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In this modern era the population in Indonesia has increased.

Find employment opportunities became more narrow, so a lot of unemployment and crime. This is one reason of higher number of young marriage in Indonesia. Based on the findings of Bappenas in 2008 that 34.5 per cent from 2.049 million in 2008 marriage is a marriage of a child (young married). Early marriages are now starting to flourish in Indonesia, and the culprit is not only prevalent in indigenous communities but has penetrated into the high school students should focus their studies and develop talent.

so, young marriage means a person married woman with a man she did when she was underage. Ideally, a woman married after 20 years and men aged 25 years. At this age, physically and mentally disabled man was ready to get married. Prof. Dr. Dadang Hawari, a psychiatrist in his book says that a person psychologically and biologically reproduce mature and responsible as housewives between the ages of 20-25 or 25-30 under it too fast. So pre-cocks mature before her time. Of course I am a woman does not agree with the young married, mainly due to psychological problems who are not ready, health and so forth. For a description of some of the reasons above I will explain that to the next slide ......

First, early marriage violate the rights of children, especially girls under 17th years old. Due to the age where girls are still need of fun with her friends (played together), but when she is married she can not feel it because SHE was busy taking care of the baby and serve her husband. And must resolve a problem Which one adult household is not necessarily able to finish it. Plan Indonesia, humanitarian organizations that focus on child protection and empowerment, delivered its findings on early marriage. Plan notes, 33.5 percent of children aged 13-18 years were married, and on average they were married at the age of 15-16 years.

Second, domestic violence due to an immature age to solve a problem it is one of the acts of violence on the rebound. Plan according to the findings, 44 percent of girls who marry early experience domestic violence (domestic violence) with a high frequency level. The rest, 56 percent of girls experienced domestic violence in low frequency.

Third, divorce. Because every problem faced by the emotions and blaming each other and with the acts of violence. Naturally, things like that happen because of age and under 17th is a very unstable phase where they still can not control their emotions well. If any problems occur and always solve with that way, I mean with emotions it made someone would not be strong person with a condition like this if it happens constantly. Divorce is a way out so that they think is the best solution.

Finally, disturbances in health. In early childhood, their reproductive organs have been formed but not yet used to the maximum, so that it can cause health problems, one cervical cancer. Women who married under the age of 20 years at greater risk of cervical cancer than over the age of 20th.

From all about bad effect that I mentioned young marriage must prohibited for fun just a time and problem for long time. mindset and habitual action.
married at the age of maturity is the right choice