working with Others

Peer Eval and teacher notes on group work

Always has a positive attitude about the task(s). Works well with others.

Often has a positive attitude about the task(s). Does not upset the group by arguing or causing problems.

Usually has a positive attitude about the task(s). Sometimes is not a good team member.

Often has a negative attitude about the task(s). Often is not a good team player.

The Scenario
Oh no! Youre LOST! And it doesnt look
like youll be getting back to civilization. When you get to the island, you cant use cell phones and have no contact with the outside world. You are all stranded and decide together that you would have to create a new society.

Everyone will write your groups decisions on

their own sheet of paper. You will turn this in for 20 points on Friday. Put your name on this piece of paper. 1st, you need to decide the name of your island. Dont take too much time.

The Task Can You live on this island?

Your whole group is living on the island. You have a lot of work to do if you want to
survive. This game is divided into days. You will write down your answers by each day.
Example: Day 1

Everyday brings a new problem. Everyone in your group will participate

together to create a new society on the

RULES Can you live on the island?

You will listen to each other and decide how

to solve these problems. Remember, there are NO right or wrong answers! Only YOU can decide the rules you will live by on the island. You may NOT communicate with other students, only your fellow group members on the island.

Day 1- Rights
What rights do all people have on your island?

Put a by the most important 3. You must decide!

Day 2 - LAWS
What are the laws on your island?

Write them down.

Day 3- MAP
1. Draw a map of your island. Include:
a key that shows geographical features: like mountains, rivers location of important things like: fruit trees, animal pen, fresh water.

2. Should everyone own the entire island

together? OR Should you divide it up? On your map, show where everyone lives If you do divide it up, some people will not get good land, will they get some thing extra because their land is bad? Explain. 3. List 2 Biotic and 2 abiotic of things unique to your island.

Day 4- Jobs
There is much work to do to keep your group together-and to stay alive For example, some sort of shelter must be built 1. What other jobs must be done during your first few months on the island? 2. Make a list of all the jobs you can think of and who in your group will do each?

Day 5- GOVT
What form of Government will you have?
1) Pick the top 2 types of government your group wants. Make a T chart on the back of your map.
Govt 1 Reasons this is good Reasons that this one is better than Govt 2 Govt 2 Reasons this is good Reasons why this one is better than Govt 1

Circle the one your group chooses.

Day 6 - Decision Makers

If have a leader, then.. a) Decide how to choose one b) Choose one. c)What kind of 2 powers of your leader? d) What 2 responsibilities of your leader?
If you choose not to have one, write down how your group will make decisions.

Groups with a leader Your leader does something unfair, what do you do?

Groups without a leader Several in your group refuse to cooperate, what do you do?

You have found out that another group is living close to you. 1. What will you do about it?
*If you have a leader this is his/her decision. 1. Cooperate 2. Wage War 3. Keep to yourself (isolation) How will your group change or adapt now knowing about this other group and your choice from #1. Does your group agree/disagree with your leaders decision? Explain.

2. 3.

Possible problem
You must decide what to do about this problem. 1. Should you have money or not?
1. Make a list of the Pros and Cons 2. Think about What problems would you have with the money? What problems would you have without money?

2. If you decide to have $$$, who will get the $$$? 3. What will you use for money?
IF NO Money how will you get the things you need? You must decide!

Possible conflict
ONE MORE CONFLICT: PIRATES! Overnight, Pirates have raided your food supply and taken many of your belongings. 1. How will your group react to these outsiders? 2. What will you do to protect yourself?

1. On your island or with your group---What happened
that you didnt expect? 2. Describe the different emotions you experienced throughout this activity. 3. Were things on your island fair? Explain why or why not? 4. What would you have done differently on your island? 5. What did you like about this activity? 6. What would you suggest we do differently next year?

S = Substitute C = Combine A = Adapt M = Magnify P = Put to Other Uses E = Eliminate (or Minify) R = Rearrange (or Reverse)

Directions: Fill in your group members names in the other blanks. Circle the number for each group member that reflects their
participation, contribution, effort, and performance: 5 meaning excellent and 1 meaning poor.

Group Members: ME: _________ ______________ ______________ ______________ ______________

1 1 1 1 1

2 2 2 2 2

3 3 3 3 3

Evaluation Score: 4 5 4 5 4 5 4 5 4 5

What did you find most engaging (worth discussing/worth your time.)? What was not engaging? Would you have suggestions to improve this project? Any other comments? Please write on the below.