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Assessing Grammar

Types :

Traditional paper Assessment Alternative Assessment

Traditional Paper and Pencil Test

NRT: TOEFL CRT: Classroom tests Types of Questions:

Complete sentences Sentence combining Paragraph editing Correct topic sentence task Multiple Choice Fill in the blank True/False Combination

Alternative Assessment


Design to restrict the language need Usually these games are defined by their focus on
The Use of Language Limited options for communication Accuracy

Split Sentences

Write out some sentences, and then cut each sentence in half. Hand out these pieces to the students, and ask them to find the matching half among the other students. Students abilities in combing sentences Grammar knowledge to all forms of the sentences


If you eat that If you touch the dog If you steal my boyfriend If you go out now If you dont leave If you dont book a ticket

youll be sick itll bite you Ill never speak to you again youll get soaked Ill call the police youll be lucky to get a seat

Sentences from pictures

Hand out a sheet of pictures. Ask students to come out sentences from the pictures. Or ask students to tell a stories. Enough grammar knowledge to make sentences by students. Accuracy

Memory Test

Give limited time for students to see the picture. Ask them to describe the picture without seeing it. Testing students ability of making sentences.(enough grammar knowledge) Accuracy The transformation of students sentences

Strip Story

Make students into groups and assign them a text from a strip story. Ask them to find the order and resolve the problem from the story. See if students can find the time order from the tenses of the sentences. Accuracy

Miming an action

Ask students to role play in a limited situation. Through acting, it can test students ability of thinking of lines. (which may contains different tenses.) Accuracy

Growing Stories

Story-building activities Students ability of making sentences with different tenses


Turn what have taught in class into a questionnaire. Get students to survey each other. (does not contain fully-written-out questions.) It can see if students totally understand what have learned in class. Also it can see if students can use it well.

Classroom Observation

Classroom activities Classroom communication: Elicited dialogues Written exercise

Online Activities

In multimedia teaching times, teachers can use Internet as a way of assessing students ability of grammar On-line quizzes help students to have more chances of practices On-line tests also provide clear explanation after finishing the quizzes Students can surf on these grammar website to do practice Teachers can ask students to do these exercise and to keep record for themselves. Finally report back for one of the reference of assessment

Online activity : websites

http://www.ccc.commnet.edu/grammar/index.ht m Ex1. Irregular verbs quiz http://www.ccc.commnet.edu/cgishl/par2_quiz.pl/irregular_quiz.htm Grammar Assessment http://www.prenhall.com/grammarassessment/ Self-study grammar quizzes http://a4esl.org/q/h/grammar.html ESL Quizzes Center http://www.pacificnet.net/%7Esperling/quiz/gra mmar

Definition:a purposeful collection of student work that tells the viewer about the student Works should be organized by chronological order and category teacher can evaluate the childs achievements Works including: 1. Traditional paper and pencil tests 2. Classroom observation 3. Online activities 4. Written assignments

Written assignments

Give students some assignments to practice at home Ask students using learned grammar in class to write journal Term paper throughout one semester including several drafts we can see students progress in grammar.