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To be in top position among all our competitors in future To gain and maintain hardcore loyal customers To gain much market share To attract all age groups and all economic levels

Giving a tough competition to competitors , with lower prices Providing different varieties according to customer tastes and preferences

Company Profile
Paras Pharma is one of the Indias leading FMCG company with house hold brands in health care and personal care space Girish patel is the chair person of Paras Pharma It was started by his father Naran Bhai patel with a seed capital of Rs 8 Lakhs It have four decades of experience It have the sense of successful brand launches Quality and consumer safety is the main concern of the company

Why diversification ?
Getting high profits in pharma business

Looking towards expansion

We found growth in ice cream business through our survey It will help us to further stretch towards retail industry

We are planning to launch 6 to 10 varieties Cone and cup 50 ml , 100 ml , 250 ml , 500 ml

We are following going rate pricing
Quantity 50 ml 10 Price

100 ml
250 ml 500 ml

40 75

We are following 1 level distribution channel Manufacturer Price Dealer Consumer We are planning to cover maximum part of urban areas , and then rural areas So we are introducing 6 verities in rural areas and 10 verities in urban areas We will buy inventories sugar , essence directly from companies Milk from dairy forms Fruits and other raw materials directly from farmers

We are following advertising as a promotional strategy Spending 1 cr on print media Economic times , The Hindu , Deccan chronicle , India times Eenadu , Sakshi 2.3 cr on ad making including celebrity remuneration Kareena Kapoor is our brand ambassador 50 lakhs on telecasting it in different channels 72 lakhs on hordings

We are launching 12 plants ,all in A.P We are spending 5 % of our capital investment as promotion cost Our total capital is 100 cr

Detailed view
Fixed assets 58.32 cr Expenses 20.54 cr Cash in hand 21.14 cr

Fixed Assets
Plant 28.8 cr (12*2.4) Machinery 27.6 cr (12*2.3) Transport 1.92 cr (12*0.16)

Salaries 0.9792 cr Raw materials 14.9904 cr Promotion 4.52 cr

Be happy Share your feelings By Sharing our ice cream with all

Be happy Taste our ice cream Have your peak emotion by sharing it with all

Be happy Taste our ice cream Have your peak emotion by sharing it with all