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SECTION B QUESTION 2 Read the points on the three activities carefully. Then complete the following table. You are advised to spend about 25 minutes on this question. Baca maklumat yang diberi dengan teliti. Kemudian lengkapkan jadual yang berikut. Masa yang dicadangkan untuk menjawab soalan ini ialah 25 minit.

good form of exercise racquets and shuttlecocks played on a badminton court RM5.00 per month represent school in badminton


able to use the computer gain knowledge and information computer centre computer and internet connection RM10.00 per week become a computer programmer

meet many friends no fear of being drowned swimming attire, goggles swimming pool RM40.00 per month can participate in swimming competitions

(A) Complete the table based on the information given. Lengkapkan jadual di bawah berdasarkan maklumat yang diberi.
Badminton Practice Computer lesson Swimming lesson



able to use the computer, gain knowledge and information computer and internet connection swimming pool RM5.00 per month

Equipments Needed
Place Fee


represent school in badminton tournaments

(B) Which of the three activities would you choose? Give reasons for your choice. Daripada tiga aktiviti di atas, yang manakah akan anda pilih? Berikan sebab-sebab anda membuat pilihan tersebut. I would choose because

QUESTION 2 Study the advertisements below carefully. Then complete the table using the information given in the advertisements. You are advised to spend 25 minutes on this question. Teliti iklan yang diberi di bawah. Kemudian lengkapkan jadual berikut menggunakan maklumat yang terdapat dalam iklan tersebut.Anda dinasihati supaya mengambil masa 25minit untuk menjawab soalan ini


broiled chicken white rice mixed vegetables chinese tea

chicken rendang ketupat spicy groundnut gravy Syrup

PROMOTION Free : pudding

tandoori chicken naan dhall curry fresh milk (small)

Open : 10.00 a.m. 8.00 p.m

PROMOTION Free : ice-cream

Open : 11.00 a.m. 10.00 p.m.

PROMOTION Free: payasam

Open: 9.00 a.m. - 9.00 a.m.


Complete the table below based on the advertisement given. Lengkapkan jadual di bawah berdasarkan iklan yang diberi.
Tandori House Selera Kampung

Name of Restaurant



broiled chicken, white rice and mixed vegetables Chinese tea Syrup


Business Hours

9.00 a.m. 9.00 p.m.


Free pudding

(B) If you were to have lunch with your family, which restaurant would you go to? Give reasons why you choose that particular restaurant. Restoran yang manakah akan anda pilih untuk makan tengah hari bersama keluarga? Berikan sebab-sebab anda membuat pilihan tersebut. I would choose _______________________ because __________________________


1. It is cheap/the cheapest. 2. It is reasonable and affordable. 3. The price of RM_________ ,is reasonable and affordable. 4. The price is RM ________.It is cheap and within my budget. 5. The price is RM________. It is cheap and l can afford it with my own pocket money. 6. The price is low/high.

Time / Duration 1. The time is suitable for me as l am free at that time. 2. The time is convenient for me as l do not have a tight schedule. 3. It starts from _______ to _______ 4. It lasts for ________ hours.


1. The facilities available are____________ l love ________ because it is___________ 2. The rooms are big, spacious air-conditioned, clean, well-managed etc 1. 2. 3. 4. It is available in ______,______and_____ It comes in _______ and______ __________ is my favourite. I like_________ because its bright / beautiful / attractive



1. 2. 3. 5 6. 7.

It is more lasting. It is more durable. It is stylish. It is of high quality. It is comfortable. I like Malaysian products because they are of high quality. 8. As a Malaysian I will always support our local products. 9. By buying Malaysian product l would contribute towards my countrys economy. 10. Although it is an imported product ,l would still buy it because l really like it.

Contents of books, magazines or television programs

1. The story is ________interesting/adventurous/ exciting/thrilling/ informative/amusing/fascinating. 2. It is suitable for me because - l can widen my knowledge. - l can acquire information on______ - l can improve my vocabulary/language.

Hobbies/ Interest (a) Fishing

1. It is relaxing after a hard days work. 2. It is a good form of relieving tension. 3. While fishing I can make new friends. 4. If I get a good catch, I can cook the fish for dinner. I can save marketing expenses.

(b) Reading

1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7.

I can acquire new knowledge. I can gain general knowledge. I can widen my vocabulary/improve my language. I can learn good moral values from stories read. I can learn to think creatively. It is an enjoyable past time. It is an educational pastime, which will help me improve on the language. 8. It is fun and exciting. 9. I can make new friends. I can exchange books or share ideas or opinions on reading.
1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. It is a good form of exercise/relaxation I can relieve my tension. I can appreciate the beauty of nature. I can beautify my living room with pretty flowers. I can do my part to protect the environment. I can sell my vegetable or flowers and add to the monthly income. 7. I can save my money because I do not have to buy vegetable everyday.

(c) Gardening

(d) Games

1. 2. 3. 4.

It is challenging/exciting/interesting. It is a good form of exercise. I can relive my tension I can learn to be co-operative, tolerant and understanding. 5. I can make news friend

(e) Stamp-collecting

1. I can acquire and widen my knowledge about other countries. 2. I would be able to know more about the cultures, religions and belief of other people. 3. I can make new friends through exchanging stamps. 4. I can learn to be more patient. 5. I need to have an album for the stamps. I already have one which my gave as my birthday present

(f) Place

1. 2. 3.

It is located near my.. It is only a stones throw away from my I can easily walk there. It is situated in a strategic position because...

(g) Clothing/ material

1. The material used is It is soft. 2. It is very comfortable to wear. 3. It is beautiful and trendy. 4. It is stylish and is in fashion now. 5. The size is very suitable for me. 6. It is manufacture/made inI like the clothes because they are of high quality and more lasting. 7. It is suitable to used for.. 8. It is made of .

(h) Computer games/ Surfing the internet

1. I can acquire information on anything I want to know. 2. I can widen my knowledge. 3. It can help me in my homework/my folio. 4. I can meet and make new friends through online chatting 5. I can send e-mails to my friends. It is faster and cheaper 1. It is thrilling and I can test my endurance. 2. I can learn living skills like cooking and housekeeping, which will be useful in my life in future. 3. There will be a lot of fun-filled activities. 4. It is fun and adventurous. 5. I can learn about team building and cooperation

(i) Camping / jungle tracking



Type of animal Price Fare

Name of pet colours

Food for pet Description

Place where pet sleeps

2002 2003

Flowers Transports

Time taken Facilities for the journey Soceity



3 boys choice for monitor (letter) Menu Greeting card

Quality of Game leader

2005 2006

Price Price

Served with Design

Free drinks Shape

Dessert Features

Available Other uses