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Country Package 3.

70 Feature List ________________________

Paolo Manfrin solution developer @ coresystems ag

Major Features 1/4

Enterprise Search Search for equipment cards Enterprise Search Mouse scrolling support Enterprise Search Search for blanket agreements Enterprise Search Include searchable fields for Brazilian localization Enterprise Search Search by Partner Catalog Number in document Rows Framework Simple installer

Major Features 2/4

Framework Support for coresuite mobile Checklist Designer Simplified option to send email when creating documents Customize Easy Function, show messagebox with a SQL Query result Customize Easy Function, new parameters $[USER] and $[USERNAME] Customize Easy Function, new command ExecuteQueryFromSAP

Major Features 3/4

Customize Easy Function, support for Function Button Customize Searching tool for customize rules Customize Show rule name in the editor Customize Template rules for coding howTo Customize Rules for Brazilian localization Customize FormLoaded event Customize Optimizer and Function button layouts

Major Features 4/4

Customize EasyRowFunction, highlight all affected rows in a matrix Customize EasyFunction, select a specific row in a matrix Content Layout for coresuite mobile checklist Content Document DinLayout includes taxes for Canada and Brazil

Enterprise Search
Two new categories have been added to the search engine:
Blanket Agreements Equipment Cards

Usability has been increased allowing to use the mouse scroll within the search result screen when a long list is displayed.

Full Set of Searchable Fields to support the Brazilian Localization
Serial (nota fiscal / marketing documents) Model Carrier (Transportadora) Vehicle (placa de veculo) TAXID0 = CNPJ TAXID4 = CPF

Usage = Utilizao CFOP Code = CFOP TaxCode (Cdigo de imposto) Batch Number (nmero de lote)

A simple installer will guide you through the first installation. Even without registering your system in the partner portal you can try coresuite for 60 days


Support for coresuite mobile checklist It is now possible to use ready-to-use classes in the framework to perform actions on incoming checklist from the cloud
SAMPLES: Close a service call when a checklist received from the mobile has the signature of the customer Send an email to the customer when a checklist received from the mobile has the flag send email set.


User can sends emails, faxes or pdf, when a document is created Designer offer now the possibility to specify in the PrintDefinition what should happen after a document is created

It is now possible to use Easy Functions to display a result of a query as MessageBox without coding Use Case: Before creating a sales order check how many open invoices a certain customer have.

Avoid creating the same query for multiple users. You can now use the placeholders $[USER] and $[USERNAME] to create user-dependent queries Use Case: stop some users from changing or adding new Activity Types in Business Partner Activity

Display a SAP Query with a simple click of a function button or when executing a certain action. (command ExecuteUserQuery) Use Case: Display the open service calls without the need to browse through the SAP Menu

Easy Functions and Easy Row Functions can now be linked to a function button.

It is now possible to search for specific content that you wrote inside customize rules

Coresuite customize contains now a set of rules to support the Brazilian localization: BRA-001: Validate Brazilian ZIP-Format BRA-002: Make combobox field "State" mandatory BRA-004: Make ZIP Code mandatory BRA-009: Get address data from a webservice based on ZipCode Information

Optimizer and Function Button Layouts You can now get a nice printout of your customize rules to archive or handover to your customer.

EasyRowFunctions have been enhanced allowing you to highlight rows based on a custom logic (HighlightRow command) Use Case: You want to highlight products with special promotions

EasyRowFunctions, select a specific row in a matrix ( command SetValue) Use Case: The User wants to change the Form Settings with just a function button without the need to search in the SAP Menu

CheckList layout It is now possible to create checklists on the mobile devices and attach them to a SAP object (e.g. Service Calls, Activities, etc) In Business One it is then possible to print out the layout of such CheckList

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