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Infosys Technologies Training For Retaining

Presented To Prof-Megha Sahay ASMs IMCOST

Presented By

Anuraj Babu (01) Vishal Joshi (15) Gajanan Kini (21) Sachin Mishra (27) Aditya Thakur (39) Ratnesh Waghmare (42)

In 2006, Infosys technologies limited was one of the Indias biggest IT companies and provided IT services globally. In 2005, it earned revenues of US $1.6 billion and had over 49,000 employees worldwide. It was the first Indian company to be listed on the NASDAQ in 1999. The American Society had rated Infosys worlds best for Training and Development and gave Excellence in Practice Award continuously for 2002- 03-04.

In 1987, it established its first international office in California, US. In 1988 & 89, Infosys bagged major order of Reebok and Digital Equipment based in US. IN 1993, Infosys successfully completed its Initial Public Offering (IPO) and it shares become one of the most popular scrips in stock exchange across India. In 1995, it become largest software exporter in India. 1n 1996-97 it opened office in UK and Canada.

In 1999, Infosys achieved annual revenues of US $100million. It also opened offices in Germany, Sweden, Belgium & Australia and two software development centers in US. In same year it received the highest level of certification CMM level. In 2005, it has crossed US $1.6 billion in annual revenues. In 2006, Infosys were heaving 50000 employees.

In 2005, Infosys received 1.3 million application, out of which only 15,000 peoples were hired.

Emphasis on training
Increased demand for IT professionals in the last two decades. Dynamic nature of the industry. Reducing attrition rates. Web based learning initiative Virtual Campus. Tie ups with elite educational institutions: Illinois Institute of technology. Indian Institute of management. Birla Institute of technology and Science.
Satyam established Satyam Learning Center.

Training at Infosys
Infosys identified 5 basic streams of business requirements before training Infoscions. 1. Project management. 2. Customer Interface. 3. Technical stream. 4. Program management stream. 5. Domain consulting stream. Both behavioral and technical competencies were considered before providing training.

Behavioral competency framework

Software Progra engineer mmer analyst Resident project
coordinat or

Project Group Product Manage Project Developme r Manger nt Manager

Deliver y Manage r

Analytic al Ability

Innovati on
Team working Team leadersh ip


Behavioral competency framework

Softwar e enginee r

Progra mmer analys t

Resident project coordinator

Project Group Manage Project r Manger

Developme nt


Deliver y Manage r

Planning & Organizin g

Change Mgmt
Commercial Orientation

Strategic Thinking

Technical Competency Framework

Softwar Progra e mmer enginee analyst r Quality Plannin g& Practice Technic al
Knowled ge

Resident project
coordinat or

Project Group Manage Project r Mange r

Developme nt


Deliver y Manage r

Program ming Testing Design


Infosys imparted 4 types of training 1. Technical training. 2. Quality process training. 3. Personal effectiveness & management development program. 4. Infosys leadership systems.

Types of Training at Infosys

14.5 weeks of Integrated training

160 Middle level programs 8 days/annum

Planned courses E & R

On Request courses


Classroom Training

Quality Process Training

Program manager Program Analyst
# Implementing CMM # Statistical Process Control

# Group Review # Defect Prevention # Internet Auditors Training

Software Engineer

# Configuration Mgmt # Defect Prevention # Introduction to CMM

Entry Level

# Generic & Stream Specific Infosys Quality System

Personal Effectiveness & Managerial Training

Infosys Finishing School



Continued Executive Education


Global business foundation school was a formal, planned and intense program to enhance the technical and behavioral competencies of fresh recruits. It consist of generic and conceptual courses, platform specific courses, mini projects for application. In addition to technical courses, fresh entrants were also exposed to courses on communication skills, interpersonal skills, customer interaction etiquettes management development and quality systems.

American society for training and development had rated Infosys as worlds best in employee training and development and had conferred excellence in practice award for its global business foundation school

Acts as an engine that supports Organizations growth. Ensure specific role based competency. Meet requirements at the time and location of need. Acts as a strong foundation for building long term career. Deliver learning that maximizes relevance and applicability in real-life situations.


LEVEL 1: Participants reaction. LEVEL 2: Participants learning. LEVEL 3: Impact on competency development. LEVEL 4: Impact on business.

Campus Connect
Focus on aligning needs of the industry, the engineering colleges, faculty & students Aids in reducing training cost

Infosys U
Facts & Figures :- 350 Acre Campus At Mysore - Investment of $65.4 Million - 2350 Rooms, 58 Training Rooms & 183 Faculty Rooms - Yearly Capacity of 15000 Freshers

14.5 Week Residential Program Improving Technical Skills Improving Soft Skills Work Life / Social Life Training Results

To sustain in the competitive IT environment innovation is the key. Infosys came up with the innovative idea of training center where they train their employees.