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PeopleSoft 8: Dakota State University On-Campus Installation and Implementation

Tom Farrell Jeremy Pauli

Presentation Outline
Introduction to PeopleSoft The PeopleSoft 8 On-Campus Installation DSU classes on PeopleSoft The future of PeopleSoft at DSU

About PeopleSoft
Headquarters: Pleasanton, CA Employees: 8,000 Revenue (FY2000): $1.7 Billion

More About PeopleSoft


4,600 Founded in 1987 as Human Resources Software Company

PeopleSoft Versions
Newest Version is 8.X Version 8 provides for and supports the Internet Architecture model That is all of the client workstation requires is a web browser

PeopleSoft Product Lines

Now 9 Main Product lines:

Customer Relationship Management Enterprise Performance Management Enterprise Service Automation Financials

Product Lines
Human Resources Management Portal Solutions Supplier Relationship Management Supply Chain Management Trading Exchange Services

More About PeopleSoft

Specific industry solutions for: Education and government Small and mid-sized organizations

The Installation
PeopleSoft Installation experts can do in 30-40 hours. DSU Install: 100+

Internet Architecture

End User

Application Server
If Valid, Returns Master ID & Password

Database Server

User ID/Password (Encrypted)

PeopleTools Tables


PeopleSoft 8 Architecture
Report Server Batch Processor IP



Browser Web Server

RDBMs Server SQL Firewall (optional) Firewall

Encoded or Encrypted
Application Server IP IP


Encoded or Encrypted

Directory Server

Optional File Server (search engine collections)

Development File Server IP

Web Server


PeopleSoft Internet Architecture

Application Server
Portal Processor User Interface Generator

RDBMS Server
RDBMS Instance
Application Data Tables

Web Browser PS 8 External System

Web Server

Java Servlets
Portal Servlet Presentation Relay Servlet



App Messaging Processor Bus Interlink Processor Component Processor Process scheduler Query Processor Application Engine Security Manager


Application Meta data Portal Registry


Batch Processes
Process Scheduler Server

Wireless TBD


Integration Relay Servlet


Enterprise Directory

Running Single Machine Model

Pentium 1Ghz



RAM 20Gb and 40Gb primary hard drives (Production and Test)

The Steps of Installation

Install Windows 2000 Server Install Apache Server Install SQL Server 2000 Install PeopleSoft 8 (Human Resources & Financials) Create Databases (HR & Fin)

Demo database System database

Steps (contd)
Install Tuxedo/Jolt Configure Application Server Configure PeopleSoft Internet Architecture

Install Problems
Dont complain about having poor customer support poor support is better than none! Installation Manual Not always in the most convenient order. i.e. Password needed is 5 pages later.

Types of Errors Continuing to Battle

Overflow SP2 Incorrect Syntax MDAC 2.6 Invalid Column Name ??


PeopleSoft on the DSU Campus

Dakota State University is one a select number of campuses participating in the PeopleSoft on Campus Program. Also one of only 12 schools that participate as part of the academic council.

The Academic Advisory Council

PeopleSoft On Campus Program Provides

Academic use license for application software Curriculum tools and resources, including PeopleSoft University (PSU) materials Faculty training and development opportunities Collaboration with PeopleSoft customers

DSU Faculty Training

One CIS faculty member with 50 plus days technical and functional One CIS faculty member with 18 plus days technical and functional Two CIS faculty with 5 10 plus days Three Business faculty with 5 plus days All BIS faculty two days of training

DSU Student Training

Dakota State University Students have also been able to participate in training opportunities. Three students participated in a PeopleTools I class in Pleasanton, CA One student has participated in three of the classes

Current DSU Curriculum

BUS 292 Special Topics: ERP

John Webster offering Fall 2002 for the third semester Utilizes PeopleSoft and provides an overview of the ERP process. Tom Farrell offered first time Spring 2002 semester Equivalent course to PeopleSoft PeopleTools I

CIS 470 Special Topics: PeopleSoft

Future DSU Curriculum

Fall 2002 first offering of CSC 206 Computer Applications

Human Resources Financials Technical

Hope to obtain approval to be able to have DSU PeopleSoft classes count for PSU classes Looking at graduate program courses and even potentially a track in ERP

The DSU PeopleSoft Team



Tom Farrell John Webster

Josh Pauli Jeremy Pauli Giovonni Benitez Mark Conway

Computing Services

Special Thanks

Josh Bolt Craig Miller David Zolnowsky


Lets Look at PeopleSoft on DSU

Functional User

Web based http://eh-peoplesoft.dsu.edu/ Application Designer

Technical User