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Philippines Nature

Fauna Flora Agriculture Wealth Forest Wealth


is all of the animal life of any particular region or time. The corresponding term for plants is flora. Flora, fauna and other forms of life such as fungi are collectively referred to as biota.



Biggest bird: Sharpes Crane (Crus Antigone sharpie) Tipol (Luzon) Labong(Visayas) Wading bird Very long legs and neck Tall as man Pearl gray Bright scarlet plumage on its upper neck

largest Eagle: MonkeyEating Eagle (Pithecopaga Jefferyi) found in jungle of Luzon and Mindanao King of Philippine Birds Full grown five and half feet in height Wings span of seven feet Dioscoro Rabor of Phil and Charles Lindberg of us National bird of the Philippines

Sweetest troubadour of the Phillipines skies

Kalaw Spanish colonizers called the clock of the mountains loud call at noon daily

Talks and ding like a human being.

The tiny Philippine falconet Measuring only six and a half centimeters long Worlds smallest falcon

The Palawan peacock pheasant Adago Dancer **

** Adagio - Any dance to slow music; also, part of the classical pas de deux in ballet.

Limbas Hawk which screams as it soars into the sky, tik-wee, tik-wee

Land Animals

Tamaraw (Bubalus mindorensis) Mindoro Looks like dwarf Carabao Fierce like a tiger

Tarsius of Bohol
Smallest monkey in the world

Mouse Deer/Pilandok (Pilandut) Of Palawan Worlds smallest deer

Zebronkey Half-zebra and half-donkey Breed at the Manila Zoo in 1962

Insects - Giant moth (Attacus Atlas) Wing span of one foot




Chain of Love


Banaba Flower

Lady of the Night


Kakawati Flower


Kamuning Flower

Largest flower: Pungapung Mindanao Diameter of one foot

1,000 Varieties of Orchids bloom in PH

Waling-waling (Vanda sanderiana) rare orchid

Regarded as Queen of Philippines Orchids


Lanzones : Queen of Philippine Fruits

Sweet Mango : Czarina of Philippine Fruits

Durian : King of Jungle Fruit

Agriculture Wealth

Frank C. Carpenter (American travelerauthor Agriculturally, the Philippine have among the richest lands on earth soil and favorable climate



farming area: 18 million hectares 1/3 is cultivated.

Forest Wealth

lands total 16,633,000 hectares representing 55% of the total land area. Of this total forested area, 14,452,650 hectares are commercial forests 2,180,000 non-commercial forests In Asia, Philippines ranks third in reserves, Indonesia (first) Japan (second) 3,800 species of tree


Dyewoods Medicinal

Guijo Ipil Red

and white Lauan Narra Tangile Tindalo Yakal

plants Cutch (tanbark) Guttanpercha Resins Nipa Palms Rattan

Narra, Philippines National Tree Pterocarpus indicus Queen of Philippine Trees National tree of the Philippines Gov. Gen. Frank Murphy Feb 1, 1934 Height Crown of golden flowers Massive trunk Soft grayish bark Exudes a scarlet liquid of great value for dyeing and medical purposes.

Illegal Fires Slash-and-burn

logging (kaingin) farming

170,000hectares a year one of the fastest rates of destruction, PH- could become deforested within decades.

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