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Ho Chi Minh City University of Foreign Languages and Information Technology DEPARTMENT OF ITERNATIONAL BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION

Group 9 KQ0905 & KQ0906 1) D Mai Qunh 2) Nguyn Th Thanh Tho 3) Phm Th Bch Trm 4) Phm Trng Tr 5) Dip M Trinh 6) inh Hng Trinh 7) Trng Trn Thanh Trc 8) Nguyn c Vit 9) Mai Thanh Vy





INTRODUCTION Vietcombank Securities Limited Company (VCBS) a subsidiary 100% owned by Bank for Foreign Trade of Vietnam (VCB). The Joint Stock Commercial Bank for Foreign Trade of Established on April st, 1963 came into operation Vietnam (Vietcombank)1officially as a State-owned Commercial Bank. on 02/06/2008 after successfully implementing the - Being the oldest commercial bank for privatization plan through IPO conducted onexternal affairs in Vietnam. 26/12/2007. - Being the first bank in Vietnam having centralized capital management structure.

It provides financial services to international trade, venture capital, raising capital, credit, and project finance sectors.

The bank recorded revenues of VND 13,931,413 million (approximately $696.6 million) in the fiscal year ended December 2011. Its net profit was VND 4,196,811 million (approximately $209.8 million) in fiscal 2011.

ACHIEVEMENTis proud to be the prime choice for top local Vietcombank

and foreign corporations as well as 5.2 million individual customers. Business strategies Speed, Safety, Quality, Efficiency

Vietcombanks profit before tax for 2010 was 5,479 billion dong, The universal financial group among the 70 largest financial increased by 9.5% compared to 2009 and exceeded 22% the institutions in Asia andreached 22.5% and NPLs ratio Vietnam. at planned figure; ROE securing the leading position in was kept 2.83% (below the goal set in 2010 which was 3.5%). Best bank in Vietnam in many fields (cash management, forex trading, trade finance)

Vietcombank related companies
Vietcombank Leasing Company (VCB Lea Co) Vietcombank Fund Management Company (VCBF) Vietcombank Securities Company (VCBS) ShinhanVina Bank (SVB) Vietnam Finance Company in Hong Kong (Vinafico - VFC) Vietcombank Cardiff Life Insurance Company (VCLI) VCB Money Inc (VCB Money) VietcombankBonday Limited (VCB Bonday)
Vietcombank Tower 198 Company Ltd (VCBTower) VietcombankBonday Ben Thanh Company (VBB)


A multi-task bank with 60 branches A representative office A transaction centre 209 transaction points 4 subsidiaries including:3 domestic companies and a finance company in Hong Kong

4 joint venture companies 3 affiliates and the largest ATM network nationwide of 1,244 machines

Vietcombanks Board Of Management including 1 Chief Executive Vietcombanks Board of Directors including 1 Head of Vietcombanks Supervisory Directors Officer and 7 Deputy GeneralBoard including 1 Chairman and 4 members: Board and 3 members: Supervisory 1. Mr. NGUYEN PHUOC THANH : Chief Executive Officer 1. Mr. NGUYEN HOA BINH Head General Director 1. Ms. TRUONG LE HA : : Chairman of BOD 2. Ms. NGUYEN THUHIEN: Deputy of Supervisory Board 2. Mr. NGUYEN PHUOC THANH : Member of BOD, Chief 2. Ms. LA THI VAN MINH Member of Supervisory 3. Mr. NGUYENHONGTUAN : :Deputy General DirectorBoard Executive Officer TUAN : Deputy General Director 3. Ms. DO MINH 4. Mr. DAO THI MAI HUONG : Member of Supervisory Board 3. Ms. VUTHI HOA DUNG :of BOD Supervisory Board 4. Ms. LE THI BICH Member Deputy 5. Mr. PHAM QUANG:VAN : Member ofGeneral Director 4. Ms. LE THI KIM NGA : Member of BOD 6. Mr. NGUYEN DANH LUONG : Deputy General Director 5. Mr. PHAM HUYEN ANH : Member of BOD 7. Mr. DAO HAO : Deputy General Director 8. Mr. PHAM THANH HA : Deputy General Director Ms. PHUNG NGUYEN HAI YEN : Chief Accountant



Date of establishment : April 1st, 1963 Head Office : 198 Tran Quang Khai, Hanoi Telex: 411504/411229 VCB VT Swift: BFTV VNVX TGMS: VIETCOMBANK Administration : 198 Tran Quang Khai, Hanoi Tel: 84-4-825 1322 824 0976 Fax: 84-4-826 9067

International Relations : 198 Tran Quang Khai, Hanoi Fax: 84-4-826 5548 Tel: 84-4-826 5503 - 826 6150 Operations Center 198 Tran Quang Khai, Ha Noi Fax: 84-4-824 1395 Tel: 84-4-825 5515


Vietcombank still maintained a high and stable growth speed for years
Credit activities secure good quality Banking services have continuously been improved Affect Vietnamese economy in several The world economy aspects Verified in a bid to effectively faced several big changes Vietnam reached moderate economic meet customers needs growth rates

Vietcombank always strengthens its role as the most prestigious bank
Funding Export and import payment Forex dealing Guarantee and international financial Banking services

The Bank still maintains its stable and large market share.

Vietcombank also pays attention to other businesssupport activities .

Determining temporary as well as future difficulties

Vietcombank has built its development strategy by 2010 critical and complete directions ensuring a sound development of the Bank, real efficiency to customers, partners and the Bank as well


1. Account 3. Promissory Note 5. Guarantee 7. Documentary Discounting 9. Money Transfer 11. Clean Collection 2. Saving 4. Lending 6. Financial Leasing 8. International Payment 10. Card 12. Forex Dealing

13. Services for correspondents

Promissory Note
Passbooks in VND Foreigners in Vietnam

3. Promissory Note 1. Account 2. Saving Basic on short term fund demand

Level of Deposit

Types of Currencies information kept in strict confidential Types of Savings Time of Deposit Customers

Safety investment Simple and free-of-charge opening procedures with highest Minimum is interest US Dollar Cash Passbooks in Foreign VND 50,000 Currencies Easily to use non-cash payment instruments
Sterling Pound Withdrawing before maturity date, still having an interest checks

Transferable nominated promissory note Travelling Equivalent


Objective Bearer Promissory Note into

Residents As Collateral for borrowing

In-house account transfer payment service through computer network Nominated Promissory Note free-of-charge Vietnamese Euro Transfer

Phone payment service

Overseas AU Dollar Special services provided toVietcombank assures safety longstanding reliable customers Vietnamese

Types of Guarantee: for

6. Financial Leasing 5.4. Lending Guarantee

Loan borrowing Letter/ telegraphic leased Form of counter-guaranty Making Domestic Loan property installment Foreign loan Advice of guaranty payment Payment and standby credit Confirmation of guaranty Benefits of Well-trained, Product quality Not canceling Others using Lending Various types flexible and Repayment before due of loan enthusiastic Service of Waranty time VCB staff Maintenance Withholding amount of money Others

Short term loans

Sipmle & Manners of Guarantee Convinient procedures Using

3AND main typesMedium Long

Competitive & attractive interest rates

term loans

term loans

Leasing Contract


7. Documentary 8. International Payment 9. Money Transfer Discounting

precisely and safely with simple procedure and Discount CommercialmostDiscount documents the attractive fee
Papers for export payment
Strengthen its ability to support and improve Discount without Discount with customer service quality in terms of payment recourse resource Largest volume transactions through SWIFT Granted the excellence service award

The first The leading Save time, cost Kinds ofcommercial bank Discounting operation of and ensure safety in Vietnam to join Fully able to process remittance orders quickly, Vietcombank in transaction SWIFT

1.000 correspondent banks and branches in 85 countries all over the Country-wide network world

13. Services for 12. CleanCard Forex Dealing 11. correspondents 10. Collection



Nominated checks strongestforeign banks Quick, paying The issued by Keep on strengthening, diversifying field of precise, safe to the beneficiary named onin and improving its service quality, cheque; Vietcombank thestriving to become aefficient Vietnam and prestigious 100 banks Automatic card payment system . Negotiable non-standardized foreign currency commercial bank in Paymentand the the region (broken, dirty world Activities
Automatic information management E-bank service and
electronic payment service

In July, 2011, according to the Banker Magazine, Vietcombank was ranked at 540 of The Banker Top 1000 World Bank in 2011 through Soundness. Vietcombank has the organization, operation as well as development strategy more and more processively.

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