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1)How many modes in pmcmd

a) 1 b) 2 c) 3 d) 4 command and interactive mode

2)what do mean by nesting a) one dimension above to another b) one dimension below to another c) one dimension next to another ******************************************************** 3) which transformation is used to reject load files a) source qualifier transformation b) router transformation c) either source qualifier nor router b) source quailifier,router and filter transformation

4)where you create users and previleages a) Repository Manager b) Mapping Designer c) Maplet Designer d) Workflow Manager 5)How many transformation are there ? a)12 b)16 c)8 b)13

6)what do u mean parent fails current task fails a) current task fail if parent fail b) parent fail if the current task fail c) current task only fail d) both current and parent fail

7)which should be used to define a interval between two task a) set wait b) set no wait c) wait

8)power centre can handle a.124 bit b.64 bit c.28 bit d.32 bit 9)metadata means a) data about data b) contains database catalogs 10)which statement is true 1)ODS is part of Data warehousing 2)ODS is not a part of Data ware housing

11)which is best suite for OLTP a)Dimension modelling b)Er modelling c)both Dimension and er d)neither Dimension modelling nor Er modelling

12)Datawarehouse Stores a) analytical information and Current value b) analytical information and historical value c) operational information and Current value d) operational information and historical value

13) State the Correct one a) Group by should be placed before having clause b) Group by should be placed after having clause c) Oder by should be placed before select clause
14) select o.productname,p.odername, o.location where product.product_id=order.oder_id and order by o.sale a) table alias should be used in where clause b) o.sale should be used in select clause c) alias in order must be changed

15)choose correct one a) single row will fetch the rows from only one table b) subqueries cant have aggregate function c) subqueries cant have analytical function d) multiple sub query can have like function

16)reordering option a)reordering is used for changing the position of values in column b)reordering is used for changing the position of column c)reordering is used for changing the position of object d)none

17)characteristics of ods: a)detailed and lightly summarised b)current and near current c)vast supply of heterogenous data d)all the above
18)Which is not a correct representation of 1 to many relation in framework manager? a.1:0 to 1:n b.1:0 to 0:n c.1:1 to 0:n d.0:1 to 0:n

19)Where is the actual business rules applied in informatica? a.source qualifier b.transformation developer c.warehouse designer d.mapping designer e.mapplet designer 20)In which of the following is data not updated frequently? a.DWH b.Data mart c.ODS

21)Which transformation will you use to move the records with last three ranks in the source? a.rank b.joiner c.aggregate d.update 22) What are the disadvantages of ER Modelling?? 1.No GUI 2.Cannot be quired 3.User cannot understand 4.All the above

22)Cognos is a ___3 _ tier architecture?

23)What are implicit cursors? a.Implicit Cursor is not used in Oracle b.User should be very careful in using Implicit Cursor c.Implicit cursor used for SQL statements that r not named d.None
24)Which is not possible in the Analysis Studio?? 1.Standard Deviation 2. max 3. sum 4. Correlation

25)A Query Subject named X should be accessed only by the Management level people, What security mode will u apply 1.Data Level 2.Object Level 3.Model Level 4.None

26)To determine which column caused the row to be rejected, what does the server add to give more info about columns? a)Key indicators b)Key breaks c)Row indicator and column indicators d)Variable indicator

26)What does Full Outer Join do ? get all unmatched data 27)What transformation can you use to select employees only from Dept No.10? Source Qualifier Filter Tranformation Router Transformation Router and filter 28)Cognos 8 BI is an a.ROLAP b.MOLAP c.none d.Enterprise Wide BI solution

29)To compare value with some reference values which chart is used? 1.pie 2.bar 3.Line 4.3D 30)Which is different oracle constraint?? a.primary key b.unique c.not null d.check e.none of the above 31)Calculate 12*sal*commission for every record of the emp table choose the appropriate query? 1.Select 12*sal*nvl(commission,0) from emp ;

32) What does the following query does? select a.mid, b.maxsal from emp a, (select mid,max(sal) maxsal from emp group by deptname) b where a.mid=b.mid; 1.maximum salaried emp within each dept. 2.maximum salaried emp within company. 3.Error in statement. 4.I dont remember. 33)ETL expansion 34)OLAP expansion 35)Metadata is data about data 36)Dimension that does not change against multiple fact tables Conformed Dimension

37)Number of ports in Expression Transformation? a. 5 b. 3 c. 1 d 2 38)How many variables are there in Workflow Manager? a. 4 b. 3 c. 1 d 2 e. 0 39)pmcmd communicate with Power centre server 40).to work with pmcmd, whose informations are needed? Power centre server 41). where can u see the status of any workflow workflow monitor 42). Which of the below is a DML statement. a. Create b. Update c. Drop d. None of the options. e. commit

43) which one has object privilege? Create index 44) Where is the actual business rule applied in informatica? Transformation developer 45)In a report, to perform aggregation using aggregation expression, what should u use?? Aggregation list Aggregation type Aggregation mode none 46)The following given in DECLARATION part is invalid why? PICONSTANTINTEGER; - No data type is specified

47) Which is true?? Char() is suitable for fixed length value 48)Which is false about surrogate key? Its a key of integer type to uniquely identify a record It can have repeated values It can be formed into a composite key along with foreign keys It can be used as foreign key in another table 49)What is the output of: round(trunc (mod(1600/10),-1),2) a. 0 b. 0.00 c. error

50)The list report contains 3 columns COLA COLB COLC , colA is grouped.To get the values of colA for each values in COLB which of the following should be done? Ungroup Level span ColA Level span ColB Group span ColA Group spanB

51)dormant data will increase the performance of DWfalse

52)Multiple document/universe domains are possible---- True 53)Increase in number of data marts will increase the performance tremendouslyfalse 54)what transformation is required to load the changed data to the target table.. --- Update Strategy
55)total number of permissions can be given to foldersInformatica qn Ans7

56)To display the string Hello World as ello world a) select lower(trim(H from Hello World)) from dual b) select lower(substr(Hello World,1,1) from dual c) select lower(substr(Hello World,2,1) from dual d. None of the listed options 57)Fan Traps can be detected using options a) Integrity check b) Manually c) Automatic Fan trap detect option d) ---58) the number of rows fetched for the last execution time can be seen in 1. Viewdata (Not sure) 2.Refresh Data 3. Edit data provider 4. None of the listed options

59)The Source System in the DW environment is 1.an operational system which processes the business transactions for the current data only 2.an analytical system which processes the business transactions maintaining the entire history 3.other similar options

60)Multiple fact tables share dimensions Ans--Fact constellation

61)measures that can be added across few dimension and not with others Ans-- Semi-additive

62)The features of Cursor For Loop -exit condition is not required 63)Reports can be generated using multiple data providers-true 64). The records can be limited by using a)Filter b)break c)Alerter d)None 65)Which transformation helps to convert the rows into columns? 1.Rank Transformation 3.Normalizer Trans. 2.Sorter Transformation 4.Update

66)To work with a view what should you have? Ans: alter privilege on the view
67)types of metadata ETL,Database,MOLAP 68)Number of log files by default in Infa? 1.1 2.2 3.3 (session log, workflow log, reject log) 1.4 2.5

69)Design tools available are: ERWIN, Power Warehouse Architect and Oracle Designer

70)By default the PowerCenter server sets the number of partitions to Ans : 1. 71)No. of partitions one can define in the PowerCenter Server? Ans : 64 at any partition point

72)Drilling from Analysis Studio report to which report is possible? 1.Report Studio report 2.Query Studio report 3.Metric Studio report 4.Not possible

73)Minimum no of dispatchers required to process a request? 1.1 2.2 3.3 4.4 5.5 74)In the Analysis studio, a cross tab is added in which two measures are adjacent to each other, what is this set called? 1.Measure Set 2.Analysis Set 3.None of the above 75)In Report Studio, when selecting a prompt value automatically takes u to the second prompt, what are this type of prompts called? 1.Cascading Prompts 2.Sequence Prompts

76)What is the efficient Way of distributing the reports? 1.Bursting 2.Emailing 3.None 77)Pick out the reporting tools Cognos BO Discoverer Informatica 78) To operate in which pmcmd mode, username, password and server connection details are necessary? Command line Interactive

79)Data source for Framework Manager? 1.XML 2.Excel Sheets 3.Homogenous & Hetero genous sources 4.Informix Impromptu All the above
80)It is possible to create a crosstab report in Query Studio. True or False?. Ans False It is not possible to create a crosstab report in query studio. Only a list report can be selected and converted into a Cross Tab Report using the Pivot Option.

81)MOLAP selection depends upon: ( select choice question.. ans is both the choices ) 1.Analysis required and queries to be posed are known at run time. 2.Data retrieval paths follow predefined structure of data cube. 82)ROLAP selection depends upon ( If any of the choices below comes choose ROLAP ) 1.Raw Data 2.Ad Hoc Reporting 3.Database greater than 10 GB in size 4.Different views of the DWH something.

83)What will be the situation when RAISE_ECXEPTION is raised and the exception handler block is not provided? a) it will cause a memory leak b) it will raise % not found error c) the control will pass through sql block 84)No. of ports in Rank Transformation? Ans: 4 ( Input, Output, Variable and Rank ) 85) Syntax for LookuP Transformation? :LKP.LKP( <values> ) 86)Log files in Workflow Logs, Session Logs and Reject Files whose default directories are $PMWorkflowLogDir, $PMSessionLogDir and $PMBadFileDir respectively.

87. In pmcmd command line mode if the program is successful then 0 is returned 88) Which of the following is possible to a date variable a. min ( MAX AND MIN CAN BE USED WITH ANY DATATYPE ) b. none of the above c. sum d. Avg 89)Match the following a. Project Top Level b. package ii. Published c. Model - iii. Set of related query subject d. Namespace iv. Uniquely identifiable

90)Which of the following are true? a. Single-row functions can be used only in select and where clause. ( False- Single row functions can also be used with FROM ) b. character functions works on character data type column only. ( False- CHR is a character function which operates on numbers i.e. CHR ( number ) returns the character corresponding to the ASCII number ) c. date functions return date data type only. ( False ) ( MONTHS_BETWEEN ( date1, date 2 ) returns a number and not a date ) d. None of the above. ( ANS )

91)To operate in which pmcmd mode, username, password and server connection details are necessary? Command line Interactive Both None
92)Which transformation row updates distinct records into target table? 1.Update Strategy 2.Rank 3.Sorter 4.Aggregation

93)You can create re-usable transformation in a. Transformation designer. b. mapping designer. c. mapplet designer. d. all the above 94)Whats the memory allocated by default to the index cache? Ans: 1 MB 95)Whats the memory allocated by default to the data cache? Ans: 2 MB 96)Which transformation would you use if you wanna extract data from a COBOL database ? Ans: Normalizer Transformation ( References: Informatica Help )

97)which window helps to access the Repositories 1.Navigation Window 2.Property Window 3.Workflow Monitor 4.Workflow Manager 98)The primary server process in the infa Server? 1.Repository Manager 2.Load manager 3.Workflow manager 4.Workflow Designer

99)Writing scripts to schedule Workflows what mode is this 1.Interactive mode 2.Command line mode

100)op down approach which is built first? Ans: edw then datamart. 101)bottom up approach.ans:dm and then edw. 102)oracle: reg constraints. If u delete one constraint, wat will happen? It affects child also. 103)reusable tasks were developed in : ans: task devolper 104)oracle: round(trun(34.67,2),3) value is similar type. Ans:34.67 105)types of extraction in dw? 1. full 2. incremental 3. full and coincilation 4.none

106. What is true for an order by clause? a. Appears last in select statement. b. Default order is ascending. c. Some other irrelevant options.
107. Which of the below should you use to create a new repository? a. Repository manager b. Repository Administration Console. c. Workflow Manager. d. Workflow Monitor. 108. Which one this is a valid table name? a. COLUMN b. NUMBER#1 c. 1TABLE d. TABLE_MANY_COLUMN_ (goes on like that up to 34 characters.) ( a,b,c are invalid table names. , in oracle a table name can be of only upto30 characters long , so I am not sure whether d is the ans.)

109)To search for the employees whose last name has a as its second letter. Four queries were given. The correct condition is: last_name like _a%

110) To use the derived data type for a column : Four queries were given. The correct condition is: emp.lname%type
111)Which of the following is not related to ETL? data profiling data quality data reconciliation data cleaning none

112)In which SCD we use different surrogate keys Ans: none 113) no of permissions in folder(infa) Ans: 7 114) timeout in repository manager(infa) Ans: 60 secs 115)which dimension is used in fact Ans: degenerate 116)which data doesnt change from one fact table to another Ans: conformed 117)which dimension dont effect frain of fact table Ans: casual 118) which is the first step in performance tuning in data warehouse? Ans: remove dormant data

119)In pmcmd mode for each line you need to communicate with -----------a.informatica server b.repository manager c.workflow manager d.workflow monitor
120) Which is not possible in analysis studio? a. none of the following b. compare trend c. score card. d. one more I dont remember.

121)The repository manager can create a back up for all repositories available in the following format. ( I dont remem the exact wording) 1.xml 2.binary 3.excel 4.none 122)Reports cannot be created in which of the following format? 1.ascii 2.xml 3.csv 4.excel 123)If you want the datatype of a column existing in some other table what will you use a)%rowtype

124) Which schema occupies Less memory Space? 1.Star Schema 2.SnowFlake 3.none 125)Which Schema, help improving the performance? 1.Star Schema 2.SnowFlake 3.None 126) Types of transformation? 1.Simple Conversion 2.Structural Conversion 3.Format 4.All the above

127)How many repositories can you simultaneously work in a single Designer environment? 2 repositories 128)Under what circumstances can a Target definition be edited from the Mapping Designer, within the mapping where that Target definition is being used ? a.When the Target definition is not shared(not a shortcut) b.When the Target definition is not shared(not a shortcut) and when the user has write permission on the folder where the mapping is stored c.Always d. Never

129)The facts are stored in a fact table and a dimensional framework is used to pull out the facts. Degenerate Dimensions Junk dimension. Role-Playing Dimension. None of the above 130)What is done in staging area? a. Cleansing b. transformation c. Temporary storage for incremental extract. d. All the above

131)To work with a view what should you have? Ans : Select privilege on the view 132) There are two tables. You need to copy one table to another. Incase the row already exists, update the values else insert the row. How will you do this? 1.Merge command 2.Update statement 3.Not possible 4.Insert 133)OTHERS exception is for handling an exception by name OTHERS. True or false. Ans : False

134)The detail filter is the one .. a. applied to summary rows b. applied to grand total c. applied to detailed rows d. applied to the entire rows 135)Framework manager is what kind of tool ans: windows based tool. 136)How the repository server create the repository tables or update data in repository ans: repository agent process 137) Repository server time out ans: 60 seconds

138)In sql i have a column that has 3 character values and i need to append a - and 2 more characters then what function to use ans: rpad 139)Primary informatica server is ans: load manager 140)Which privilege helps you to provide rights to a User, where he can access any folder under any Repository & change folder options? SUPER USER

141)Model that is compound of one table with multipart key & a set of smaller table? ER Model Dimension Model. 142)The prompt that is used to produce results up to last x days? Timer prompt 143)In which Tab do you find the details about the Source and Target mapping? Mapping Tab