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Mineral Resources of Bangladesh

Farzana Mannan Borna

SOC 102 Bangladesh Studies

Mineral Resources
Natural Gas Oil Coal Limestone Hard Rock Peat Others

Natural Gas

Currently, natural gas accounts for more than 70% of the total commercial energy consumption 22 discovered gas fields in Bangladesh of various sizes Major Gas Fields: Titas, Beanibazar, Jalalabad and Kailashtila

Major Consumers of Natural Gas:

Power sector (44%); Fertilizer sector (28%); Industry, Domestic, Commercial and other sectors (22%)

Currently 17 gas fields under public and private sectors are in production Estimated Gas Reserve: 13223.15 b cm


The first oilfield of the country has been discovered at Haripur in 1986.

Estimated in-place oil reserve: About 10 million barrels

Recoverable reserve: About 6 million barrels The oil field produced 0.56 million barrels of oil in six and a half years, but production remained suspended from 1994. An oil mine has recently been discovered in Boromchal of Moulvi Bazar

A little quantity of petroleum has also been discovered in Haripur, Rashidpur and Titas gas fields


5 Major Bituminus Coal Fields:

Depth (m)
Jamalganj Barapukuria Khalaspir Dighipara 640-1158 129-506 257-483 328-407

Area (sq. m)
11.06 5.25 12.56

Reserve (mil. ton)

1053 300 143

Not Determined Not Determined



Not Determined


Other coal reserves include Pirganj and Patnitala Mainly consumed in brickfields and small industries


Mainly in the marshy areas of the north-eastern, middle and south western parts
Depth (m) Area (sq. m) 500 25 9.6 Not Determined Reserve (mil. ton) 150 8 3 6.2 04 0.04 2.50 0 1.30 0.5 4.75

Baghiachanda Kolamouza Moulvi Bazaar Chalan Beel


0 0.80


Total Reserve: More than 170 million tons Mainly consumed in domestic purposes, brick manufacturing, boilers, etc.


First found in Takerghat Also found in Lalghat, Jaflong, Bhangarghat, Zakiganj, Joypurhat, Jamalganj, St. Martins Island and Sitakunda Used in cement, steel, glass, paper and bleaching powder industry and construction work Limestone Reserve is around 100 million tons.

Other Minerals
Silica Sand


200,000 tons

Noaparar (Habiganj), Shahjibazar, Moulvi Bazar, Dohajari (Chittagong), Jamalpur, Comilla China Clay / Bijaypur (Mymensingh), Patnitala White Clay (Naogaon) Beach Sand Coastal Areas

465,000 tons Zircon(0.15 mt) Ilmenite (1.03 mt) Garnet (0.22 mt)

Mineral Resources of Bangladesh Map

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