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Taking Agronomy to Farmers through Youth in Agriculture

YS Saharawat
Senior Scientist Indian Council of Agricultural Research yssaharawat@gmail.com

Transformational Ag. Delivery

Relevant, Sustainable, Innovative, Integrative, Collaborative, Inclusive and

Youth-responsive Cultivate a new generation (Young) of agricultural entrepreneurs, technicians, researchers/ scientists, educators and

The Youth

Moving away from agriculture Farmers are getting older..

Agril. growth need new energy

Synergy of energy and experience

Non-linear way of farming will

encourage youth in agriculture

Agri. Graduates should have

diversified roles

Why Youth?

Insufficient participation of young professionals in dialogues addressing critical development issues

Limited access to professional opportunities for youth Absence of a support network or platform to voice young professionals ideas, opinions and concerns Declining interest in agriculture among youth The need for sustainable ARD

A movement by youth, for youth, for agricultural research for development

What is YPARD?
A global platform of young professionals under 40 years of age active in Agricultural Research for Development (ARD

1. To facilitate the exchange of information and knowledge among young professionals across disciplines, professions, age and regions
2. To broaden opportunities for young professionals to contribute to strategic ARD policy debates 3. To promote agriculture among young people 4. To facilitate access to resources and capacity building opportunities

Coordination offices
Global Coordination Unit





2300 members from 117countries

Activities: 1. Facilitating the exchange of information and knowledge among young professionals across disciplines, professions, age and regions

2. Broadening opportunities for young professionals to contribute to strategic ARD policy debates

Enable the participation of youth to strategic ARD events

Lobbying for greater youth representation Young professionals as a regular stakeholder group for invitation YPARD as a facilitation mechanism

Activities, contd 3. Promote agriculture among young people.

Collect data on the declining interest of young people in agriculture

Work with others to develop concrete steps for addressing the issue
Involve youth in these discussions, decisions and planning processes Agri. As a business for the rural youth

New Business opportunities: Agri-Youth Not only for Sake of Agri-Research

Young educated youthemployment Develop Rural Enterprise Services Capacity building- value added services to farmers at door step Knowledge networks- Bridge gaps Agri-graduate for agri as a business ICT enabled

ICT as a Tool for Technology Dissemination

The signal that is location allows connection to many other data, from weather to soils to economic models to on-farm, positive ROI, plans.
Homologues areas become more refined as soils, access to irrigation, fertilizer, crop protection, variety, laser leveling etc. are all taken into account. With a target area identified, the number of farmers is better known/estimated. This is the market for a known on-farm plan. An on-farm plan with a positive ROI is the basis for better dissemination of technologies to emerge to meet this known need.

4. Facilitate access to resource and capacity building opportunities

Organising capacity building opportunities targeting the expressed needs of young professionals in collaboration with partners
Encouraging others to include more young people in their trainings Information services to members: newsletter, funding opportunities and information relevant to YPs in ARD

Youth and experienced professionals from: Universities

Research Institutions Donor organizations NGOs/CSOs Government agencies Extension Farmer organizations Private sector

Lack of mentorship for new people coming into the organization Need to support young professionals and not to lose the knowledge and experience Innovate how to engage young people ensure that there is interest for the future

Youth from Research to Dissemination to Policy Funnel Business Model

Technolog y
Evaluation of alternatives

Infrastr ucture


Generate alternatives

Support Services
Technolog y


Problem solving approach


Understand Constraints



New Initiatives

Need to Understand

What are steps towards greater engagement with youth to strengthen agricultural innovations systems?
What could be the incentives and reward systems for young people (male and female) to choose careers in agriculture? What are the skills and competencies required for the next generation of ARD professionals; famers, researchers, academicians, agri-business, economists, policymakers?

GCARD2, Uruguay-2012
agriculture is an aging and undervalued profession in many countries and special attention must be given to encouraging young people into careers in all aspects of AR4D.

Steps Forward

APAARI providing new platforms for Young Researchers as well as farmers to attend workshops/conferences etc.
ICAR conducting the first Youth Researchers Meet in Feb. 2012 to understand youth role in new science and its delivery

Thank You