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Science 1 2011-2012 Clovis North High School Mr.


Warm-up for 8-31-2010

Name at least 4 safety practices that you must observe when handling chemicals? 1. Never smell a chemical directly from the container, It could sicken you. 2. Do not mix chemicals unless directed to do so. 3. Never taste chemicals. 4. Do not handle unless directed to do so. 5. Protect you hands appropriately. 6. Wear goggles

Warm-up for 9-1-2010

An educated guess for a

solution to a scientific problem is called a ___________________________.

1. Hypothesis

Warm-up 9-3-10
What variable do you manipulate in an

What variable do you record data from

in an experiment?
Independent variable Dependant variable

Warm-up 9-7-10
Name the 5 steps in the scientific method.

1) State the problem 2) Form a hypothesis

3) Experiment
4) Record and analyze data 5) State a conclusion

Warm-up 9-10-10
How many meters are in 3.56 Kilometers?
3560 meters

Warm-up 9-13-10
Can you name the seven different prefixes

in the metric system? (think Kangaroos) Kilo Hecto Deka Base Deci Centi Milli

Warm-up 9-14-10
What is a control group?
What is a confounding variable?

Warm-up 9-17-10
What is it called when solid matter undergoes a physical change and changes directly into a gas?(dry ice does this)

Warm-up 9-20-10
What is the term for the amount of space taken up by an object?

Warm-up 9-21-10
What is the atomic mass of Carbon? How many Neutrons does it normally contain.
12 a.m.u.
6 Nuetrons

Warm-up 9-22-10 How many Electrons are in silver?


Warm-up 9-24-10 List the Elements and how many atoms of each element in the following molecule.

Warm-up 9-27-10 Draw a Bohr model of a Sodium Atom

Warm-up 9-28-10 What is the freezing point of water? Boiling point? (farenheight or celsius)

Warm-up 9-29-10 Do molecules move faster in a solid, liquid or gas? Why?

Warm-up 10-8-10 What materials must be present for a star to begin to form? What is the name of the object that stars are born from?

Warm-up 10-12-10 Stars with large masses will burn out fast or slow? What do they become?

Warm-up 10-14-10 Besides visible light, what other types of radiation are given off by a star?

Warm-up 10-15-10 The distance to far off objects in space is calculated using what unit of measurement?

What Two elements are most common in stars?

Warmup Oct 17, 2011

Name a planet that rotates backwards on its axis?

Warmup Nov 1, 2010

Name the planets in order from the sun.

Warmup Nov 2, 2010

What is the approximate age of the solar system?

Warmup Nov 7, 2011

What is the best evidence that scientists have found that shows the age of the solar system?

Warm-up Nov 8, 2010

What is the difference between ADP and ATP?

Warm-up Nov 9, 2010

What level of the atmosphere do we live in?

Warm-up Nov 10, 2010

In what layer of the atmosphere does weather happen?

Warm-up Nov 17, 2010

What are the two most common gases in our atmosphere?

Warm-up Jan 10, 2012 What are three major forms of radiation given off by the sun? What electromagnetic wave is absorbed by ozone?

Warm-up Dec 8, 2010

What percentage of solar radiation

is absorbed by Earths surface? What percentage of solar radiation is scattered? What percentage of solar radiation is reflected by the atmosphere?

Warm-up Nov 8, 2011

Name the terrestrial planets in our solar system?
Name the Jovian planets in our solar system? Why is the surface of Venus over 400 degrees?

Warm-up Jan 7, 2011

What do you call a group of millions of

stars held together by gravity?

Our sun will eventually turn into what? Massive stars larger than our own with

end their lives in a brilliant explosion called what?

Warm-up Jan 31, 2011

What percent of the world is covered in

water? What are the four main oceans? What is the largest ocean?

Warm-up Jan 3, 2012

What is the deepest ocean?
What techniques allowed scientists to

map the ocean floor? What are the 3 parts of the continental margin?

Warm-up Feb 2, 2011

What is a seamount?
What type of plate boundary creates a

mid-ocean ridge? What is in the center of a mid-ocean ridge?

Warm-up Jan 26, 2012

What is the continental shelf?
What is the continental slope? What is the continental rise? (draw it!)

Warm-up Feb 8, 2011

What percent of the ocean is actually

dissolved salts? What is the salt content of the ocean in parts per thousand (ppt)? What is the salinity range of the ocean in ppt?

Warm-up Jan 26, 2012

What is the scientific term for the slabs

of earth that cover the surface of the Earth? (they float on top of the magma inside the Earth)

Warm-up Feb 23, 2011

What causes the movement of the

tectonic plates? (they move a few centimeters a years)

Warm-up Feb 24, 2011

Name the three main types of plate


Warm-up Feb 28, 2011

Describe 3 pieces of evidences that

Alfred Wegener used to support his theory of Continental Drift.

1) The fit of the continents (East South America fits into West Africa like

a jigsaw puzzle) 2) Ancient evidence of glaciers, coal deposits, ancient reefs, and other past climate evidence in areas of the world that dont fit in todays world climate belts. 3) Fossil evidence of the same plants and organisms on lands now separated by oceans

Warm-up March 1, 2011

What two processes creates new crust on the planet and destroys

crust on the planet?

Divergent plates (usually mid-ocean ridges) create crust Convergent plates forces crust subduction and destroys crust when it melts in the mantle!

Warm-up March 2, 2011

What two types of crust do we have on the Earth and how are they


Warm-up March 9, 2011

Name the three types of seismic waves that are created by an


Warm-up March11, 2011

What do you call the place on the map where an earthquake