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Website and Web Analytics

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- Asian Paints consumer strategy is to be a Painting Guide for the consumer - The website is colorful, not too verbose, and has the requisite options for users - The site has options that facilitate contact with the consumer whether it be through consumer forums, usage guides, expert speaks or architect/interior designer support 1 2 3 1

Contains options for expert advice, paint cost calculation and Home solutions Customer can choose the latest colour themes and designs Educates the consumer in basic colour matching , also has Options for ordering 200 ml samples Contains resources and tools for architects and interior designers

5 4 4 5

Consumer forum for complaints, appreciations, queries and feedback

Possible Improvements

In order to increase consumer connect: The website could display real consumer stories along with pictures of how Asian Paints helped in decorating their home Easily Accessible option for downloading their latest colour book and option to sign up for latest colour trend emails De-clustering its home page and highlighting its main options, to foster easy handling for the consumer. An example could be the presentation on the Dulux Website.

Competitor Websites

Web Analytics(1/2)
Possible Improvements
Focusing on those keywords where there is a balance of higher Query Popularity and Lower QCI.

Web Analytics(2/2)
Possible Improvements
Periodic review of specific trending keywords focused on enhancing traffic. E.g. AP should focus on more ads at House Painting and Color Combination for walls to increase traffic

Driving traffic from top keywords while looking at whether less popular keywords have any scope of improvement

Asian Paints: SEO Steps

Current format of links: e.g. http://www.asianpaints.com/expert_help/paint_calculator.aspx#

Simple to understand URLs which are conveying information clearly

Good directory structure in order to facilitate easy navigation

Easy redirection for the user in case of a broken link with a Sitemap

Search Engine Marketing

Current Strategy
Strong presence in SEM

Already have purchased high frequency keywords


The sponsored link of Asian Paints directs to www.asianpaintshomesolutions.com

Adwords Ex. 1

Adwords Ex. 2

AP is operating well in this space, continue its strategy

Facebook Advertising
Current Strategy
Asian Paints is not active on Facebook Advertising

Benefits: FB Marketing
FB advertising: A low cost medium of reaching the target segment CPC and CPM: Both pricing options available Targeting options: Age Gender Interests: ex. Film, music, events etc.

Suggested Strategy
Build a campaign on FB Continuously monitor the results Try out different campaigns Tweak the campaigns according to the results

Facebook Ad Ex.

Sample Campaign: Facebook

Destination /URL
www.asian paints.com


Asian Paints


Asian Paints is the best paint company in India

Location: India, Age>25 Gender: All Interests: All

Pricing CPC: 25.89 per click


CPM: 2.25 per thousand impressions

Banner Advertising

Impression Click Lead Convert

Interior Design Websites. Property Websites. Public Forums/Message Boards Lifestyle websites

Banner Advertising
Connect with mature & evolved audience and drive relevant traffic. Measure ROI & detailed profile of website visitors. Building brand: Enhance mindshare.

Acquiring Banner space on important & relevant websites can drive relevant traffic

Banner Advertising

Banner Advertising
CPM: Cost Per thousand iMpressions is an effective method of pricing web banner ads. It is the cost for displaying a banner 1000 times. Thus, if a banner ad space has a CPM of $10, it means that the cost of displaying a banner space one thousand times on that space is $10. CTR: Click Through Ratio is a ratio of the number of times the banner was clicked on by the viewer and the number of times the banner was displayed. Thus, if a banner has been displayed 1000 times and has been clicked 50 times, its CTR is 50:1000 or 1:20. Changing this CTR into a percentage value yields 5% (1/20 * 100); thus, 5% of the impressions have lead to clicks on the banner. CPC: Cost Per Click is the price you pay for one click on your banner. It can easily be calculated using CPM and CTR values.


Impressions Expected (spread across 1 Clicks (0.3% month) 1%)

5,00,000 3550

Expected leads/sales (1.5% - 3%)


Expected Converts 10


Blog & Email Marketing

Why Asian Paints should have a blog website? - Allows user to share experiences and seek answers. - Users can upload content and share ideas (images of their homes/rooms). - Easy for visitors to navigate and find things of interest to them. - Allows comments on individual posts by visitors (user interactivity) - Can have categories for easy filtered searching by visitors.

Email Marketing User base can be taken from - Property Websites. - Public Forums/Message Boards. - Lifestyle websites. - Interior design websites

Mobile Marketing Initiatives

An app for consumers to create custom color combinations Options to select, build and share color combinations from over 1800 shades Available free of cost in the Android market, the app has had over 10000+ downloads already

Possible Improvements
Asian Paints can look at an SMS service reminding viewers to download their latest color scheme books Festival/Special Occasion marketing by offering discounts since these are the times consumers paint their house

Presence in Social Media

Asian Paints joined the social media bandwagon on 13th Sept, 2011 with simultaneous launches on FB and Twitter With Likes ranging near about 54,000 the customer engagement is encouraging The Page admins keep posting up competitions, consumer feedbacks, amongst other sensuous pictures with their colors in action


I have heard of a computer system. What is a painting system ? Freedom from questions on 15th Aug 2012 I have a 800 sqft home. How much would it cost to paint it ? Freedom from questions on 15th Aug 2012 What colour goes with Blue ? Red ? Or Green or Yellow ? Freedom from questions on 15th Aug 2012

Presence in Social Media

Presence in Social Media

-> Just like Saif paints his own private Wall, users can paint their Facebook Wall -> Tie up with Facebook to allow users who LIKE the Asian Paints FB page to be able to color their FB walls -> Dulux lets color applet allows users to splash a customized message in choices of colors to friends walls

Presence in Social Media

Presence in Social Media

Presence in Social Media

Unlike Facebook, Asian Paints hasnt gained much ground on Twitter. With just a 100 odd followers the company seems not to have utilized the potential of this platform. HOW TO IMPROVE TWITTER VISIBILITY Tweet in peak times Tweet often Make multiple profiles for different product types Answer queries in an entertaining tone DO FOLLOW YOUR FOLLOWERS DO FOLLOW BIG SHOTS/CELEBRITIES

Presence in Social Media

But considering the amount of views and SINGLE digit Likes for their videos, Asian Paints definitely needs enhance the YouTube hits!

Understand key phrase analysis Find suitable keywords & use them in the title of the videos


Keep the videos as short as possible for full viewing Title & keywords should clearly relate to the content of the video


Votes, Ratings, Comments, Age of Video, Embeds & Shares

Presence in Social Media

Asian Paints LinkedIn account has close to 5000 followers The LinkedIn page gives information on current openings, site location changes and employee designation changes to engage interaction With 1800 of its employees connected, it leaves Nerolac Paints and Dulux far behind

Presence in Social Media

Create a BUZZ on all the social platforms for a FLASHMOB in the near future on a red letter day

Organize a flashmob in a mall where the mob paints a home on giant canvass

Website & Analytics
De clustering of the home page with some added options Good balance of QCI and QP

Periodic reviews of specific trending keywords

Strong presence Keep on leveraging it to drive the traffic

Facebook Ads
Facebook Advertising untapped Low cost medium for reaching target segment

Social Media
Admin should update a creative status every hour Video SEM necessary to increase brand ad videos visibility

Banner Adv.
Place banners on related websites and drive relevant traffic Different pricing options available

Blog & E-Mail

Develop a blog: Customer Engagement Tap into the userbase of other websites

Mobile Marketing
Launch of SMS service Special occasions discounts supported extensively