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Registered Nurses for Health Enhancement and Local Service (RNheals)

Presentation Outline:

Policy Statement Coverage Grounds for Disciplinary Action Penalties Prescription Period Agreement


Countrys constitutional mandate to make essential health goods and social services available and accessible to all Filipinos, especially the poor. Social sector shall pursue schemes supportive of the Local Government Code through an integrated approach. Millennium Development Goal targets to eradicate poverty and hunger, promotion of gender equality, reduction of child mortality, and improvement of maternal health. Provision of pool of competent best breed of Filipino nurses, lawfully and ethically abiding to the Philippine Nursing Act (R.A. 9173) and the Code of Ethics for Registered Nurses that should guide the general conduct of all Filipino nurses.


Applicable to all nurses under the Project RNheals; Nurse trainees supported or subsidized by partner organizations of Project RNheals, public and private as well as local and national entities.



Improper or unauthorized nursing attire during hours of duty i.e. not in proper white nurse uniform with ID, black shoes where appropriate, unkempt hair and use of jewelries; Frequent unauthorized absences or tardiness in reporting to orientation / prescribed didactic sessions, hospital or field duties and other assignments as planned; Loafing / waiting time loitering, cutting orientation / prescribed didactics sessions / leaving area without permission, or attending to personal matters during orientation / didactics sessions / duty hours; Receiving any commission, lavish gifts or favors which may be interpreted as capitalizing on the patients; Smoking or drinking alcoholic beverages while on duty; Insubordination; Sleeping during prescribed didactic sessions and/or hospital/field duties ; Non submission of the monthly Journal.


Major Offenses:

Provoking or instigating a fight or fighting during official hours or within training and immediate premises for practice; Threatening, intimidating or coercing, or disturbing a colleagues or other person/s within training facilities or field premises; Willful destruction of property of others within training or field premises; Using materials, vehicles, and equipments belonging to training facilities / hospital / communities to do unauthorized activity; Commission of any criminal act under Philippine Laws committed outside of the training facilities and not related to training facility operation but has direct implications to professional practice.

Minor Offenses:
First Offense
Oral warning

Second Offense
Written warning

Third Offense
Suspension of 1 to 3 working days ; number of days of suspension will depend on gravity of case

Major Offenses:
First Offense Written warning to 3 working days suspension depending on gravity of case Replacement or payment of stolen or destroyed item / equipment Second Offense Suspension not less than 3 working days but not more 5 working days depending on the gravity of case Third Offense Dismissal


IMMEDIATE OR UPON ENGAGEMENT within the first day of active participation in Project RNheals. All information shall be kept under confidential file accompanied with pertinent records of violations, investigations, and proper measures applied. At any or all times, penalties for offenses requiring sanctions shall be applied with utmost justice and fairness. Penalties are to be viewed as corrective and not as punitive measures.


Signature of the RNheals trainee should be affixed to signify his/her agreement and adherence to the provisions of the Code of Discipline for the project.