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On this date clouds burst on MUMBAI. Mumbai came to an abrupt halt on

26th July, as unprecedented heavy rains stopped rail and bus traffic, silenced mobiles and land lines and tripped power lines. All areas in Mumbai badly affected by the flooding.

The floods were caused by the eighth heaviest
ever recorded 24-hour rainfall figure of 944 mm (37.2 inches) The drainage system is clogged at several places. Uncontrolled, unplanned development of buildings which are affecting d flow of water overflowing Mangrove ecosystems which exist along the River

The ecosystems serving as a buffer

between land and sea are replaced with construction.

Execive use of plastic, d plastic which

was throwned in river was affecting the flow of water & stuck the water flow. The rain water caused the sewage system to overflow &all water lines were contaminate

Transport stats : 52 local trains damaged , 37,000 autorickshaws spoilt , 4,000 taxis , 900 BEST buses damaged , 10,000 trucks and tempos grounded.

Over 700 flights were cancelled or delayed

Thousands of schoolchildren could not reach

home for up to 18 hours Thousands of workers stuck in their offices and work places Thousands of animal carcasses floated in the flood waters, raising concerns about the possibility of disease. Reports in the media warned of the threat of waterborne diseases, and hospitals and health centers geared up to distribute free medicines to check any outbreak.

66 people died of fever suspected to be

leptospirosis. 749 people were admitted with such fever, with 41 cases "unstable" and in an advanced stage of the disease. floods caused a stoppage of entire commercial, trading, and industrial activity for days. Preliminary indications indicate that the floods caused a direct loss of about Rs. 450 crores


Mumbai flood was a result of the large scale

urbanization without a care for nature so DONT DISTURB NATURE, Concrete jungles erupted the River and mangroves simply gave way to buildings SO DONT DESTROY D MANGROVES, These mangroves acted as a natural barriers to the sea SO GROW THE MANGROVES LARGELY

The drains simply did not function due to

having been choked with plastic SO DEVELOP DRAINAGE SYSTEMS, The only solution to the choking of the drains would seem to be to BAN PLASTIC once and for all, CHARITY BEGINS AT HOME! So stop using CARRY BAGS & CONTROL ON choking of the drains, Only u can IMPROVE INDIA stop using plastic NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!

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