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Caterpillar 793F Off Highway Truck

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Mining Truck Evolution

Caterpillars mining truck experience dates back over 40 years and includes the worlds largest truck

Over 50,000 construction and mining trucks (769-797) delivered since 1963 Over 18,000 large mining trucks (777-797) delivered since 1980

Field Population

Large Mining Truck Worldwide Fleet

Over 18,900 Shipments* (as of Feb. 31st 2009)

North America


Latin America

Asia Pacific, Indonesia & Australia

Europe, Africa & Middle East

*Shipments leaving factory

(Percentages reflect 777,785, 789, 793,797, distribution)

793 Worldwide Deliveries

Over 2,700 Shipments* (as of Dec. 2008)

North America


Latin America

Europe, Africa & Middle East

Asia Pacific, Indonesia & Australia

*Shipments leaving factory

(Percentages reflect 793B, 793C and 793D distribution)

Future Mining Truck Market Segmentation

100mt 390mt

793 Fleet History

The 793 has continuously evolved to remain the leader in its class Cat 793
1991 - 1992 Over 50 sold

1992 - 1996 Over 500 sold

1996 - 2005 Over 1,050 sold

2005 - Today Over 1,300 sold

More than 3,000 units sold since 1991

F Series Development
The F-Series has evolved to offer increasing safety performance and service

Enhanced Safety Increasing performance

Lower cost per ton Lower maintenance costs Increases operator efficiency Streamlined operator station

Tier 2 compliant Common rail fuel system ATAAC

Improved Serviceability
Ground level service New engine designed for serviceability


793D and 793F Specifications

793D Engine Gross HP 3516B (1801 kW) 2,415 hp

793F C175-16 (1976 kW) 2,650 hp

Gross Machine Operating Weight

(383 739 kg) 846,000 lb

(386 007 kg) 851,000 lb (390 089 kg) 860,000 lb

(60 km/h) 37.3 mph (std.) (226.8 tonnes) 250 ton

Top Speed

(54.2 km/h) 33.7 mph (std.) (59.9 km/h) 37.2 mph (opt.)


(218 tonnes) 240 ton

793F Dimensions

Competitive Comparison

F Series Design for maximum production

Exceptional Performance

Performance advantage and fuel economy Highest payload for class at rated GMW Fastest speed on grade for more cycles per hour Highest industry grade performance No thermal limitations for time on grade Four corner braking Responsive traction control to maximize performance in poor underfoot conditions No fuel burn when retarding Smooth ride allows faster cycles

Operator Differences between 793D and 793F

Walk around inspection points Cab Your new office (Ergonomics) Cat Comfort Seat Brake systems Speed on grade Technology

Exceptional Performance Grade Speed

793F delivers fastest industry speed on grade
11.5% Effective 793F 8.5 mph (+7.5%) Highest grade speed AC 7.9 mph means less time on grade more production per hour Detail study established optimum horse power to deliver best speed on grade for fuel / power train cost High torque for pulling through poor underfoot or the ability to achieve a 28% maximum grade loaded 7.5% Faster speed on grade on a typical 16

min cycle can delivers +180,000 tons / year

Exceptional Performance Brakes and Retarding

Oil-cooled multiple disc brakes, on all four wheels, provide enhanced control and exceptional braking and retarding performance; even in extreme road conditions Wet oil-cooled brakes combine service, secondary, park brake, and retarding functions Superior controllability with four corners braking / retarding Park brake holds loaded truck on up to a 15% grade Zero fuel burn during retarding Traction controls improves tire life and keeps truck moving through poor underfoot Exceeds ISO 3450 braking requirements even at 120% of rated payload Braking system designed for repeated hard stops

Regardless of paper specs many mines with both Cat and AC drive trucks set faster loaded and empty retarding speeds limits for the more controllable Cats

793F Brakes and Retarding Oil-cooled multiple disc brakes on all four wheels deliver no fuel burn during retarding Purpose built integrated system Multiple discs are continuously cooled by oil and heat is exchanged to atmosphere by radiator through water-to-oil cooler Non-fade oil cooled design offers reliable performance and long life Four wheel balanced (60/40 rear to front split) braking improves handling and machine control Spring applied secondary parking brake systems enhance safety Sealed system prevents contamination Brake wear measurements completed quickly

1 3 4 5

1. 2. 3. 4. 5.

Parking/secondary piston Service/retarding piston Friction discs Steel plates Actuating springs

Integrated Braking Control

Integrated Automatic Retarding Control and Traction Control System for one electronically controlled braking system
Automatic Retarding Control (ARC): Increases production due to faster downhill speeds Excellent controllability and reduced operator effort Less operator fatigue Adjustable speed to match road and traffic conditions Engine overspeed protection Traction Control System: Improved traction in poor underfoot conditions Less slippage means less tire wear
Engages mechanical brakes on slipping wheel for quick and responsive traction control for superior performance compared to traction motor modulation

Exceptional Performance - Retarding

Four corner oil-cooled brakes and Automatic Retarder Control enable fast and confident downhill hauls

Balanced four corner control Automatic Retarder Control for easy operation Adjustable speed auto retarder allows speed to be set to traffic or conditions No fuel consumption during retarding reduces costs Maximum speed not limited by electric drive system overspeed protection
No fuel burn on loaded downhill haul could save $86,000 / year

Exceptional Performance - Steering & Suspension Designed for excellent maneuverability, safe operation, low maintenance cost, lower operating costs, and a comfortable ride
Four-corner independent, nitrogenover-oil cylinders offer superior performance and ease of service Front & rear struts have built-in rebound control to improve ride Front cylinders act as axle mounting group Turning radius designed to minimize tire wear Payload sensors integrated into suspension cylinders All cylinders feature Advanced Surface Technology (AST) coating instead of chrome AST eliminates environmental hazards, improve wear and corrosion resistance (compared to chrome)

Low Operating Cost Repair All Caterpillar design and manufactured components delivers: an integrated power train and controls system for optimum performance and cost All Cat efficient mechanical power train delivers more power to the ground for greater productivity and lower operating costs Caterpillar C175 delivers more power for higher production than the 3500 while providing improved fuel efficiency at equal $ per hour repairs Proven mechanical power train delivers best cost per ton and allows R&I of separate components as needed

Low Operating Costs C175-16 C175-16 is built for power, reliability, efficiency and low operating costs Gross output of 1,976 kW (2,650 hp) from 85 L (5,187 in3) Advanced technology for US EPA Tier 2 compliance More power with more life to overhaul than 3500s 3% more fuel efficient than the 3516B-HD delivers more production with equal or lower tons / gallon Better engine serviceability for faster repairs Four turbos reduce repair costs and leave engine accessible for repairs Ground level service points for easier service Field tested and validated in Mining & Electric Power (120,000 hours)

C175-16 Reliability
C175-16 engine extensively tested and validated before entering full-time production
C175-16 Development Designed from experience of 3500, 3600 and MaK engines Labs development hours since 2004 C175 in concept truck 2005 Over 45,000 hours in mines on C175s running in modified 793Ds since 2006 30,000 hours in 793F pilots and 65,000 hours on C175-20s by mid 2009 Hours accumulated on electric power generation and petroleum production engines Tear down and inspection of engine at 9,500 engine confirmed wear expectations

2005 C175 going into a 793D at Cats Proving Grounds

Low Operating Cost Power Train All Caterpillar powertrain delivers more power to the ground for greater productivity and lower operating costs
Superior mechanical power density delivers high efficiency at the lowest system weight / cost Lock-up torque converter for efficient direct drive haulage Power transmitted through system using high speed / low torque Six speed planetary transmission optimizes power train efficiency Torque reduction is throughout power train and not all at final drives Proven Caterpillar double planetary reduction final drives only need to take a 16:1 reduction

Low Operating Cost - Transmission Large diameter planetary clutch packs provide smooth shifting and limit clutch energy input for extended component life
Six-speed planetary transmission matches engine power to a wide range of operating speeds Leverages Caterpillars core competency and proprietary technologies for manufacturing proven power shift clutches and planetary gear sets Electronic Clutch Pressure Control (ECPC) modulates clutch engagement individually and allows for exceptionally smooth shifting and ease of operation Valves on top of transmission improve serviceability Externally mounted pressure taps allow for quicker and cleaner diagnostics and service

Low Operating Cost - Rear Wheel Group

Caterpillar final drives work as a system with the transmission for maximum power to the ground at the lowest cost
Final drive works as a system with the transmission for only a 16:1 reduction Caterpillar system runs at about half the gear speeds of competitive AC drive final drives Lower speed system is more efficient Slower speeds and loads allow for balanced gear and bearing sizing to deliver longer life Lower operating temperatures for better component life Leverages Caterpillars core competency and proprietary technologies for manufacturing proven planetary gear sets
Oil Disc Brakes

Double planetary Final Drive

Rear Wheel Station

Continuous Rear Axle Filtration provides superior filtration for longer component life of differential and final drives Standard feature Cleaner components equal 10 to 20% longer component life Continuously circulates axle lubricant through 6 micron filter to maintain ISO 18/15 cleanliness Reduces kidney loop maintenance times NOTE: The rear axle cooler is optional.

RAX Filtration w/ cooler

10% longer life saves $25,000

Low Operating Costs Separate R&I Components Modular power train components allow for efficient remove and install plus allows for individual servicing to reduce unneeded repairs Radiator Engine Torque Converter Transmission Pump drive Differential Axle Brakes Final Drives

Final Drive sections

Oil Disc Brakes


Caterpillars individually serviceable wheel station components

Low Operating Costs - Prognostics VIMS improves effectiveness of scheduled maintenance, maximizes component life, improves availability, and lowers costs VIMS 3G monitoring system provides critical machine health and payload data in real-time On Board
Advisor display Alert system Payload indicator Storage of data such as Events, Trends, histograms, cumulative, snapshot and dataloggers Optional road analysis control to monitor haul road conditions

Off Board
Ethernet and web connectivity Near real time browser interface* Trigger snapshots and data downloads

Diagnosis and Analysis

VIMS PC off board diagnostic and analysis software
* Requires use of a separate mine radio or cellular broadband system

VIMS System & Powertrain Integration

Low Operating Cost - Extended Tire Life

The Cat 793F is designed specifically to extend tire life and reduce costs Gross weight distribution is ideally 33% 67% front-to-rear axle Traction Control System reduces tire slippage and wear Integrated VIMS System Speed Manager reduces heat separation failures by monitoring tonne kilometers per hour (ton miles per hour) Steering geometry and turning radius are designed to minimize tire scrub

Low Operating Cost - Tires & Rims Truck designed for 860,000lbs (390,000kg) GMW rating on extended life wheel stations Standard wheel stations rated at 851,000lbs (386,000kg) GMW 50/80R57 options allows for high TMPH (TKPH) ratings Different tire ratings from different tire manufacturers - work with your preferred tire supplier for correct tire and rim size per your application Tire GMW and speed limitations negotiated between site and the tire manufacturer

More Hours Per Year Maintenance Ground level service points and extended hydraulic filter change intervals mean more time hauling and less time in maintenance
Grouped ground level maintenance and check points 1000 hour hydraulic filters Oil level sight gauges Front wheel sight glass Batteries in bumper Ecology drains Final drives two piece covers Electronic Clutch Pressure Controls (ECPC) diagnostics Service platforms on the engine and transmission AST coating can deliver 2 x life over chrome Over 793D possible +1% Availability Optional electric start removes air for an additional 54,000 tons per year system Optional break wear indicators 1000 Hr Hydraulic filters save $66,000 Optional Fast fill service center in PM costs over machine life

Operator Comfort and Efficiency

The integral, sound-suppressed ROPS/FOPS cab gives the operator a comfortable and safe working environment
Integral 4 post ROPS exceeds ISO FOPS / ROPS standards Quiet at 76 dB(A) or less sound Low operator vibration Ergonomically designed generation 3 Cat Comfort air suspension seat Electric hoist control Secondary brake pedal Integrated Parking Brake and gear selector VIMS Advisor displays Tilt and telescoping steering wheel Centralized controls Large storage compartments Full sized Trainer seat (option) Powered operator window

Operator Comfort and Efficiency - Cab Visibility

Visibility has increased to give the operator enhanced awareness of their surroundings and those around them. All new cab design Increased internal size by 10% window surface by 40% and visibility by 15% over the 793D Open right hand platform for improved visibility HID light option WAVS factory camera option

Cat 793D visibility

Cat 793F visibility

Equipping Your Truck

793F Standard Equipment

Operator Environment Air conditioner 12 V DC Power Supply Coat hook Diagnostic connection port Dome courtesy light Gauges/Indicators: Transmission fluid temp Brake oil temp Engine coolant temp Fuel level Torque converter temp Hour meter Speedometer Tachometer Transmission gear indicator VIMS message center w/ advisor
Hoist, body control (electric) ROPS cab-insulated/sound suppressed Seat, air suspension Seat, passenger air suspension Seat belt, 75 mm (3 in) wide retractable Steering wheel, tilt, padded, telescopic Storage compartment Tinted glass Window, electric powered, operator Windshield wiper, intermittent control, washer Power Train C175-16 Tier 2 Diesel Engine Turbocharging (4) / Aftercooled Air cleaner w/precleaner (4) Automatic starter protection Ground level engine shutdown Ether starting aid (automatic) Elevated low idle control Crankcase protection Multi-point oil pressure sensing Braking system: Integrated park brake and directional selector Brake release motor (towing) Oil-cooled, multi-disc (front & rear) (service, retarding, parking, secondary) Automatic Retarder Control Engine overspeed protection Extended life brake disc material Transmission: 6-speed, auto power shift w/ECPC Body-up reverse neutralizer Body-up shift inhibitor Controlled throttle shifting Directional shift management Neutral coast inhibitor Neutral start switch Programmable top gear

793F Other Standard Equipment

Electrical Ground level VIMS System data port Alarm, backup Ground level battery disconnect Brushless Alternator 150 ampere Hi-speed crankcase oil change Batteries (2), 12V, 93 amp-hour Converters, 12V electrical Reservoirs (4): Electrical system, 24V, 10, 20 & 25 amp Brake Directional signals (front & rear LED) Hoist Front stair access/Service deck Stop/taillights (LED) Steering/Engine Hyd. Fan Engine compartment light Torque Converter/transmission Headlights w/ lo-hi beam selector Rock ejectors Backup and hazard lights VIMS Blue Light (LED) Supplemental steering (automatic) General Tie down eyes Traction Control System Vandalism protection locks Auto lubrication system Aux "buddy" dumping quick connect VIMS System Aux steering quick connect (towing) Includes VIMS System Payload Monitor w/MAX Payload Driveline operator safety guard & Speed Manager Fast fill fuel system Recommended using download cable 127-9797 Fuel filter w/ water separator and PC based software JERD 2175 Supplemental software "VIMS System Supervisor" YERA 1403 Order separately (Computer not provided) Antifreeze Extended Life Coolant to -35C (-30F)

793F Optional Equipment

WAVS Camera System Fire extinguisher Brake wear gauge Fuel heater Cold weather starting Wiggins service center Rims Standard Quick Change Truck Body Arrangements High intensity discharge (HID) lighting for high beam retrofits Electric start Extra retarding Extended life wheel stations SL-V grease injectors Heated mirrors/seats *Object Detection System Engine timer shut down Throttle lock Cabin pre-cleaner air filter Rear axle cooler

Machine Design Details

Engine Specifications

C175-16 Engine

Starting Options

Air Start: Ground level access to air tank drain Consolidated air system Less time to service air dryer system
Electric Start: Eliminates air system

Cooling System
The 793F Cooling System new features will provide long life, higher durability, easier serviceability and reduce downtime

ATAAC vs. D-Series JWAC

Reduces internal combustion temperature and emissions Achieves Tier 2 * Mid-Support Liner allows for better cooling of cylinders

Tube Seal

On demand variable speed hydraulic cooling fan

Reduces parasitic loss

Hydraulic Cooling Fan

Mesabi Radiator (Standard)

Designed to withstand harsh conditions and operating environments Individual folded cores for serviceability and maintenance Seals allow tube to be replaced individually
* Tier 2 US and Canada only EPA exhaust emissions regulations

Continuous Rear Axle Filtration Ground Level Access

C175-16 Engine

Front Mounted Screens Sight Gauge Covers Larger Driveshaft New Service Platform Multi-link Suspension Lower stress Housing 37 MPH Standard

Torque Converter & Lock-Up Clutch (LUC)

Higher Durability Output Bearing Increased LUC Pressure AAA Blade to Maintain Rimpull

ECPC Controls Internal improvements for increased HP Output Spline Lube & hardness Improvements

External Pressure Tap Block

793F Frame & Rear Axle

New machined cab mounting points for better fit up and less vibration

Frame updates include larger castings for new Multi-Link 4-Bar Rear Suspension

Torque tube redesign Lower stress rear axle housing Tail casting modifications

Multi-Link 4-Bar rear suspension allows more room for greater serviceability

Main Frame Caterpillar frames are designed to deliver long service life in rugged mining applications Mild steel provides flexibility, durability, and resistance to impact loads Does not require special weld procedures or stress relieving with shot penning or heating Box-section design with continuous welds Castings used in high stress areas Ultrasonically tested welds
Fabrications Castings

Integral 4-post ROPS

4 Bar Link Suspension

Lighter than traditional A-Frame design.

Transfers and supports loads to the frame more efficiently than the A-Frame design.

793F Hydraulics & Cooling

Simplified cooling system one less water pump and oil cooler

Secondary reduction final drive with segmented bearing

All hydraulic brakes

AST (Advanced Surface Technology) on Struts & Hoist Cylinders, 2x Life on Recoating

AST- Advanced Surface Technology

Increasing availability, reliability, and durability AST lowers operating costs on the machine No Risk to Environment Resurfacing Method Thermal Spray Gases combined with fine metal powder and sprayed three times the speed of sound onto rod surface. Ground to like new polish. Extends life 3 times longer Better Wear Resistance Reduces Repair time Increases quality with life Reduced Seal Leakage

AST Cylinders

Advance Service Technology provides improved wear resistance and repair time Available on front/rear struts and hoist cylinders

Replaces chroming

793F Power Train

C175-16 Engine @ 2650 GHP a 10% increase over 793D 3516B HD.
Service Platform for better access from engine to rear housing. Fully enclosed drive shaft AAA T/C blade to maintain the same stall rimpull of 28% as 793D.

Larger PTO drive shaft

New transmission with ECPC (Electronic Clutch Pressure Control) resulting in smoother shifting and better serviceability

Larger drive shaft

Higher durability output bearing on T/C.

Lock-up Torque Converter

Combines the advantages of direct drive and converter drive to achieve high component reliability and maximum output performance
Updated to accommodate 2650 hp Increased power train efficiency High reliability from proven design components 28% stall torque Broad converter performance band Lock-up clutch engages at 7.3 km/h (5.1 mph)

Advanced Controlled Throttle Shift

Reduces driveline torque stress for smoother shifts, extended component life and improved operator comfort
Transmission Output Torque

Clutch Power

Regulates engine rpm during shifts Reduces torque spikes and extends transmission life Smoother ride and less spillage Lowers operator fatigue Possible only through electronic integration of components

Controlled Throttle Shift (CTS)

Shift without CTS

Shift with CTS

Shift without CTS

Shift with CTS


793F Extended Life Wheel Group Arrangement

Differences from Standard Arrangement Larger wheel bearings Wider wheel bearing spacing Larger brakes, 94 cm (37 in) vs 86 cm (34 in) 29% increase in braking surface Larger spindle

Benefits Higher rated Gross Machine Weight (851,000lbs to 860,000 lbs) Longer brake life Extended life to overhaul Lower cost per ton 50/80R57 Tire option for higher TMPH

Rear Wheel Group

Heavy duty components and continuous filtration contribute to proven durability in the most rugged conditions Laser-hardened spindle One-piece cast wheel Large bearings Continuous rear axle filtration Oil cleanliness to ISO 16/13

Front Axle Steering Components

The 793F front suspension is a field proven design with dual tierods for optimum steering geometry to help extend tire life Separate steering hydraulic system prevents cross contamination Steering system meets ISO 5010 up to 120% of target payload Twin double-acting cylinders Steering arm pin retention plate provides redundant pin retention Front suspension cylinders serve as kingpins Serviceable bracket assembly on steering box casting saves time at rebuild Two tie-rods allow optimum steering geometry

Extra Retarding Arrangement Offering enhanced braking for long downhill loaded hauls
Differences from Standard Arrangement Higher flow brake cooling Higher capacity cooling system Includes Extended Life Wheel Groups Larger thermostat Larger dia. cooling lines One additional brake cooler One additional water pump Copper ATAAC Benefits 35% increase in downhill speed over the standard 793D Higher flow capacity Higher heat rejection Increased coolant flow Faster cooling


Caterpillar Truck Bodies

793 MSDII Body Size Options

793 MSDII Body is available in 3 sizes to meet a variety of material density ranges:
209 yd 3 (160 m 3 ) 2750-3000 lbs/lcy material 230 yd 3 (176 m 3 ) 2500-2750 lbs/lcy material 250 yd 3 (191 m 3 ) 2300 2500 lbs/lcy material

793 X Body Size Options

793 X Body is available in 3 sizes to meet a variety of material density ranges: 195 yd 3 (150 m 3 ) 3000+ lbs/lcy 204 yd 3 (155 m 3 ) 2800-3000 lbs/lcy 210 yd 3 (160 m 3 ) 2650-2800 lbs/lcy

Caterpillar Body Liner Options - Types

Smooth Plate for cohesive materials

Zipper Grid for semi-cohesive materials

Rock Box for dry and non-cohesive materials

Mechanically Attached Wear Plate System (MAWPS) semi-cohesive to noncohesive materials


10/10/20 Overload Policy

No more than 10% of loads above 110% No loads above 120% The average payload shall not exceed the target

90% of loads should fall into this range No more than 10% of loads should exceed 110% of the target payload No loads should be above 120% of the target payload

90 %

MineStar System Integrated Mine Information

GPS Infrastructure: Satellites, Repeaters, Base Station

Radio Network MineStar

KPIs/ Graphing


Production Monitoring

Machine Tracking

Material Tracking

Machine Guidance


Data Flow
Engineering and Geology Production
Administration Management

Business Intelligence





Note: MineStar systems availability for specific markets depends on applicable radio licenses.

Road Analysis Control (RAC)

RAC monitors and logs haul road severity to increase truck life and reduce cost/ton Existing suspension cylinder pressure sensors measure pitch & bias of truck, and frame rack (twist) System identifies haul road problem areas to avoid and correct Transmits real time data and GPS locations to haul road maintenance via radio, if equipped Improved haul roads help optimize truck component life, fuel consumption, and safety

VIMS System Speed Manager

Fully integrated with VIMS System, Speed Manager consists of three features that help optimize truck safety and performance, lower costs, and extend service life VIMS System MAX Speed Manager VIMS System TKPH (TMPH) Speed Manager VIMS System MAX Payload Speed Manager

New Features

New Features

600 mm (23.6 in) wide access from ground to cab Improved secondary egress ladder Top deck, hood, platform and walkway is all one level Ground level access service points Ground level access to filters Three-way lock-out/tag-out box at ground level Engine bay designed without any hydraulic routings above the turbos. Spring assist struts on hood providing less effort to open.

New Features (Cont.)

Standard (cont)
- Fully enclosed driveshaft - Reduced operator sound and vibration - Toe kicks - Dual body retaining cables

- Optional WAVS (Work Area Vision System) - Object Detection System

New Features (Cont.)

C175 16 ACERT Engine EPA Tier II compliant.
Provides 10% more power. Common rail fuel system.

Power Train
Increased speed on grade and a higher top speed Extended life wheel station attachment for long, uphill hauls, improving wheel groups where bearing life has been a limiting factor (Optional) Extra retarding attachment for downhill loaded applications, providing an extra gear of retarding capability for 35 percent more speed downhill (Optional) Electronic Clutch Pressure Control (ECPC)

New Features (Cont.)

Improved main frame

More robust design 4-Bar Link Suspension replaces A-Frame Design, which allows more room for greater serviceability Battery Box integrated into front bumper design for better serviceability

Hydraulic Brakes
All hydraulic brake system vs. the air over hydraulics system Extended Life Brakes (XLP) are standard in all configurations

All Service Points accessible from ground level

New Features (Cont.)

Starting System
Air start (Standard) Electrical start (Optional)

Cab and Operator Environment

Increased ROPS capacity 15% improved visibility New cab mounts reducing vibration and noise levels New cab/controls
Adjustable retarding control Transmission and Hoist controls

Monitoring System
VIMS 3G with Advisor monitoring system

Machine Inspections

Right Side Inspection

Inspect the following:

Tires/rims Front wheel oil sight gauge Steering system components Suspension cylinder Air tank Filters Transmission/Torque converter Hydraulic tank sight gauges Hoist cylinder Frame and body

Front wheel oil level - check

Check the front wheel oil level using the sight gauges and maintain the oil level to the bottom of filler plug.

Air tank

Air tank drain

Hydraulic Tank

1) Brake actuation reservoir 2) Hoist and brake cooling reservoir 3) Steering/Hyd. Fan reservoir

4) Two Brake cooling pumps

Hydraulic Tank

Brake/Hoist Fill Brake sight gauge Hoist sight gauge

Steering/Fan Fill
Steering/Engine Hydraulic Fan sight gauges

Brake and Hoist sight gauges

(1) Hoist reservoir sight gauge

(2) Brake reservoir sight gauge

Steering and Eng. hyd. fan reservoir sight gauge

Engine stopped check

Engine running check 2

Steering and Engine hydraulic fan reservoir sight gauges

Rear Inspection

Inspect the following:

Lights Suspension cylinders Leaks Oil level sight gauge Grease fittings and lines Rock ejectors Tire tread Body pins Body cables

Differential and Final Drive Oil Check

Differential and Final Drive Oil Sight Gauge

Left Side Inspection

Inspect the following:

Handrails Engine Oil level sight gauge Auto Lube Reservoir Tires/rims Front wheel oil sight gauge Steering system components Suspension cylinder Torque convertor/Trans. oil level sight gauge - Fuel tank - Hoist cylinder - Frame and body

Engine Oil Level Sight Gauge location

Engine Oil Level Sight Gauge

Engine Oil Level Sight Gauge

If the engine is stopped and the oil is cold, maintain the oil level in the upper green range.

If the engine is running at low idle and the oil is at B operating Tempture, maintain the oil level in the lower green range.

Auto Lubrication System

Auto Lube System (Electric Motor)

Front wheel oil level - check

Check the front wheel oil level using the sight gauges and maintain the oil level to the bottom of filler plug.

Torque Converter/Trans. oil level check

Check oil level in Torque Converter sump with engine at an idle.
Oil at operating temp. (hot) in upper sight gauge (1)

Oil at ambient temp. (cold) in lower sight gauge (2)

Front Inspection

Inspect the following:

Ground level controls Lights Auto Lube Reservoir Air filters Radiator Battery compartment Fast Fill Service Center (Optional) Ladders and platforms Engine compartment Coolant level Windows/Mirrors

793F Ground Level Energy Isolation Box (standard)

VIMS Data Port

VIMS Event Light

Battery Lockout (1)

Battery Charge Receptacle

(mounted beside box, not pictured)

Engine Service Lights Switch (2) Ladder Lamp Switch (3) Engine Shutdown Switch (4)

Machine/ Transmission Lockout (6) & Indicator Lamp

Engine/Starter Lockout (5) & Indicator Lamp

*NOTE: This is a standard feature on the F series. Please continue to refer to site specific lock out/tag out policies.

Battery compartment

Battery Box integrated into front bumper design for better serviceability

Fast fill service center (optional)

Engine Oil Port (2)

Torque Conv./Trans Oil Port (3)

Level indicator for hoist/brake oil (cold) (5) Level indicator for hoist/brake oil (hot) (6) Level indicator for coolant (Full) (8)

Hoist and Brake Oil Port (1)

5 4

Steering system Oil Port (9) Level indicator for Steering oil (Full engine off) (13) Level indicator for Engine oil (Full engine on) (12)

Level indicator for Auto Lube Reservoir (Full) (14)

Power switch for Fast Fill service center (15)

Engine Coolant Port (10)

Diesel Fuel Port (11)

Level indicator for Torq. Conv./Trans. oil (cold) (4) Level indicator for Torq. Conv./Trans. oil (hot) (7)

Access and Egress

600 mm wide walkway to cab Improved secondary egress Powered folding stair attachment (optional)

Top Deck Enhancements

Enhancements: - Top Deck is now all one level.

- Toe kicks are standard now.

Radiator Coolant Level Check

Left side cab checks

Windshield washer reservoir

Cab fresh air filter

Cab Features

Operator Comfort and Efficiency

Cat 793D

Cat 793F

Operator Environment - Pedals

Service brake Foot rest

Secondary brake


Steering Wheel and controls

Steering Wheel Control

Multi Function Control Lever

Manual Retarder Control Lever

Steering Wheel Tilt/Telescope Control Lever

(Below Multi function control lever)

Cat Comfort Seat

The Caterpillar Comfort Seat with three-point operator restraint is the most durable and supportive seat available for Cat Mining Trucks High-back seat supports head and neck Ride zone indicator adjusts seat suspension to operators weight Adjustable rake lower cushion Washable seat cover Dual retractor lap and shoulder belt system Adjustable shoulder belt has six vertical height settings for optimum fit Note: Refer to Operations and Maint. Manual SEBU8406-00 for more detailed explanation of adjustments. *
Three-point restraint

* Additional resources listed below in speaker notes for seat and adjustments to ensure operator comfort.

Seat control adjustments

Back cushion angle lever

Seat cushion tilt Fore/Aft adjustment lever

Ride indicator Ride adjustment lever

Height adjustment lever

NOTE: There are additional adjustments not shown in this photo, please see below and refer to OMM.

Instrumentation Panel
Instrument Cluster Hazard Flasher Switch VIMS Advisor Screen Access Light Switch Headlight, Parking Lights, and Taillights Switch Fog Light Switch Engine Start Switch Cigarette Lighter 12 volt receptacle Fan Speed Switch Temp. Variable Control Heated Mirror Switch
(If equipped)

Panel Light Switch

Air Conditioner Switch

Electric Start System

New machine starting option will allow the elimination of an air system.

ATC - Automatic Temp. Control

Heating and Air Conditioning System Air Conditioner Switch - Pushing the top of the switch manually turns on the AC. - If the switch is in the middle position the AC system is off.

- Pushing the bottom of the switch will turn on the Automatic Temperature Control.

Instrument Cluster

VIMS 3G with Advisor

Console Controls

Transmission Control
Automatic Retarder Control(ARC) Hoist Control

Automatic Retarder Adjustment Left Power window switch

Throttle backup and Throttle Lock Switch WAVS Camera Switch (If Equipped) Right Power Window Switch

Console Controls Transmission Control Lever Increment button (on front of control handle)

Shift control release button Decrement button

Console Controls Hoist Control Lever

Body Lower Body Float Body Hold Body Raise

Console Switches

Automatic Retarder Control(ARC)

Throttle backup (Stand.) and Throttle Lock Switch (Optional) WAVS Camera Switch (If Equipped) Right Power Window Switch (If equipped)

Automatic Retarder Adjustment Left Power window switch

Overhead console switches

Brake Release Switch

Idle Shutdown Timer Switch (If equipped) See speaker notes.

Traction Control System Test switch

WAVS Camera System


Front Camera

Right-hand Camera

Rear Camera

Optional system to enhance the operators vision Rear view automatically displayed when machine is placed in reverse

Caterpillar Integrated Object Detection System TM

The system consists of:

An interactive touch screen display in the cab

Medium Range Radars front & rear (~ 20 metre range)

Short Range Radar front, rear & sides (~ 7 metre range)

Cameras on all 4 sides of the machine

Alerts the operator during startup and initial machine movement of objects within the machines immediate surroundings, particularly blind spots.

Cat Integrated Object Detection System Benefits

Improves site safety by enhancing operators situational awareness Stand alone machine system does not require any off-board infrastructure

Easy to learn user interface

Minimizes nuisance audible alarms

Scalable solution allows user to start with camera system and later add radars

Cat Integrated Object Detection System

Available January 2010 on Large Mining Trucks

785, 789, 793 & 797 Additional models expected later 2010

Can be ordered with new truck or retrofitted to existing

Listed as optional attachment on truck price pages

Marketing materials being completed and uploaded to Cat Electronic Sales Library Dealers start targeting customers for system now

VIMS 3G with Advisor

Scroll up/left button

Scroll down/right button

Preset Buttons

Back button Main Home menu button Digital display area OK button

Warning Levels

Category Level 1 Level 2

Message Display Displayed on Advisor screen Displayed on Advisor screen

Action Lamp Solid Amber Flash Red

Action alarm N/A N/A

Level 2S
Level 3

Displayed on Advisor screen

Displayed on Advisor screen

Flash Red
Flash Red


Advisor Home Screen

Actual Gear Transmission control position Top drive Gear

Status of ARC *


More options indicator Menu items

Advisor Home Menu Selections

Advisor Operator Menu Selections

Advisor Operator Menu Selection Map

Advisor Monitor Menu Selection

Advisor Monitor Menu Selection Parameters

Advisor Payload Menu Selection

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Advisor Service - Diagnostics Menu Map

Advisor Diagnostics Active Events Menu

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Advisor Diagnostics Triggered Snapshot Menu

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Advisor Settings Menu

Advisor Service Mode Menu

793F Operation

Secondary Steering Test

1. 2. 3. When the engine is stopped, check level of steering oil is in proper range in upper sight gauge. After engine is started, check level of steering oil is in the proper range in the lower sight gauge. With engine running and engine start switch in on position, shut engine down with the ground level shut down switch (front bumper). Return to cab and turn steering wheel to the left and to the right. If steering wheel does not turn or there are problems turning the wheel, consult your local Cat dealer.

4. 5.

793F Operation

Brake System Tests

Service Secondary Parking

793F Operation

Service and Secondary Brake System Test

1. Fasten the seat belt before you test the brakes. 2. Check the area around the machine. Make sure that the machine and area is clear of personnel and clear of obstacles. 3. Test the brakes on a dry, level surface. 4. Start the engine. 5. Depress respective brake control in order to apply the respective brake system. 6. Move the transmission control to the D position. 7. Gradually increase the engine speed to 1300 rpm. The machine should not move. 8. Reduce the engine speed to an idle. Move the transmission control to the P position. Stop the engine. NOTICE
If the machine moved while testing the brakes, contact your Caterpillar dealer. Have the dealer inspect and, if necessary, repair the service brake before returning the machine to operation.

793F Operation

Parking Brake System Test

1. Fasten the seat belt before you test the brakes. 2. Check the area around the machine. Make sure that the machine and area is clear of personnel and clear of obstacles. 3. Test the brakes on a dry, level surface. 4. Start the engine. 5. When the transmission control is in the P position, depress the increment button (front of control lever) and depress the decrement button (left side of the control lever) at the same time. 6. While both buttons are depressed, Move the transmission control to the D position. Note: The buttons can now be released and the parking brake will remain on. 7. Gradually increase the engine speed to 1300 rpm. The machine should not move. 8. Reduce the engine speed to an idle. Move the transmission control to the P position. Stop the engine. NOTICE
If the machine moved while testing the brakes, contact your Caterpillar dealer. Have the dealer inspect and, if necessary, repair the service brake before returning the machine to operation.

Reference materials

793F OMM #SEBU8406-00 793F Specalog #AEHQ6038 793F Salesgram #TEKQ0751-01 793F Marketing Bulletin #TEJB9479 793F Product Bulletin #TEJB9163 Cat Comfort Seat Salesgram #TEKQ0239 Cat Comfort Seat with three point operator restraint video #AEVN5717 (Avail. in Spanish and Portuguese) Integrated Object Detection System Salesgram #TEKQ0747-02 Integrated Object Detection System Specalog #AEHQ6054 (Avail. In
Spanish, Portuguese, Indonesia and French)

F Series Supporting documents; https://catminer.cat.com/trucks STMG media #1869


793F Highlights
Right Hand Deck One level platform Open view (no air or steering tank) Reinforced attachment location Light hoods with spring assist and locks Steel deck around cab access Comfort Cab Integrated 4 post ROPS Exceptional visibility Integrated Parking Brake and gear selector 76 dB(a)

Access 600 mm wide Rear cab access option

Body Mine and application specific Balance of weight / durability

Mesabi Radiator Robust for mining Individual serviceable cores

Visibility HID option Heated mirror option WAVS option

Two Piece Cover Ease of service

Lock Out Tag Out Battery Disconnect Engine start lockout Transmission lockout

Bumper Service Wiggins center Auto lube Batteries

Wheel Sight Gauge Increased reliability Reduced unscheduled down-time

Tire Options 40R57 46/90 50/80

793F Highlights
Starting Options Optional electric start removes air system Cold weather system available 4 Link Suspension No A-frame Load direct into frame Open for service

Clean and Open Engine Only 4 turbos Turbos above engine Space for in chassis repairs Reduced number of external Tubes or Hoses

Power Shift Transmission Six speed planetary transmission optimizes power train efficiency Electronic Clutch Pressure Control for smooth shifting and ease of service

C175-16 Tier 2 Compliant 2650 HP 85 litters More fuel efficient than 3500 On demand fan system

Continuous rear axle filtration

Ground Service Sight gauge Filters

Ground Level Service 1000 hr hydraulic filters Oil sight gauges Filter placement and height SOS port placement Bottom load filters Drain plugs

Wheel Station Separate brake, spindle and brake service Double reduction planetary final drive Low reduction ratio allows for robust design

793F Highlights
ROPS Mounting Cab mounting integrated to machine frame Exceeds ISO standards Engineered with customer additions in mind MARC mounts reduced sound and vibration 4 Corner Oil Brakes 40 / 60 front rear split Sealed cooled and filtered for performance, production, and reliability Wet oil-cooled brakes combine service, secondary, park brake, and retarding functions Balanced 4 wheel retarding Zero fuel burn during retarding

Frame Castings Box section Mild steel Ultrasound tests

Service Modular component design On board diagnostics Extended hydraulic systems filter life Competitive R&I times

ARC Automatic Retarder control Adjustable retarding speed

Brake Wear Indicators Increase reliability Reduces unscheduled down time

Large Mining Truck Worldwide Fleet

Over 18,900 Shipments* (as of Feb. 31st 2009)

North America


Latin America

Europe, Africa & Middle East

Asia Pacific, Indonesia & Australia

*Shipments leaving factory

(Percentages reflect 777,785, 789, 793,797, distribution)

Update Bi-Yearly

Safety - Features Design features target to help reduce haulage injures

Hydraulic lines not routed above engine turbos Ground level secondary engine shutdown and machine lock-out with tag-outs 600mm wide walkways, ladders and catwalk Bottom loading filters Filter drains Brushless alternator Fully enclosed driveshaft Required moving part guards Rear access ladder Wide secondary egress ladder Service platforms Spring strut hoods and retention locks Front deck is all one level Ground level filters Increased ROPS capacity Increased operator visibility Low operator sound and vibration Toe kicks Optional WAVS (Work Area Vision System)