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FDA - Goa at Law Enforcement Workshop at New Delhi,121

Tobacco - effects

❂ Consumption of tobacco containing food

articles namely Gutka, Khaini, Pan Masala, by
whatever name called, etc can lead to a
dreadful disease known as Oral Sub Mucous
Fibrosis (OSF), which is a pre-cancerous
condition linked with the use of smokeless
tobacco products.
FDA - Goa at Law Enforcement Workshop at New Delhi,221.
Government Policy
❂ The Government of Goa , in the back drop of
all this, felt the need to implement certain
prohibitions and restriction on the
manufacture for sale, sell and distribution
of such tobacco containing food products
so as to save its young generation and
other persons falling prey to the addiction
of these harmful injurious products
containing tobacco.
FDA - Goa at Law Enforcement Workshop at New Delhi,321.
RECEENT Prohibition

 Smoke only on roads and streets

 40% cover of products with pictorial warnings
 Fine of Rs.200 under national tobacco control
 Separate smoking zone in hotels and airports

FDA - Goa at Law Enforcement Workshop at New Delhi,421.

Tobacco Control Laws implemented
the State of Goa

Today, the State of Goa is engaged in the enforcement and

implementation of the following tobacco control laws:

❂ Goa Prohibition of Smoking & Spitting Act 1997

❂ Goa Public health (Amendment) Act, 2005
❂ Cigarettes and other Tobacco Products (Prohibition of
Advertisement and Regulation of Trade & Commerce,
Production, Supply & Distribution), Act 2003

FDA - Goa at Law Enforcement Workshop at New Delhi,521.

Recent Amendment to the PFA Act, 1954.

Recently the Government of India under notification No. GSR

No. 491(E) dated 21.08.2006 under amendment to the
provisions of the Prevention of Food Adulteration Rules
1955 has incorporated a rule, which reads as:

Rule 44-J: Product not to contain any substance which may be injurious to
health: Tobacco and nicotine shall not be used as ingredients in any
food products.”

The above amendment has already taken effect from 20th August 2007

FDA - Goa at Law Enforcement Workshop at New Delhi,621.

Our Endeavors: Fight the Evil
❂ Today, the State has undertaken all efforts within its
available restricted resources to combat the growing
menace of tobacco ill-effects.
❂ But such gigantic mammoth tasks of protecting the
health of the public, especially the youth’s generation
solely cannot lie by enacting legislation and enforcing
these legislation. The NGO’s and other stakeholders
involved in this drive also need to aggressive tackle in
thee same line with which such harmful injurious
products are promoted so that we can save the future.

FDA - Goa at Law Enforcement Workshop at New Delhi,721.


Smoking will be prohibited at all places to

which the public has access, including
auditoriums, health institutions,
government buildings, restaurants,
courts, public conveyances, public
transport, stadiums, railway stations,
bus stops, workplaces, shopping malls,
refreshment rooms, discotheques, pubs
and airport lounges. The ban will not
cover open spaces
FDA - Goa at Law Enforcement Workshop at New Delhi,821.

FDA - Goa at Law Enforcement Workshop at New Delhi,921.