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Corporate Terminology

Prepared By : Ranjan Dwivedi

March 1, 2009 Ranjan Dwivedi 1

19 Nov 2008
• Japan in recession after 7 Years
• CITI may axe 50K Jobs to cut expenses
• Package of Incentives to bail out Exporters hit by slow
• Government to hasten spending on Power House to give
fiscal stimulus
• Cut in Excise duty to boost demand
• GM ,Ford Motors and Chrysler asking for bailout to avoid
• Sectors having good job Prospectus are Education ,
Healthcare and FMCG
• MBA Education should encourage integrated thinking and
be more customer-centric as opposed to resource-centric.
Every stream has value and meaning.
• Brand matters
• Personal branding: It is a clear , deep and profound
understanding of who you are and what you stand for.
March 1, 2009 Ranjan Dwivedi 2
• It is great to be busy but it is more critical to be productive.
20 Nov 2008
• IT Big 5 to hire80K this year
• Rupee closes at record low of 50.02 per dollar
• Economic meltdown is hurting NGO’s dependent on Corporate funding
• Maruti Suzuki rolls out A-Star
• Centre to boost investment in infrastructure
• 5% import duty slapped on steel to save domestic steel industries
• Banks will be able to lend more to NBFCs that are providing funs to
Infrastructure sector
• RBI may fund NHB to revive housing finance companies
• RBI may consider fresh liquidity steps to propel growth
• Scope of monetary action to further ease liquidity by cutting interest rate
suggest CII
• NRIs reported remittance in September is $513 million, hiest since Dec2006
• Building Infrastructure is not Keynes’ General Theory
• Crude oil $54 per barrel
• RIL and ESSAR to retail fuel again
• Metro man Sreedharan known for completing targets before time
• Confedration of Indian Industries and World Economic forum jointly organized

March 1, 2009 Ranjan Dwivedi 3

21 Nov 2008
• Assignment (Taxila –Misc)
• The Finance ministry is considering a further relaxation in overseas borrowing
norms , particularly for infrastructure companies
• ONGC has offered bouquet of perks and facilities to it’s 30000 odd employees.
• For Offshoring, firms will prefer India says Infosys’s MD & CEO Mr S
• Indian companies to find favor with overseas lenders . Indian companies
borrowed $1 Billion in the month of October.
• A marathon meeting of WTO will begin in Geneva next week
• Slowdown hits mining sector, FIMI(Federation of Indian Mineral Industries) wants
export duty removal
• India and Tajikistan ink double taxation avoidance pact.
• Govt okays hike for PSU staff
• Sliding fuel prices pull inflation down to 8.9%
• Ranbaxy exploring Health Insurance Business
• Investors come home to Gold
• There has been an improvement in liquidity in Mutual Fund
• Do we need Fair Value Accounting?
• Rupee closes at 50.18
• Small cos turn to Currency Exchanges to hedge risk

March 1, 2009 Ranjan Dwivedi 4

24 Nov 2008
• India Clinch ODI series
• Jet Airways proposes 5-10% cut for employees withdrawing 75k
• Legal Eagles Soar as market soar
• Rs 50K-cr push for core sector like roads, airports,ports and power
• FDI is allowed in invest in Investment Cos soon
• Govt is considering an array of sop such as lower excise duty for
Auto Industries
• Mr Subbarao to meet bank heads to assess the market liquidity
• Tata motors to shut down Jamesdpur plant for 5 Days due to
slump in sales order
• Forex reserve dip $5Bn in a week as RBI sells Dollor
• Indis Forex Kitty has srunk by $45 Bn in last seven weeks.
• India Inc to take the current slowdown as an opportunity to take
the reins of global leadership
• India story is viable as ever
• Give man a fish and you feed for a day, teach him how to fish and
you feed for the life.
• Psu oil Cos may be forced to price cuts
March 1, 2009 Ranjan Dwivedi 5
• Commenwealth games has raised hopes of young professional for
25 Nov 2008
• US bail out CITI with $20 bn cash injection
• MBA student kidnap teen to recover losses in stocks
and real Estate
• RBI tightens norms on pleging indian property on
NBFC’s foreign branch oversea Debt
• Mindtree eyes SAP services co. Seal Consulting
• Coke steps up focus on small towns,rural mkts.
• Hindustan Zinc has won CSR Excellance award
• Shikha Sharma awarded businesswoman of the year
• MBA colleges should check not only
numerical,analytical and linguistic skills but also social
and ethical skills.
• CRR cushion helps banks invest over 7k Cr in CPs, MFs
bonds and stock
• Market is good for longRanjan
March 1, 2009
term investor
Dwivedi 6
• IT banking on china for biz.
• Bad Hire a major Issue in the companies
• Worst Spending Slump Since 1942 Extends ‘Scary’ U.S. Recession Household
spending will drop 1 percent in 2009,
• Domestic passenger-car sales fell 19.38% in November to 83,059 units, from
1,03,031 units in the same month last year.
• Major cement manufacturers, including ACC, Ambuja Cements and Shree Cement,
on Tuesday announced price cuts by up to Rs 7 per bag in response to the
government's move to reduce CENVAT by 4%.
• Indian Railways on Monday hiked the freight rates for cement, coal and coke by up to
8% per tonne. The Railways move would increase the input cost of housing, power
and steel sectors that have been identified
• HDFC Bank Ltd, said on Monday it was cutting its prime lending rate by 50 basis
points to 16 percent following rate cuts by the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) on the
• Central Crime Station (CCS) sleuths arrested a former software professional who
procured two SIM cards by fraudulent means to harass a lady colleague and a
childhood friend.
• In future a mobile phone will replace the laptop market, and drive PC makers out of
business. Already laptop sales have started falling all over the world, indicating the
supremacy of the smart phone. Large PC makers like HP and Dell will either change
their business models or go out of business
• Rupee on Wednesday appreciated by 48 paise against the US currency in early trade
March 2009 selling by banks amid surging
RanjanAsian equity markets.
Dwivedi 7
At the Interbank Foreign Exchange (Forex) market, the domestic currency traded at
Contd 10 Dec 2008
• Swraj Paul first Asian deputy speaker in Britain's House of
10 Dec 2008, 1154 hrs IST, PTI
• The RBI had stated that "loans granted by banks to housing
finance companies (HFCs) for on-lending to individuals for
purchase/construction of dwelling units may be classified
under priority sector, provided the housing loans granted
by HFCs does not exceed Rs 20 lakh per dwelling unit per
• The monthly net outflows from SS schemes, especially
postal deposits and certificates like National Savings
Certificates and Kisan Vikas Patra, touched a 3-yr high of Rs
2,937 crore in Oct as investors took to bank deposits, where
interest rates have been firming up from July
• To counter the effects of the global financial slowdown and
its impact on various sectors of the Indian economy, the
Central Government on Sunday announced an Rs.20, 000
crore stimulus package that includes major across the
board tax cuts to boost demand. A total amount of Rs.300,
March crore is to be spent Ranjan
1, 2009 overDwivedi
the remaining four months on 8
11 Dec 2008
• 30700Cr as Fiscal Stimulus to prime sectors like housing, export,infrastructure
and textiles is just 0.6 % of GDP
• Govt to keep close watch on working of rating agencies
• Telecom companies keen to bid for 3G (third generation)radio frequencies but
facing shortage of fund can bank upon govt for fund
• The Central Bank has libeberallized it’s ECB policy to allow purchase of 3G
spectrum licence in India as one of the permitted use.
• The forex inflow from tourist industry has gone down in November and is in
negative territory for the first time in last five years
• Domestic Life insurer have infused RS 3000Cr of extra capital to bolster
business and maintain ability to pay claims.
• Min GMAT score for Iim’s is 722/800 much higher than 710 for harvard and 712
for Stanford for PGPX
• Future Mobile will be more of a computer says Anssi Vanloki VP Nokia
• Industry cancels 15% orders worth 3750 Cr for new ships
• Economy to grow 7.5% to 8% this fiscal. World economy to grow at about
• Will fed cut rate on Dec 16? Rates of Central BanK in all the countries??
• Private Sector has 80% investment in our economy
• Psu Bank to step up Retail Lending
• BPO sector not in danger of job losses

March 1, 2009 Ranjan Dwivedi 9

ADD 11 Dec 2008
• Credit Rating Companies in India
• Mahindra-Renault tie up is under a cloud after Logan
Sales fail to pick up
• Wipro is asking some of its new IT recruits to join its
BPO arm
• Top Indian 5 Deals of M& A in the year 2008? Eg Fem
Care Pharma and Dabur India =$40.70M.
• India’s financial advisory Ranking top 5 eg CITI
• Mumbai attacks have brought the nation face-to-face
with wide loopholes in the basic governance
• Parle’s Frootie a food beverage in competition with
-----Real, ---------Tropicana,-----Priyagold.----------Minute
Maid and mazza
• Indian farmers looses about 1200 cr to fake pesticide.
Go in detail
• Carbon credit Trading Ranjan Dwivedi
March 1, 2009 10
12 Dec 2008
• Gehlot is CM Rajasthan
• 2nd Stimulas package soon
• Pak bans Jammat-ud-Dawa
• PM inaugrates 1st 3G network by receiving
Vedio call
• India gets a coastal command
• PM says Sorry to the nation
• RBI extends 9000Cr credit line to NHB and
• US House passes auto rescue plan of
• Duty Cut,Samsung,LG slash prices
• Indian
March 1, 2009 M&A pick up stem
Ranjan Dwivedi in Nov. about 11
Add 12Dec2008
• Nasscom says that Scandinavia are calling IT
• China’s milk scandal highlights an endemic
problem,that is the linkage between regulators and
the firms
• RBI has sold dollors which has squeezed liquidity
• Unfettered capitalism is dead but crony capitalism is
alive and well
• CNN news coverage clip of Reasons for financial crises
• Understanding CSR
• IMF has approved loans for Hungry($15.7BN) and
Ukraine($16.5BN) but not Iceland ($2.1BN)
• TATA is creating a mall management entity through
it’s retail venture Trent
• Transparency International corruption index ranking
indicate India is becoming a bit more corrupt.(least
corrupted to max corrupted)
March 1, 2009 Ranjan Dwivedi 12
Today’s World Wide

Corporate Developments
PM inaugrates 1st 3G network by receiving Vedio call
• Nasscom says that Scandinavia are calling IT professionals
• India's industrial growth has shrunk for the first time in more than a decade
as the country witnesses the fallout of the global credit crunch
• John Maynard Keynes introduced the concept of the paradox of thrift The concept
means that every body decides to save, consumer spending will fall, causing total
demand to slump, along with total income , which will ultimately mean people will
have less to save
• Mr Sunil Alagh MD Britannia Industries says this is particularly true in India where
domestic consumption makes up 60% of GDP, because when the consumer starts
spending the company starts investing
• FMCG prices set for correction with inflation finally cooling off.
• IHCL to unveil new brand identity Viventa.It will be Viventa by T------
• Tata to merge Corus to Cut UK cost. Merger will create world’s second largest steel
maker after----------.
• Total recruitment set to touch 45000 in major hiring by LIC,SBI,PNB
• HNI are scouting properties abroad. R BI has raised the remittance limit from $1 lacs
to $2 lacs
• Government may unveil housing sops today to invigorate t demand in housing sector
• U.S. policy makers are flooding the world with an extra $8.5 trillion through 23
different plans designed to bail out the financial system and pump up the economy.
• BOJ may go to ZERO bank rate (Vedio clip) .
• GM, Chrysler Failure Would Push U.S. Economy Deeper Into Abyss. A bankruptcy filing
by either company would mean production cuts and plant closings, and tens of
thousands of workers would be fired, industry analysts say. That would cause many
suppliers to collapse, triggering more job losses, straining the cities and states where
the car and parts companies operate, as well as federal safety-net programs

March 1, 2009 Ranjan Dwivedi 13
Companies welcomed the first economic stimulus last weekend but said it did not
Today’s World Wide
Corporate Developments
• (28/16)Gold climbs to $829/ounce on weak
• Sustained dollor selling by the banks and
exporters strengthened the INR on Monday
to close at 48.05
• Crude oil above $48/barrel
• MBA of ISB Hyderabad Paper submitted
that increase in interest rate by 50 basis
point leads to immediate decline in
consumption expenditure by as much as
• Total outsourcing/offsourcing market is on
• India may manage to buck the global
recession largely based on the buying
March 1, 2009
16Dec2008 of the bottom 80%
Ranjan Dwivedi
of the population 14
Today’s World Wide
Corporate Developments
• Mumbai’s advanced tax collection
growth dips
• Reduced prices yet to trigger demand
due to uncertain consumer ,saddeled
with huge inventories dealers are
demanding compensation
• Few foreign banks are riding on their
well heeled NRI clients to invest in
Indian Mfbecause being Foreign body
corporate cannot invest directly
• MSME loans to be cheaper by 100basis
March 1, 2009 Ranjan Dwivedi 15
Today’s World Wide
Corporate Developments
• Sensex O-9794 H-10009,L-9790,C-9977
• Pharma and FMCG have a greater say in the
daily swings of the index
• A window for Opportunities---Companies that
are offering a “recession –proof” career to
candidates are—Telecom , IT,
Outsourcing/Professional Services ,Retail , Life
Sciences and Infrastructure
• Constant awareness of what will disappear and
what are the new growth area
• Road Ahead-Corporate India working with
government on security.
• Organising Culture is defining success.
• Insurers serving cancellation notice to group
mediclaim policy holder
• States
March 1, 2009 seek aid of Rs20kcr
Ranjan Dwivedi for core and, social 16
Today’s World Wide
Corporate Developments
• Micro Finance Institutions are emerging as the next
asset class for PE funds where the risk level are
moderate to high.
• Attitude may matter more than talent says Warren
Buffet .Develop the art of not coming in your own way
and utilize whatever you have fully
• IITians focus on rural India
• Revenue of the states from VAT fell by 19.9% in
• FDI flows dip 26% to $1.49b in October
• Sops to promote energy conservation
• Banks may share exporters derivatives lossess
• Pes eye food and agro –based cos.
• Grab any offer coming your way: Pune B-School to
• 3G auctions limited to five players only because 3G
spectrum is limited.
• Value
1, 2009 Retailers cut prices
Ranjan to lure
Dwivedi buyers. 17
Economic Terms
of Corporate World
• Satyam Computer is bracing up for a ostile take
over bid or a forced change of management
against $1.6b deal with Mayatas Properties.
• Second fiscal stimulus for sops to automobile ,
housing and steel sector
• Corporate India and retail borrowers may soon
get loan at cheaper rates and easer terms
• If the ad is smart and the pruduct turns out be
dud who is responsible? Law coming up.
• Monetary policy should have been much more
proactive and aggressive than perhaps it has
• _______Maggi wont be kids stuff anymore and will
be advertising for Family healthy food.
• Essel Group to invest Rs 350Cr in schools all over
• How
March 1, 2009
18Dec2008 to stop non business
Ranjan Dwivedi
surfing by employees
Economic Terms
of Corporate World
• Top ADS 1.Virgin Mobile 2.Vodafone
Customer care3.TVSFlame4.Sun Direct5.Lux
Srawbery Cream
• The ministry of MSME to set up 250 training
• Anil Agarwal Chairman Vidanta Group is
Earnst and Young’s “Entrepreneur of the
Year 2008”
• United States to the zero-rate policies that
Japan used for years in its own fight against
• Crude $45 and Gold $846
• Sensex17/12/2008
March 1, 2009 Ranjan Dwivedi 19
Economic Terms
of Corporate World
• Lesson from Satayam Computer as Management
• Give priority to corporate governance for developing
the faith of employees , share holders , customers and
all other stake holder.
• Strategic Meltdown : Stringent disclosure norms can
help establish a better corporate governance system.
But the moral crisis predicated by floundering ethical
norms cannot be fully averted through regulatory
• Chanda Kochhar set be new CEO of _____.
• PTC(P_______Trading C_____) will now set up $1Bn PE
• Mukesh Ambani to integrate the core functions---HR,
Training,Commercial & IT Services of his $35 Billion
Conglomerate into one unit. Why?
• Inflation slumps to 9-month low of 6.84% as per WPI
for the week ended December 6 ,2008
• Auto Giants of US shutting
March 1, 2009
down plants from Jan2009.20
Ranjan Dwivedi
Economic Terms
of Corporate World
• SensexO=9710;H=10110;L=9633;C=10076
Crude$43.23;Usd=46.95;Gold climbs $878
• Despite OPEC cut ,oil falls to 4-year low.
• B-School Students come to develop elite social
networks and aquire a credential that help them
access a particular type of job
• Continuous up gradation of knowledge is required to
have an evergreen MBA
• Govt recently raised import duty from 0% to 5%.Why
should Govt fear steel imports
• Banks may cut rates on FD’s by 100basis points.
• The Government is considering an ordinance to get
more organization to join the EPFO(
• 25million mobiles could be disconected, which do not
have IMEI Number(International Mobile Equipment
1, 2009 Number). Ranjan Dwivedi 21
Economic Terms
of Corporate World
• What is Ponzi Scheme in Money market?
• The job scenerio has deteriorated over the last few
months but some sectors such as insurance and
telecom are still hiring
• RBI remittance window raised from $25000 to
$200,000 can be used by the residents to open FDR
with overseas bank, buy property,donate or education and travel.
• Close to 40 clients of ICICI have signed MOU’s with the
Bank to resolve the derivatives accounts
• ITC, Accor and some HNI’s are in the race to aquire
Hotels of Unitech
• Chinese Handset without IMEI won’t have to discard
the phones.
• Government mulls reimposing 10% CVD on ironbars
and structurals.
March 1, 2009 Ranjan Dwivedi 22
Economic Terms
of Corporate World
• Consumer Electronics looks to Santa for sales boost.
• Flip-flop on terror is not acceptable: US to Pakisthan.
• Sonia Gandhi and Shahrukh have found place among “50 most
powerful People of the World”
• Property developers says that the most of the enquires are coming
from government employees
• Corporate Governance???
A set of processes, customs, policies , laws & institutions affecting
the way a corporation is directed, administrated or controlled. It
also includes the relationship among the many stakeholders
involved and the goals for which the corporation is governed.
• Security firms and Architectural consultancies witness great
demand .
• Foreign grads eyeing jobs in India.
• B-schools see rise in applications.
• Companies keep staff motivated in this economic slowdown by
regular meet and letters.
March 1, 2009 Ranjan Dwivedi 23
23Dec2008 and Infy offering Rs 3.15 lakh per annum to engg. Graduates
Economic Terms
of Corporate World
• Two qualities a CEO must have? Listening ability
and commitment
• Vedanta Aluminium seeks 1200 acres from west
bengal for its proposed greenfield plant in the
• The mumbai terror attack episode and global
economic slowdown has proven disastrous for
Indian tourism that contributes 6% of our GDP.
Policyholders and the media should act for the
• Calling for scrapping of Bus rapid Transit(BRT)
project in New-Delhi.
• Overcome mental recession
• Companies facing a situation similar to the
“Boiling Frog Syndrome”.
• Ranbaxy
March 1, 2009 plans to sell 3 overseas
Ranjan Dwivedi units 24
Economic Terms
of Corporate World
• Government considering proposal to liberlize
FDI in retail by allowing single brand retailers
like –Diseal, spencer to dilute their stake in JVs
in favour of ForeignPE firms.
• To revive Jaguar and Land Rover Tata group is
investing $1 Bn(4700Cr)
• Fund Managers refuse to be tempted by surge
in stock prices.
• Insurance rates are set to rise for terrorism
• Regulators may be barred from core sector
• Glaxo(Horlics) drags Complan(Heinz India) over
claims in the aids of nutrition value.
• Vishal Retail ties up with mother Dairy for fruit
and vegetables biz
• Global
March 1, 2009 Brand face rough weather
Ranjan Dwivedi but desi brand25
Economic Terms
of Corporate World
• Sensex Monday
Oil =$43; 1$=48.01Rs
• Why USD Strengthening inspite of recession in
in USA
• Paul Krugman difference between Liquidity
crunch and solvency.
• Dalal Street; Wall Street; Main Street
• Cairn India makes new oil and gas discovery in
• Dimond units of Surat asked to resume
• Toyota sees first operational loss of $1.7Bn in
last 70 Yr history.
• BOI’BOB,Canara
March 1, 2009
24Dec2008 Bank follow
Ranjan Dwivedi
SBI and slash PLR 26
Economic Terms
of Corporate World
• HCL Info oens development and
designing centre at Jaipur
• Three major undersea cable
SeaMeWe4,SeaMe3 and Reliance Flag
Euro Asia Cable were damaged due to
seismic activity.
• Marital status,Educational Qualification,
Job Stability,Employer Profile also
considered in personal Loan
• SOIL(School of Inspired leadership) to
be set up in Gurgoan by Anil
Sachdeva-founder Grow Talent.
• Cos go high tech to cut cost and save
March 1, 2009
Ranjan Dwivedi 27